Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Alright so normally I would be ragging on others in the lives of Idols, and not the Idols themselves but tonight I won't be doing that.
Tonight I will talk about Idols and their carelessness, in many videos where you see idols in vans it looks as though they aren't wearing seatbelts!we see it more often than we don't I have to ask what kind of message are you trying to send to others? and how little do you value your life? They know there is a possibility of being chased by sasaeng taxis. or how about the fact that they are angry at sasaeng taxi drivers fir endangering lives with reckless driving but some do not only not wear seat belts but some also let others drive even after they have been drinking and they willingly get into a car with someone who has been drinking. You are putting their lives your life and the lives of citizens on the line. Super Juniors Kangin has done 2 unlawful things while drink he assaulted someone and he was involved in a hit and run. Daesung from Big Bang had his own issue with the motorcyclist in which he has suffered a great deal of trauma from . The worse shock to me was hearing that Nickhun from 2PM was in an accident after rear ending a guy on a motorcycle chillingly similar to Daesung and that he was driving impaired like Kangin was. Nickhun is a guy I respect He had once scolded a group for the way they acted in an interview in Thailand about the floods though that seemed to be taken out of context, he said it was a serious thing and it shouldn't be taken lightly then why are you getting behind a wheel when you drank alcohol ? I am disappointed but I do not think less of him as a man people make mistakes but that mistake could have cost a life.

Korea has good entertainment but almost everything else needs work sadly, government and officials need to improve the lives of their people, better laws need to be in place more severe punishments if necessary.they need to make sure companies dealing with the public and their workers are honest people, do a background check on them. Idols need to take care of their health in all forms and should encourage others to do the same through example! Just like how Yesoeb cleaned the graffiti off the dorm wall. ity's late I will fix this up tomorrow

Monday, July 23, 2012

Article Updates on KPOP News

Alright my Justifires KEFU has brought some articles to my attention since I have been busy recently.

Recently while on Facebook I saw pictures of Suzy from Miss A who happens to be my Bias in the group. The pictures were of a type I hate VISA APPLICATION photos , in the past Super Juniors Kyuhyun's had been leaked as well . I was upset that her own fan page would actually post the pictures! why are you invading her privacy like that! then I found out her co star from Dream High Kim Soo Hyun also had his photo leaked I have fallen victim to his charms and found myself peeved knowing his photo's had been leaked too . 

I was already feeling upset knowing that their photo's for their Visa Applications were not only taken by some random stranger but they were leaked for the world to see as well. Then I saw this Article http://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/9589232.html

Now I feel like molten lava will pour out my ears, This is a crime not bordering on a crime it IS A CRIME!

speaking of crimes I think it is a crime to recklessly endanger your talents! the recent incident with JaeJoong on the set of his movie injuring himself due to lack of man power to hold him up had fans all over in an uproar. I doubt it mattered what site you went to there were fans ranting about it having a hard time coping with him being injured. My Thoughts "it could have been worse he could have fallen from 5th floor to ground floor instead of 3rd!" but it was definitely unprofessional on the part of all in charge of the film , Just because he has lost weight doesn't mean 2 guys are strong enough to keep him steady have you never heard the term "better safe than sorry?" do not be cheap where the safety of your talents are involved their companies are messing that up well enough on their own thanks.

Before I get sidetracked with Companies I want to also say I do not agree with fans that intrude on personal private familial matters. Funerals are not for fans to attend no matter how much you want to support them do it after they have had the chance to grieve with their loved ones in private! http://ygladies.tumblr.com/post/27324582502/info-minzys-speech-at-madam-gong-ok-jins-funeral This made me cry but I was happy to know that at least they did not post the video Minzy is my Bias in 2NE1 but I would have cried regardless that's just how I'm wired.

Now on to companies where to start huh well some fans were upset because JYJ had a great idea to have Fan meets in the form of membership week or something of the sort but theirs were totally free. Then all of a sudden other companies jump on the band wagon and do the same thing only thing is not all made it free apparently (I'm not sure if that is fact or fiction But SME does do things selfishly in unsavory manners ).

Taken as posted in KEFU
I see nothing wrong with it though in all honesty it looks fun!

next we have the 3 Main KPOP Producing companies weaknesses http://seoulbeats.com/2012/07/roundtable-fatal-flaws-of-the-giants/

in reality many fans have their own way of phrasing things SME = Cheap greedy Bastard JYPE = Selfish egotist and YG = Snobby career blocker! Are you curious about the nicknames and comparisons ? lets face it everyone who has heard about SME knows how exact that statement is and if you don't agree you are in our eyes in denial, As for JYP well other than the face his own songs are always hits with the groups as stated in the article how about his other involvement in the songs either as cameos or shout outs to him he has a few lines in a song he is extremely involved to the point where it becomes a bit of a bad thing because it does not display the artists as they are but him instead. YG is selective over whom the entertainers are involved with which is snobbish and it can hold a group back instead of allowing their careers to flourish more.

Now more about Companies the top 3 are either seen as really bad or real good or just good enough with their talents depending on whom you ask. I had once heard about how T-ara's company mistreats them but never seen much proof though I was told they always give subtle clues stating mainly how they have so little to eat. I was frustrated because I do not see how anyone could stand by and not only watch that happen but let it happen . And I felt abit annoyed with the girls for not sticking up for themselves. I recently saw this article it's an eye opener and yet why are T-ara still being treated the way they are?

Next we will go back to the every popularly unpopular SME http://sharingyoochun.net/2011/06/09/trans-110608-netizens-are-baffled-by-tvxq%E2%80%99s-%E2%80%98crazy-suicidal-schedule%E2%80%99/ above shows the schedule dbsk were following when they were still a 5 member group tvxq dbsk had what many deem a suicide schedule I would have burned out long before they have started to show signs of fatigue and malnourishment.
then there is the way they are trying to play games with the whole court situation again http://www.gurupop.com/post/16295
too many fans to count on your body parts are in an uproar and disgruntled over this.
This is where I end my rant and update for now , bye for now til I post something else that needs justification.