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more voices about sasaengs

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[Baek Solmi’s Hot Issue] Idols, Till When Do They Have To Be Harrassed By Sasaeng Fans?

‘Sasaeng fans’ refers to diehard fans who spend their lives chasing down their favorite celebrity for every minute of every day to find out about said celebrity’s personal lives and his or her every move. This twisted expression of love that goes too far makes their ‘Oppas’ suffer. It’s not a new issue and it even occurs in other countries around the world.

Though it isn’t well-known, many idols suffer from sasaeng fans. Of them all, JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) have been taking the most active approach to correct the problem. Kim Jaejoong once seemed to be in despair as he confessed, “Is it normal to live life, always on edge and having to hide, even when we eat, when we rest and when we enter our homes? This isn’t affection.”

Park Yoochun also seemed to scream out his frustrations as he said, “To the people outside my house, please leave. No matter how much I think about it, I feel like you’re anti fans,” and “I’m really worn out by this. Please stop following me. Don’t come to my house.”

Though these sharp requests have been given to the sasaeng fans, Kim Jaejoong declared that he felt as though his Twitter account had been hacked and would delete it if it happened again. Though it hasn’t been revealed if it was the work of a fan, it has become almost normal for celebrities to have even the most private areas of their lives hacked. Even e-mail accounts can’t escape the radar fence of these sasaeng fans.

The total devotion of these sasaeng fans, who don’t want to miss a single minute of the lives of their ‘oppas’, goes too far and has our oppas shuddering. These sasaeng fans attempt to define their acts as those that are done with the ‘heart of a fan’. But these sasaeng fans receive much scorn even within the fandom wherever they go. They’ve become the ‘ugly duckling’.

A representative from an idol group agency, which has a high stock price in Asia, not only Korea, gave his complaints on the matter. This representative sighed as he stated, “Idol groups are people just like your or me. Shouldn’t they be able to live their lives and be able to breathe?” and “Because cameras get shoved into the faces of celebrities, regardless of time or location, they can’t even eat their meals in peace. They’re suffocating.“

He continued to add, “We thought these sasaeng fans existed only in Korea, but they’re in other countries in the world. Especially in countries in which the Hallyu boom is raging, the sasaeng fans there are worse than the domestic ones.They ride taxis and chase us around. They’ve almost caused accidents a number of times.”

No matter how much they say they like someone, this is going too far. Even if they try to justify their actions by saying that they love their oppas so much that this love overflows and they can’t help it, a line does exist which shouldn’t be crossed. Idols shudder at the thought that they’re being watched, no matter if they’re at home or outside, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that these sasaeng fans are flat-out stalkers. Even idols should be given some room to breathe. Though it seems as though this relationship between idols and their sasaeng fans is unbreakable, it’s an issue that needs to be addressed.

Source: [MyDaily]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

**Some parts not related to JYJ were omitted.

Fans, really?

The following text is an opinion. Reader discretion is encouraged.

You probably know about extreme fans. In Korea, there are fans who legitimately stalk their celebrity idols 24/7. They are called sasaeng fans, and these are (mostly) girls that stalk celebrities and their every move, a stalking act enhanced with improved cameras and mobile devices.

This type of behavior is understandable to a degree. To want to see/figure out more about someone you adore and care for is perfectly normal. However, following these mere mortals (mortality is an unavoidable fact about human life, no matter how god-like these idols may seem) and creating both security and traffic issues for them is unacceptable behavior. Infringing into others’ private lives, especially those of their family members, is downright appalling.

Personally, I prefer to keep a distance between myself and the celebrities I respect. By trying to “figure out” these peoples’ personalities and lives, I end up distracting myself from their professional accomplishments and begin to judge their character. This becomes the distracting value that detracts from the fantastic music they produce or the convincing acts they grace screens with. Celebrities are their own people, and what should matter the most should be their creations and artistry, not how which stores they shop at and how many siblings they spend time with.

When talking about sasaeng fans, somehow my mind instantly thinks of a sasaeng fangirl. Perhaps it's because there are more boygroup fangirls that did this. But what about snsd's sasaeng fans? Which gender is the most dominant? Female or male? ._.

Who knows? For the record, most K-SONE fansites are run by females who know a rather extraordinary amount about the girls. Many famous fancammers and photographers are also female. They probably aren’t sasaeng but they are privy to a lot of information thanks to their networks.

On public boards, fangirls maintain that they have always held the fort for SNSD and SONE, that they were there from the beginning and will remain so until the end. I would probably guess, then that sasaeng probably tend to be female.

Guys are probably discouraged from being sasaeng because it somehow seems far more creepy and intimidating. Maybe I’m sexist against my own gender but I’d probably call a male sasaeng a stalker, straight up.

entertainer tweets message to sasaeng and their taxi drivers

“The sasaeng (Stalker) taxi organizations have become even more numerous. Again, the drivers who do not have even pangs of conscience and the kids who are just too pitiable will also become more numerous. The drivers will rake in a fortune with that kind of a trade and the kids who are on those taxis will spend needless time and money and conversely take away the time and freedom of the people they purport to love.
That this is something that one must endure if one is a star—even so granted, doesn’t this seem to be too much…? For 7 years, to need to hide and look furtively as if a criminal, when eating, when working, when taking a rest—is this a normal life? Stop it, you’ve had enough, have you not, let me concentrate on work and let me sleep a little, you.”
— Jaejoong (twitter)

Crazy but Admirable Fans

(This is a old blog entry that I once wrote)

Hey KPOP Bias,

Like I told you before my bias is Rain.
But until yesterday I didn’t know how much I really admire and Love him. Yesterday I found out that he is coming to Germany in May. I don’t know if it’s the truth but it got me happy… so happy that I was yelling, crying and literally couldn’t breath.
Just the idea that I could see him in real life is so amazing that I spontaneously starts to cry. That night I even dream about going to that Music festival.

If I could see myself I would think ‘’she is crazy, getting exciting just for a celebrity’’ (That was what my mom was thinking) And maybe in the past I was also thinking like that about other fangirls… But I found out that being a fan of someone is pretty amazing. It’s like being in love. A simple false rumor can make you angry, A simple thought that they will get married someday or at least date could make you cry. But a simple word or Smile can make you so happy that nothing else can ruin your day.

Of course there are fangirls that are going to far.

Don’t go hate other groups for stupid reasons.

Don’t go hate the girl who your bias is dating, can you just be happy for them.

Don’t go hate other girl groups members because they are being to close to you bias (That’s also a note for me)

And DON’T hurt yourself to get attention of your bias because I don’t think you will get that attention in a good way… I would think that your are more creepy than admirable.

I said not to do that kind of thing. But who am I to actualy stop you. So I’ll only hope you will stop. I really want the war between fanclubs to stop.

It makes me happy to see so many fans being so devoted to there bias and I am so jealous of the people living in Korea and can go to there concerts. Here in The Netherland we are busy getting them to europe… But the only thing we can do is wait and hope they will come someday.

I hope you will keep loving your bias and stop hating others^^

Much Love and b. ByeZ XD

and the last one

Super Junior involved in another fan-related car accident in Shanghai

okay this is it; you fucking ELFs are ridiculous….
I don’t even know what to call you anymore? Dedicated fans are fucking antis? You guys are officially one of my most hated fangroups out there. Trust me out of this whole world Super Junior will forever be number one but i seriously hate you sasaeng ELFs right now.
Do you really want to to see April 2005 reenact all over again? Just stop, I beg of you…Super Junior members arn’t made of steel they don’t fucking walk out of a car accident, brush their shoulders off and grab a taxi. Don’t treat them like unbreakable robots because they’re not. Learn some respect, I solemly hope that from everyone that gets into a car accident I hope its you saseang ELFs because in no way would I ever consider you guys fans. You may have done so much for Super Junior but you’ve hurt them even more deeply.
Don’t act like you understand Super Junior the best, because you don’t. If you did you wouldn’t go around chasing their cars…..If its Super Junior that you care about learn some respect and don’t make Super Junior hate you, because I know 24308209473204834730 people want to kill you saseang fans right now.

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fan voices via tumblr


All these posts about sasaengs have been extremely helpful and informative (even for me who did some research on the matter, since one of the things I like to research the most - and one of the reasons why I got into psychology school - is obsession and its consequences). But, I feel like sharing my two cents on the matter - sorry for my terrible sleep drunk English.

What sasaengs do is awful, is horrible, it’s a crime. But, somehow, I feel a little sorry for them. Wait, don’t hate on me still! I’ll share my point of view. I’m not saying I pity ALL of them. A lot of them probably do everything they do for fun or for any creepy reason they have. But probably, a lot of these girls are sick. Obsession can be a sickness and bring to the person a lot of suffering.

I’m talking with the perspective of someone who has a friend with this problem. A friend of mine had a obsession with someone, let’s call this friend of mine K and her obsession object S. She loved that person, she lived for that person. K would take walks to go towards S house, K would cry thinking about how S would never ever notice her or whatever, K had no life because her life was S and S didn't care. But worst of all: K had NO control over her feelings. Believe me. I saw her struggle, I saw her suffering, I saw her crying her eyes out wanting to get away from that cycle but she just couldn't. Thank God she’s still alive, I thought she would go mad.

Again, I’m not excusing their behavior, I would never. As much as I always said to K that everything she did was wrong, those girls are completely wrong. But yes, I do pity them. I pity them because they have no lives - their lives are their idols. I pity them because they are victims of a system who takes advantage of weak minds. See it this way: we, that consider ourselves “sane fans”, how many times you skipped school to see your idols comeback? How many times you didn't go out with your family or friends to watch/see your idols? And yes, this is normal fangirling, but then, if we “sane fangirls” already make stupidities thinking about our idols, imagine people who already have a weak mind, maybe a sad life. Lonely, sad, depressed people have a bigger tendency to cling onto things that make them happy and, from that, develop an obsession.

And then we can talk about the idol industry. A pretty boy, no girlfriend, a personality MADE to make girls fall in love. You have no friends, you’re alone. That guy smiles at you, that guy says he wants you to be his girlfriend, he talks about how fans are his life, his love. It’s enough for a girl to fall for.

Again, because I don’t want hateful messages on my ask: I’m not excusing them in any way. I’m not saying what they did to the boys was excusable, it’s not. It’s as much sad and wrong as what Yoochun and Jaejoong did.

They need help. All of them. All of them fell into this sad industry and now are trapped. I don’t want to be in the boys shoes, but I wouldn't want to be in sasaengs minds either. It’s sick, it’s sad, it’s self-destructive.

I don’t even know why I wrote this post, I just felt like sharing my thoughts.

reading through all of that makes me wonder how DBSK is still even alive.

seriously, the fact that they haven’t died in a car accident because of these Privates or decided to kill themselves just to end it all - this is fucking amazing.

I’m pretty sure that if these Privates & Sasaengs were idols that had to deal with this prison that they would have offed themselves long ago.

the misery, fear, anxiety, & stress from all of this is fucking dangerous to their health.

no wonder why jae (for a while) looked like he hadn't slept in months. because outside of blacking out that is probably the case.

we do not have large groups of this in the US & my country is known for having some really fucked up people. sure, I know there are people like this in the US too but it doesn't amount to the same mass that Korea has created.


JYJ, Kpop, and Sasaeng

So now people are getting all up in rows about sasaeng “fans”. Do you know these kind of people have been stalking DBSK since the beginning? You really think that they are “fans” and that what JYJ did(if the reports are even true) is overreacting and “too much”?

Stop. Think. Imagine. You’re a kpop idol, loved and adored by thousands of people. You work 7 days a week, all day and you only have red days off (Korean holidays where no one works). You decide you want to take a walk with your dog and relax a little, and then go to your parents house and visit the family you’re rarely able to see. While walking your dog you feel watched and you look around, low and behold you’re being followed by a couple of girls, but guess what? There’s nothing you can do about it. You try and ignore it but now your tiny little moment of everyday life and peace is ruined. You decide to go visit your family, your exhausted and all you want is to relax with your loved ones. You’re sitting with your family and all is well until your mother tells you that a taxi is sitting outside the door and hasn't moved at all, it looks like someone is taking pictures. You know a sasaeng has stalked you to right outside your family home, where you are supposed to feel safe and secure, but guess what? There’s nothing you can do about it. Your family time is ruined and after milking out the last bit of time you’ll have with them for awhile, you head back home. You get out of your car and all of a sudden a couple of girls come at you, crying out your name, grabbing at you, trying to get some of your hair, give you a bruise or a scratch to claim you as theirs, groping you. Guess what, you’re an idol! There’s nothing you can do about it.

This continues for days and months and years. You get letters written in blood from women’s period, dirty underwear, people break into your house, stalk your every move, but as an idol you are powerless, to the point where you want normalcy over fame, peace over the overflowing love of your fans. You, your friends, and your family can’t do anything because low and behold if you yell or curse or defend yourself against those unwanted advances you will be criminalized and rejected by those people who you put up with all the stalking and abuse for. They turn against you and say “how could you?!” “what’s wrong with you?!” “you’re actions aren't  forgivable”. This is your life

Can us fans of Kpop idols say that we could live like this? Do you think you could bear with this for years and not go insane. You have no privacy, no peace of mind, no place you can be secure. Do you think this is human? Could you hold onto the pain and anger forever, never break? Be realistic and put yourself in your idols shoes. They are human too, they have human rights, they are not exempt for the right to privacy and security. Don’t judge them when you have no experience in what their lives are like.

JYJ/DBSK are not the only idols that have to deal with this. So many Kpop idols whether they be male or female deal with sasaengs, and we should not ignore it or accept it. Support the idols that give so much and reject this kind of unacceptable behavior from sasaengs. You wouldn't want to deal with it so neither should your idols.


American celebrity gets stalked/harassed by ‘fans’, call the police/get bodyguards, problem solved. Korean celebrities get stalked by fans /constantly/, police do nothing about it leaving celebrity to take matters into own hands, hate celebrity.

too many fans agree with this statement

Sasaeng fans.

I don’t understand ‘em.

I mean it’s not like (take JYJ for example) we love JYJ any less than you do. But surely you should understand that celebrities should have some boundaries. I mean really, following them around? That shit is weird and obsessive and gives the rest of us a bad name. You don’t have to be around them every second of the day to love them. Love them at a distance, the rest of us manage to do it pretty well.

On sasaeng, stardom and human behavior

Stalking is a crime and a deranged behavior. Though I do not justify JYJ, because their actions were damaging and uncouth (Oppa did mean it) it is time for Korea to enact some strict anti stalking laws. If these so called fans are not stopped tragedy will eventually strike on one side or another. And it will be really bad for the worldwide image of Kpop and Korea itself.

Just saying…


the thought of anyone hurting our precious boys, physically or mentally scarring them, makes me sick to the heart. if i could, i’d sue them for physical/mental harassment, invasion of privacy, as well as a restraining order. maybe if they are as cracked as they seem, they’d go see a doctor or something about it.

what do they do with their lives? why don't their parents do anything to control their children? rather than spending their money on taxis and cell phone bills, cant they use it to buy hoards of albums to show support? or maybe buying them real gifts!

hurting your idol so that they “remember you forever” at your own benefit, is disgusting and sickening. don’t you think that the idol could be scarred forever,in more than one way, by your actions? that their parents, friends, fellow members and fans will also be worried?

and to think that you guys do this on a daily basis, 24 hours a day, at that! how dare you, i hope you sasaeng abusers get buried in a mountain of your own shame. even then, you wouldn't have gotten what you deserve. even then, i wouldn't consider you a fan. even then, i wouldn't forgive you.

I think there are 2 levels of Sasaeng fans

(Only my observation and personal opinion)

1. The Sasaeng fans that follow but never harm. They are the stalkers that take pictures or video or whatever. They don’t physically harm the idol but they document their every move

^^^^ I think a lot of regular fans would be in this. They’d follow their idols to their dorms or, if overseas, hotels…………. even booking a one-night stay just to check if the idol is there

2. The Sasaeng that follow and harm. THEY ARE THE NUT-CASES. no need to explain further. They scare me. They scare the idols. You should never EVER become this kind of Sasaeng fan. eeek.

A person on tumblr shared this link I was shocked at some of the things below the link is what the person wrote when they shared the link.


it didn’t justify how cruel Micky’s sasaengs are. Well if you know Korean you could try to search 유천 사생 on naver. Have a shock at how malicious his sasaengfans are.

tumblr and news sources

about Sasaengs


Maybe a tragedy needs to happen in order for those Koreans to realize that what their children are doing is just criminal offenses. There probably are male sasaengs who stalk female groups as well ,maybe not to the same extent as those crazy fan girls but still.

There is no doubt in my mind that if this continuous there will be either a murder or a suicide.Because from the looks of it South Korea has the highest suicide rate per year.

I actually agree that if it keeps on going the way it has someone will end up dead be it from a car accident which is VERY likely or by some freak accident.

this is taken from all kpop
Editor’s Note: This is an OP-ED by Top Star News

Not long after videos of JYJ‘s Yoochun using violence against a fan were leaked online, several internet media sources reported articles and provided audio sources of the members using profanity as well as physical violence when dealing with the ‘Sasaeng’ fans. In response to these reports, netizens and fans alike began voicing their opinions which said, “No matter how severe the situation, it is wrong to swear at and physically hit a fan,” while others argued, “How much did they endure to react like they did?”

The JYJ members are constantly thanking their fans during interviews and through their own respective Twitter pages, so why did the JYJ members use physical violence and curse at these girls that claim to be their fans?

Those of you reading this article, imagine that you’re a member of one of today’s hottest K-pop idol groups, not only in Korea, but you are also receiving extreme popularity overseas. Since your debut, you have consistently maintained your elite status as a top idol star, and the more famous you become, the more the media reports rumors in attempts to slander you. The moment you step out of your home, there are long lines of cabs who follow your every move. They follow you 24 hours a day to your hair salon, your way to work, and follow closely behind you when you crawl home after a long and exhausting day. Your overseas activities have never been publicly reported, but a throng of fans are awaiting you at the airport, overwhelming you with cameras and flashes, but that part isn’t so bad.

Imagine you receive incessant texts and phone calls from unknown numbers late at night, preventing you from getting the few valuable hours of sleep you need because of your hectic schedule. You decide to change your number, but when you do that, you immediately get a text message: “Why did you change your number? Did you not think I would find out?”

If this were happening to you, how long would you have been able to put up with it before exploding? Some would of gone as far as most likely paying the fines and breaching the contract with their label, no matter how much the agency demanded.

The above situations may seem fabricated, but for JYJ, it’s actually a reality. After JYJ debuted as part of TVXQ in 2003, they immediately rose to fame not only in Korea but all of Asia as well. The members featured on a few television programs and talked about these Sasaeng fans in the past. But back then, no one truly understood what they were dealing with, nor did anyone really care. Though they asked the fans to respect their personal lives, their request merely echoed back to them without much response.

The Sasaeng fans who closely follow JYJ are fans who want to be well-known amongst the celebrities. They want the stars to specifically remember them, and they want to be a little closer to them than the other fans. On their blogs, they report on a daily basis what the stars were wearing, where they were going, and what they were driving. These then become the most-searched items on Korean portal sites late at night.

The series of events that have recently surrounded JYJ show how much these Sasaeng fans have harassed the members, and how much the members were forced to grow accustomed to these fans. The number of these kinds of fans do not shrink in number but only grow with time, including not only fans from Korea but also from Japan, China, and beyond. In order to imprint their identity, the fans have done things like intentionally cause car accidents, and send their under garments stained with menstrual blood as ‘gifts’ to JYJ. What’s more, the fans have also broken into the members’ dorms to take pictures of themselves and sent them to the members.

Over time, the more these sorts of situations arose, the more aggressive the members had to become in order to maintain their space. They used profanity against the fans not because they have ill intent, but in order to protect themselves from them. JYJ has done everything in their power to try and keep the fans at a safe distance, but because they can’t, the members have now actually grown afraid of these Sasaengs.

There have been a few times where the news reported stories of celebrities being stalked by fans. But when it comes to idol celebrities, the situation is completely different. Because the fans’ of idol groups are generally young minors, no legal action is taken against them, and are just let off with a warning. But it seems as though these measures only fuel the Sasaeng fans to chase the celebrities even more closely.

On an older current affairs program, a reporter once remarked, “It’s a relief that the TVXQ members have not gone insane.”

It’s true, it’s a relief that these celebrities are able to maintain mental stability and still stand and perform before the public.

From here on out, the public needs to understand Sasaeng fan activity as a type of evil in society. All reporters and media outlets who receive tips and information from these Sasaeng fans and write articles with ill-intent in order to slander the images of these celebrities who are working non-stop to promote K-pop globally, need to remember their real duty and responsibility.

more tumblr fan voices

More tumblr's

Just read an artical about Sasaeng's....and FUCK.

Those people have got to just STOP. They are not fans! They are INSANE. They need medical help. I am not a fan of TVXQ or the other idols that are being stalked and harassed. But I am seriously genuinely and sincerely worried about them. I hope they are ok. That’s all I ask. I’ll fight for their well being.

If it were me in their shoes. I would have killed a bitch by now.

To invaded such privacy, to hack into their phones, to keep tags on them WHERE EVER they go? To even getting them into car accidents!?

For fucks sakes!!!! Get your shit together!!!!

I am so pissed, sad, and scared for them.

To imagine that happening to anyone else. To my Bbys. Big Bang! Dear gods! No! My bbys have to be safe!

ALL idols do!!

I’m sorry about this rant, but I just had to get it out. These crazy ppl need to be checked into a mental facility. (I’m all against mental hospitals by how they treat their , but) These Sasaengs need TO GO.


Seriously… I need to find out how I can directly comment under each one. But I thought I’d bring this issue up as well.

Yes, my blog is DBSK / DB2k / DN5K / JYJ (whatever you want to call it) biased. But I am seeing this as a very big problem that doesn’t just affect these boys. Other Korean artists and groups suffer from the same problem. This isn’t a small problem within fandom. In a broader range, it is also a problem with young people in the society. They see no consequences in their actions and do not understand their responsibility as a member of the society.

To answer OnmyoujisRambles I am not doing this so I can get loads of reblogs etc. I’ve explained a lot of times in previous posts. My point in starting making these memes is to be able to soon communicate with those fans. Gather fans attention so that native speakers of the countries where these problems occur will make memes too to help spread the word.

They need to know why their actions should not be encouraged. Yes, they believe what they’re doing is not wrong. But because we know it is wrong we need to tell them that.

Yes, what I am doing is a feeble attempt. But it’s because I can’t stand how they think what they’re doing is right I’ve started this. There is no use just sitting there condemning their actions but not do anything.

It’s a little frustrating that I need to explain myself in these posts every time. I can’t always explain what I am trying to do under each meme. Because I’m trying to send these messages out visually. Yes I can write rants and long entries, but if I want to send messages out to be able to be spread and shared, visual designs will be more eye catching and do the same thing in a short amount of time.

And now, my view on

‘need help just like Jaejong and Yoochun, Junsu too, need help. I’d wager they’re the ones that need more help, because these full grown men are the ones festering this mentally sick culture.’

Let’s analyse this. Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu made Twitter when? When they split into JYJ. And with JYJ that was when their activities on broadcast stations, tv programs and shows was interfered with. They as artists need to constantly be on these things to remain in fans memories. In a strictly business sense, these shows and stuff are ways to promote themselves (for all artists). Since they don’t have that what else can they do to keep in contact with the fans. Do you think, that with this Sasaeng fan business which already started when the 5 were together, that those 3 suddenly had this sudden urge to want everyone know where they were, what they were doing. They have nothing else to give to fans but things like this.

And. Just because they use twitter and tell people where they are (which other normal people do as well on Twitter, facebook and wherever else) it doesn’t mean that the Sasaeng fans actions are right, or they deserve what they get. American idols and such also do this. Justin bieber, and whoever you think of. But those fans don’t go to the extreme of taking photos when they are in their private lives, they don’t trespass.

I may seem like I am only trying to defend JYJ / DBSK here (do remember though… this is a blog for them…) but I am trying to raise the issue of how irresponsible these teenagers are.


Regarding Sasaeng

Seriously, i need to explode all of my anger towards those who didn’t know anything about sasaeng and then speak up… every idol has their own fans, and i bet, they has their own stalkers. but.. JYJ or TVXQ, they has the worst stalkers in the world. There is a reason for them why they spent most of their time in Japan and overseas rather in Korea, that’s because of these sasaengs. Sasaengs is psycho and insane. They don’t care if their artist is hitting them, failed in the music industry and living in jail. They’re happy as long as their idols are making a physical contact with them or if they seeing another side of their artist. Sasaeng is totally out of control, they already crossed the line.. Sasaeng is having no life, they give up on their live and mostly hallucinate about being with their idols someday.Things are getting harder for them.. Imagine if you’re an idol , you can’t go to your hometown, your parents are being pranked with those sasaeng, they telling them that they’re your new girlfriend..do you think you’ll like it if someone touch your precious things? well, sasaeng do all the things they want to… even micky is scared to walk in his own apartment.

Netizens and Sasaeng's

Netizens are no different than Sasaeng’s..

They BOTH make idol’s lives a living hell. Block B is a prime example of that.

JYJ is still getting harassed, even back during the DBSK days this has been going on. They’ve been stalked for 9 years. It’s like a never-ending horror film.

Netizens judge sasaeng’s… but in reality, they should look in a fucking mirror first because they are no better. They really aren’t. It pisses me off because netizens do the exact same thing; ruining people’s lives by harassing them.

Someone told me earlier in regards to netizens, “at least we don’t harm them physically.” Are you fucking kidding me? Netizens may not harm them physically, but mentally they do. Psychological harm is just as damaging as physical harm. And they wonder why so many people commit suicide. It’s astounding how hypocritical and ignorant some people are.

South Korea’s government really needs to reevaluate what’s important, because some aspects of their society alarm me (especially their suicide rate). How is that a society as advanced as theirs has so many social problems such as suicide, cyber bullying, and stalkers? (I know there’s more but for this rant, those are the only ones that need to be mentioned.)

I don’t blame JYJ for how they reacted. There is only so much shit a person can put up with before snapping. I’m surprised they’ve lasted this long without losing it. Before you judge, place yourself in that person’s shoes and gain insight on the situation from THEIR perspective. If you put aside all biases and use something called ‘common sense’ then maybe you would understand why they reacted that way.

And don’t get it twisted, a sasaeng is NOT a fan but a stalker.

This whole scenario makes me wonder if Block B has sasaeng’s too. It’s a scary thought, but at this point I wouldn’t be surprised. Each week I find out something new that causes me to question the world I live in even more. Humanity… what’s happened to it?

JYJ and Sasaengs.

(As always- if you have questions regarding the trigger warnings in this post, please feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to answer them)

Every single report I’ve read about the JYJ audio recordings is different. Every translation (not that I could find very many) has different notes as to who said what, who hit whom, and what exactly happened. After the entire Block B fiasco, I’m generally wary of early translations and commentary on anything.

This article http://ixiahcassie.wordpress.com/2012/03/07/article-sharing-truth-regarding-jyj-privates-indepth-article-on-sasaeng-fans/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter is being passed around all over Tumblr, explaining what sasaeng fans/PRIVATES are and the threat they pose [tw: article calls sasaengs “mentally ill”; descriptions and images depicting stalking, physical violence, sexual harrassment/assault, transcript of one of the audio posts].

Here is my question: where is JYJ’s security? How are these people able to get so close?

There is no question that sasaengs are dangerous. Having read accounts (in that article and elsewhere) of the things these people do, I don’t understand how some celebrities ever feel safe. If a fan continued to hound an idol even after being told to back off, I can understand why that idol would feel the need to defend themselves.

But how are these sasaengs getting to the celebrities in the first place? Why is security not doing the defending for them? How are these sasaengs getting within arms’ reach of the idols?

This video illustrates a few of possible problems.(Video was blocked/removed on youtube) In the video from the Strong Heart 100th episode special on Nov. 1, 2011, Jessica of Girls Generation tells the story of how she was chased into her apartment my a strange man one night. The first thing that stood out to me was the fact that she was not protected by any security- she mentions in the video that she walked in from the taxi alone, and that it wasn’t until after this incident that she asked her manager to escort her when she goes out after sunset. Why didn’t she already have a security guard doing this for her? Why wasn’t there security personel at the dorm watching for something like this to happen? Why did she have to ask at all?

The second problem is illustrated after she’s finished telling her story. Leeteuk and Boom stand on either side of her and explain they are going to ask questions that people may have about the story. The only questions they ask are about which friends she was with- she admits that she was with two girls and a guy. They then proceed to speculate that the guy must be one of the girls’ boyfriends, and get her to admit that he was a celebrity. I don’t know if it’s a result of the editing or if this is really what happened, but it demonstrates a dismissive attitude toward sasaengs. I’ve seen Strong Heart tackle difficult topics before- in particular, I remember Hyosung of Secret talking about losing her father (Eunhyuk of Super Junior even stepped up and offered to take her punishment in case her story lost). Why is a story of a threat to Jessica’s safety treated so lightly?

On the 104th episode of Strong Heart, in a short segment where the host was asking for stories about guests with type B blood who had lost their temper quickly, Yoona of Girls Generation also talked about a fan who chased her into the building (starts at about 8:50). She shouted at him, but then found out he was a “kind fan”, not a “bad fan” and apologized. She and the other guests laughed and quickly moved on. Again, why is a security issue being treated so lightly?

I understand that the stars want to seem kind and forgiving of their fans, especially when celebrities who do publicly call out the sasaengs and tell them to stop (TVXQ, JYJ, and Jang Geun Suk, for example), get accused of being unappreciative of their fans. I can even see how some celebrities might use humor as a defense mechanism to feel less scared, or to try to make sasaengs feel like their efforts are futile. The stars are the victims in this story, and I can’t blame any victim for taking the measures they deem necessary to stay safe.

But why are the companies not providing better security for their idols? In this huge, profitable industry, why are the idols having to protect themselves at all? Why are their companies not providing (and enforcing the utilization of) stronger security? Why do the police let sasaengs go when an incident is their first offence or because the person is young? Doesn’t this send a message to young sasaeng-wannabes that they will be forgiven if they get caught? Shouldn’t taxi drivers who help sasaengs stalk celebrities be held accountable?


tumblr posts

I took this from Tumblr but it came from a fansite I think The credits are below

[NEWS] 120311 An in-depth report about sasaeng fans? The first but vain appearance of JYJ in entertainment program of terrestrial TV ‘Entertainment Relay’

[Article modified at 10:40 March 11]

The first TV appearance of the 3 men of JYJ was horrible. It was nothing new but an ‘exhumation’ in order to confirm the assault (T/N: originally부관참시, which literally means to dig up [a person’s] corpse and behead it). The entertainment program of Saturday, which has been coveting the ratings of 10% and boasting about the tradition of dozens of years, exposed the existence of ‘saseang fan’ but I wonder if we had to make do with its significance.

On the 10th, of KBS 2TV covered the JYJ – sasaeng fans controversy that has recently surfaced. On the 6th, a media unveiled the ‘JYJ assaulting fans’ audio file which was recorded in 2009. JYJ got involved in an ‘assault controversy’.

Among K-POP groups, JYJ is the first group ever to hold a South America tour. They have held an official press conference in Chile on the 8th (local time). They officially apologized and expressed their pain, “Because sasaeng fans are also fans, we thought that we should also endure such excessive love. But in such indescribable pain, our daily life collapsed. We just want to ask them to at least let us live a human life.”

However, after informing that the audio file was edited,
let us hear from the position of the sasaeng fan who was on the spot at that time instead of JYJ’s voice, reigniting the assault controversy. In addition, before the broadcast, was caught under fire for asking for tips about ‘the stars’ secret photos and videos’ through its official website and openly giving notice that tipping fee would be given.


The sasaeng fan that can’t realize the seriousness of the problem, “He only told me to come and I got only one tap.”

“It was recorded by a sister who was with me; I didn’t know that that sister has spread (the audio file). I got only one tap, I let out the ‘ah’ sound and the gasp sound is also mine. I didn’t get hit that much. He only told me to come and I got only one tap.”

In the voice of an anonymous sasaeng fan which
interviewed, we couldn’t find the seriousness of the situation. We can see that the producers didn’t even question the psychology or think about the concrete situation regarding the acts of the ‘sasaengs’ who stalk the stars. They only briefly checked on the time and the situation before airing the program.

Indeed, they explained that ‘the fans who follow the celebrities and dig all their privacy are passionate fans’ and tied it up with an interview of general fans, introduced sasaeng fans as normal fans. On the other hand, the voice of JYJ Kim Jaejoong in the audio file was broadcasted numerous times. Nonetheless, the voices of JYJ’s members who have officially apologized during the press conference in Chile were nowhere to be heard.

However, at the time JYJ left for South America,
was airing the interview with the reporter of related media (T/N: Dispatch). What was worse, through that interview, they added more reliability to the article by emphasizing the violence, “The singers have different ways to deal with it. In some degree, although there were some singers who have verbally abused, I think it was quite actually shocking to do violence.”

In the absence of JYJ? An investigative report that failed to convey a balanced voice.

Through a lawyer, they confirmed that JYJ’s act could be considered as assault but there was no penalty. “Since this assault is ‘no-prosecution-contrary-to-intent’, if the victim doesn’t sue, the artists won’t be punished.”

On the other hand,
also demonstrated a superb beauty of editing. The remarks of a pop music critic were suitably disposed in order to meet the intention of the producers.

“Sasaeng fans are stalkers. Since it has come this far, wouldn’t they be seen as stalkers? Those acts could certainly be prosecuted.”
has arranged this remark of the critic in the first half of the program and “In the perspective of the stars or of those who protect the stars, they shouldn’t be punished for using violent method to protect their given rights,” in the second half, showing that they want to shift all the responsibility of this assault controversy to JYJ.

The reporter’s comment was, “Obviously, there is problem with the fans that violated the stars’ private life. However, the extreme reaction of the stars was not right either. A more mature attitude is needed.” It was no more than a typical ‘both-side’ theory that stands on mechanical neutrality. We couldn’t hear anything from JYJ’s side, how can this report be considered as an in-depth coverage?


We will give you tipping fee, please give us the stars’ secret photos and videos~!

The insufficient and irritating report of
was already predicted. On the 10th, via the viewers’ tipping board on its website, has given a notice which read, “Please send us tips about the stars’ secret photos and videos that only you know! Tipping fee will be given to those who are chosen.”Instead of stamping out sasaeng’s act, they encouraged it.

Also, they have met a sasaeng fan who have been active from TVXQ days and asked her if the ‘assault incident’ of Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun that had been surfaced recently was true and asked her about the actual activities of sasaeng fans.

In addition,
has given a provocative notice that they had in hand an another audio file in which there was Kim Jaejoong who had to suffer from sasaeng fans during his vacation and Kim Junsu who caught sasaeng taxi and tussled, which is said to be able to show the extreme stress and the painful feelings of JYJ due to sasaeng fans.

They have also added, “You will be able to see vividly the true nature and the problems of sasaeng fans, to see if the violent act of the artist toward hardcore fans, to see the status of the so-called ‘sasaeng taxi’ hired to chase after the celebrities, the daily routine and the psychology of sasaeng fans, the reaction of each celebrity to sasaeng fan, ect.” But this much information wasn’t adequately conveyed in 5 minutes of edited screen.


JYJ’s first real debut in KBS’s entertainment program has come to an end like this.

It’s a well-known fact that, due to the uncomfortable relationship with SM, group JYJ that is comprised of former TVXQ’s members has been working as ‘faceless singers’ in TV entertainment programs. In the broadcast on the 10th of
, JYJ has the first real debut in KBS’s entertainment program. However, only the voice of Kim Jaejoong in the audio file, the cut from music video, the cut from the performance in 2010 and a short video of the press conference in Chile were aired.

JYJ’s fans are strongly objecting to this report of
. From the airing day till the 11th, there was hundreds of protesting writing in its viewers’ bulletin.

The ID ‘vipchj’ has criticized
as below.

“Firstly, during these 2 years, JYJ have been vigorously active more than any artist. You haven’t reported about it even once but only reported about sasaeng-related issue. Secondly, today the very first South America concert of Korean artist was held in Chile but you didn’t mention about it at all. Thirdly, you didn’t report in detail how long sasaeng fans have been stalking JYJ but only simply reflected them as hardcore fans. Fourthly, all the fans already felt angry toward the report. Nonetheless, after finishing the program, the main MCs even exchanged jokes about sasaeng, which made us feel like we were fools. Fifthly, you compared them, who have been idols and have been suffering the severe harassments of sasaeng for 9 years, who were in very difficult time due to the conflict with former agency, with normal celebrities.”

Via SNS, the followed line was repeatedly retweeted, “I want KBS Entertainment Relay to be abolished. RT! Let’s see how much it will be retweeted!”

Eventually, I doubt whether
shed light on JYJ assault issue from various angles, whether it properly distinguished between right and wrong regarding the assault, whether it dealt in a balanced way with the seriousness of sasaeng fans that have been rebuked by the public after the assault case has surfaced online. JYJ’s first real debut in KBS’s entertainment program has come to an end like this.

Source: Oh My News Nate
Credit: TheJYJFiles
Translation by: Hannah for TheJYJfiles
Shared by: JYJ3

So it's true.

The audio is 100% true? All the hitting sounds? -.-

Somehow I really hoped it wasn’t. Before I went to bed last night I really hoped they will release something that says it was not true. Well at least the hitting part. But since they didn’t deny anything in the press con, so I guess yeah, my boyfriend Jaejoong did hit that mental-psychotic-bitchgirl in the audio. T___T

Of course knowing that someone I love and respect and look up to has a dark side like that - even though I know he’s far from a flawless human being- would make me sad. Somehow knowing about Tom’s scandal doesn’t hurt as much (**Tom Kaulitz is my other bias from German band Tokio Hotel. He punched a sasaeng in the past. Wae must my biases hit people like this waeeee). It hits me harder because it’s Jae. He’s the loving, sensitive, caring, dorky, 4D Jae. He’s Jae who loves his fans so much. He’s Jae who always remind me to be positive and appreciate all the small things in life. It makes me even sadder knowing how tough his daily life has been because of those bitchespeople. It makes me sad because if fans continue to behave crazily whenever he goes, he might lose faith in this fandom too. It makes me sad because I can’t do anything to stop this madness. (No I don’t support him hitting people, I already posted on that before. He should get help)

My love for you hasn’t changed.

Who am I to judge? Those crazy-ass sasaeng have been haunting them for almost a decade. Until that actually happen to you, then you have the right to say something. I adore them for being able to endure all those shit for years and yet still can smile for the rest of us normal fans (fans who just stalk them in the net and pretend they’re our boyfriend in the comfort or our own home lolz). I respect JYJ for still standing strong even though obstacles keep on coming their way. As if sasaengs are not mentally torturing enough, they also suffers from all the rumours and scandals, the media cockblocking and show/screening cancellations, all for going against the Goliath of Kpop world. Also, what a great timing for Dispatch to uncover this huh; right before their highly anticipated concerts and dramas *sigh*.

I hope this scandal won’t make people lose respect for them. I hope general public, especially South Koreans will still support them. I hope they won’t lose trust from all those Government bodies that make them ambassadors and spokespersons. (Some douche people actually bashed JYJ’s apologies - apparently they believe JYJ’s not sincere enough and the apologies weren’t personal enough. Oh well, haters gonna hate)

I wish Homin will speak up for their brothers in tough situation like this. I’m sure that if this scandal breaks our mere-fans’ hearts, it must’ve break Homin’s heart even more, especially Yunho. Yunho yah…go protect Jaejoongie…like you always did before…

heart felt post by a fan I have no ideal who tokio hotel is but I never heard of that happening but I thought it was outrageous when I saw the video. I do not know german so I do not know all the facts on that story but I definitely believe he should have just drove away and not thrown his smoke at them or gotten out of his car and went after the girl.

“We want to give an apology for our unjust behavior in the past. We are sorry because of all the fans that worry for us and share our pain. In the future, we will think about the people that love us as public figures whenever we are in mentally difficult situations. We will think about the responsibility we have and never breakdown.” -Jaejoong


I say:

- I also want to apologize to JYJ, DBSK, and the rest of the idols out there who have to endure the physical, mental and emotional abuse and stress that they have to undergo 24/7. It was your choice to become celebrities; like what other people say, you have to bear with the unjust fact that you have to prepare yourself with the ill-consequences of being a famous artist. But I say NO. Does choosing that path to stardom also strips your rights and privacy away from you? As artists who give joy and inspiration to people through their music and artistic works, they only have a few hours of sleep everyday. They have a very tight schedule, and their actions are very much limited even during their rare free time. They have to live far from their friends and family, can’t even have a girlfriend/boyfriend whenever they want, and can’t even enjoy their holidays and free time that they only get few times a year. And now, they have to publicly apologize for reacting that way towards sasaengs? It’s good that they apologized, since they were also at fault, & since many haters were asking them to do it. But shouldn’t JYJ also deserve to be given an apology from those insane stalkers who pester them so much to the extent that they’ve brought shame and danger to the members?

I honestly think that a simple and mere “SORRY’ would not be enough. And I don’t even think they’re gonna reflect and repent for what they’ve done. Considering that fact, I’d like to say sorry to Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, Yunho and Changmin for not being able to somehow protect them in any way that I could. We are thousand miles away, and it’s hard to protect them from afar. The only thing that I can do, as of now, is to just support them and cheer them up through Twitter and other possible ways. I’ll continue to buy their albums to show everyone that JYJ’s albums can reach great sales without even appearing on music shows. I want to show to everyone, that no matter how much they hinder JYJ and tarnish their image, our boys will still stand up and reach the top because they have the genuine talent and personality.

It’s true. I’ve only been a Cassie for about a year or less. But during that short span of time, I was able to see something unique in them that got me into Kpop. I truly respect and admire Cassiopeia for being so strong despite all the hardships and challenges that this fandom has been through. There were some who left, but more Cassies decided to stay with them til the end. And I’m proud to be one of them.

Just this year, our boys, esp. JYJ, have been into a lot of scandals. I can’t help but think that someone’s behind all these, someone who’s trying to pull JYJ down seeing how the trio managed to succeed on their own. And I pity him.

It hurt me so much the moment I saw those malicious and hurtful comments from people who misunderstood and subjectively criticized JYJ for their actions. I know it’s not right to resort to violence, but let’s all be REALISTIC, guys. What would you do if you were in their situation? Assuming you already read how extreme and dangerous sasaengs can be, do you think you’d still react calmly when they hit and harass you?

So before you judge someone and ask them to just commit suicide, try to weigh both sides first. If it is really their fault, then can’t you give them another chance and accept their apologies? After all, they wouldn’t do that thing if no one pushed them to do so. JYJ apologizing? It’s good, though it also hurt me since I do believe that the entire thing wasn’t all their fault. Hence, getting a public apology from other people involved would be the best thing.

I just hope that JYJ will not take this issue too seriously that they might get too distressed. I salute them for opening up and conveying their side during the presscon. More salute for apologizing though they weren’t just the ones at fault.

If only I’m just a few meters away from them, I’d most likely try my best to protect them in any possible way. But since reality is harsh, I hope that this simple post will somehow strengthen and encourage them to not give up or surrender. A lot more challenges are probably waiting for them ahead, but they, together with us, Cassiopeia, have already surpassed a lot of trials before, and will continue to overcome more that will come. There’s nothing in this Kpop world that we can’t transcend as long as we’re together and united.

Always keep the Faith. 사랑해.

Another post from a devoted fan that loves them

more opinions on sasaengs

This is taken from a Tumblr account I will be adding more tumblr posts to this

2 cents: Sasaeng Fans

honest to God.

Sasaeng fans = Stalkers.

Like I mentioned in my past post about the JYJ issue, Sasaeng fans are the equivalent of stalkers, exploiting other’s privacy and damaging them psychologically and mentally. Sasaeng fans (no matter what the age) should be brought to justice.

I’ll be blunt. Korea is a country where “fitting in” is such a big issue that leads to suicide even with those in the early stages of life. “fitting in” includes physical ideas such as double eyelid surgery, nose surgery, any type of surgery. To fit the “norm” of beauty, one must be stick thin, tall, and have a beautiful face. Why Korea? Why? Why are you promoting such an extremist view onto your children? This pressure leads to such complications such as stated in allkpop’s article, where people want to fit in with others at school so they do this and that. This is seriously too much. Children should be enjoying their childhood. Teenagers should be enjoying their teen years doing productive activities that will help them in the future. They should be concentrating on their privileged education! Not chasing around idols. True, because of these people, idols do make money, HOWEVER, because you support someone, does not mean that you OWN them!

Gahh, I’m so fed up with sasaeng fans and all this news. =.=;; ….. go do something REAL with your life. all that money you waste on chasing down an idol can feed a whole third world country. There are more important matters out in the world. Bigger issues that deserve all that attention you give to your idol oppas.

grow the fuck up kids.

Idol manager of 10 years discloses his memories of sasaeng fans

The issue of sasaeng fans have been put back on the chopping block after the recent controversy surrounding JYJ. One manager who’s been working for famous idols for the past 10 years recently met up with reporters to disclose his own first hand experience dealing with sasaeng fans as a career.

He revealed, “I really don’t even want to imagine it. When I wake up and open the door, there’s urine and feces on the floor, as if they’re marking their territory… Mornings should be bright and fresh, so think about having to start your morning with urine and feces. You start your day with stress.”

“Sasaeng fans that follow us around in taxis can be considered the mild ones since some have even barged into the dorm and stolen all of the food. Even if we change our numbers, they somehow find it out… they’re on the level of 007.”

When asked if he’s ever hit a sasaeng fan, he replied, “Honestly, I used to in the past. After the schedules are finished, hundreds of fans swarm in. One member even used to get pulled around by the hair. I had to block the members off before a bigger accident occurred. I had no choice but to use violence. Now, there are a lot of bystanders and fans that use cameras so you can’t do that anymore. I used to spray bug spray and even harsh swears, but it’s all of no use.”

How do the fans that were assaulted feel? He explained, “Fans actually feel proud about it, as I’ve seen some say, ‘I was even hit by our oppa’s manager.’ I know it’s not all of them that think like this but they do exist. Sasaeng fans think that violence and verbal assault is a way of getting closer to their favorite idol. Thus, it’s no use using such methods on them.”

He continued, “There are a lot of young sasaeng girls. When the idols come out after finishing their schedules, they’ll swarm in close and begin touching their private parts. They’re so young and yet they’re already sexually assaulting people. From the perspective of the idol member, it’s horrifying.”

“Once, I lectured the sasaeng fans that came to the dorm. Because they wouldn’t listen to a thing I said, I told them to bring their parents. They must’ve felt mad that I swore at them because they brought their parents back and framed me for being some drunk that assaulted an innocent student. Of course, in the eyes of the parents, they take the side of their daughters. I was reported to the police and put in a predicament where the victim actually became the attacker.”

On the controversy currently surrounding JYJ and sasaeng fans, he said, “There’s no excuse for the use of violence, but as someone that’s been in the same situation, I can understand what he must have been thinking. Dealing with urine and feces in the morning, receiving hateful texts, stalker calls… Idols also have to suffer at the salon and events. Once this accumulates, there’s only so much a human being can take before it all explodes.”

Concluding the interview, he stated, “Sasaeng fans transform with time. They are now a gang-like presence that transfers information from one to another. There are some that even trade money for information. Managers cannot be like the way they were in the past where they use violence. Celebrities are celebrities, but the managers are also dying here.”

There are many thoughts I have in regards to all that was said and I could go on for hours probably. It is just showing how much lack of protection and security they have and need but it also shows how much government and authorities need to change things can you imagine walking down your hallway and seeing that stuff just there in the hall or outside your building there are others who live in that building not just sasaengbums beloved"oppas"

Managers are definitely under alot of pressure and as a result to their over working and lack of proper rest and constant worrying some have gotten in to car accidents with the talents they manage.

next tumblr

Park Yoo Chun’s Younger Brother: “It Was Difficult Watching My Brother Having a Hard Time Because of Sasaeng Fans”

JYJ Park Yoo Chun‘s younger brother, Park Yoo Hwan opened up about the recent JYJ sasaeng fan controversy. On March 13, Park Yoo Hwan participated in the press conference of Channel A’s upcoming drama “The Strongest K-Pop Survival” and talked about his experience of watching Park Yoo Chun struggle with Sasaeng fan problems.

Park Yoo Hwan stated, “I’ve seen my brother struggling with that kind of issue since I was young, so I am well aware of how difficult it is to deal with it. It breaks my heart to watch my big brother always feeling down. Sasaeng fans took away his liveliness and smile. All I can do for him is just to laugh with him, fool around, and be as lively as possible. I’m trying my best to help him out.”

Brotherly is all he can give his brother the families of entertainers suffer as much as their relatives are . They must watch their beloved brothers, sister mothers , daughter, son's, fathers and cousins so on so forth suffer and change from lively loving people to broken hurt unable to smile shells of the people they once were.

talking about sasaengs

The first thing I am going to post is from Tumblr it has been reblogged 2,000 in 1 year

Sasaeng fans

it seems that not everyone in the k-fandom completely understands what a “sasaeng fan” is. the extremely toned down version of a “sasaeng fan” is stalker. but sasaeng fans are not infamous for stalking idols. they are infamous for far worse things, and there have been extremely many physical accounts between sasaengs and idols.

it basically begins with a group of people who come together. then they each take turns staking out at various places, mostly the idols’ dorms, radio recording sites, offices, etc. and when they see the idols leaving an area, they will text the others and say “come to (insert area here) right now, they are leaving.”

and the others, from wherever they are, get to that place as soon as they can to wait for the members. idols and managers even know some groups of sasaeng fans by face and name, and these “fans” will physically try to go and hold onto the idols, swear and insult at them, touch them inappropriately, HIT and bruise the idols, and follow them around EVERYWHERE. they will knock on the manager’s vans to get them to open the window, bruise the members’ faces to leave marks, pull out their hair to “keep”, etc. therefore the managers must constantly protect these idols from harm and molestation, and to many korean fans, it is absolutely no wonder as to why idols and managers lose their temper with these “fans”.

there are many fanaccounts and blogs that belong to sasaeng fans who write things like, “i touched his butt! i grabbed his crotch! i slapped his face and now he has a bruise made by me!” these fans also call the idols and ask, “where are you? tell me where you are!” and try various methods in tracking down the idols. also, as they wait outside buildings, fans smoke and rudely throw burnt out cigarettes at the buildings, scream in the middle of the night outside their dorms to get the members’ attention, etc.

other sasaeng fans travel through taxi. basically, the fans have to pay the taxi driver a large sum of money, and in return they follow the specific idol(s) for twenty four hours. if the fan does not have enough money to spend, she would offer to have sex with the driver.

these fans have also been known for sending nude pictures to idols, breaking into their homes (and like one infamous incident: pee on their towels and hang them up on a rack), sending “gifts” such as writing in period blood or pads drenched in period blood, etc. they have physically hurt idols, in such occasions that the managers have to beat back at the fans to protect the members. they even sell the idols’ phone numbers and social security numbers online.

it is all extremely and negatively hardcore, and this is only a fourth of the many things sasaeng fans do to idols. to underestimate these fans and simply label them off as “any other fan” is insulting. many korean fans refuse to call them fans. they have been known to harm idols, more than anything, and are exactly what managers protect idols from. sasaeng fans are ultimately dangerous.
Posted: 1 year ago

Here is part of a recent article from Soompi about JYJ's Yoochun who has opened up about his thoughts on Sasaengbum

The singer/actor that successfully wrapped up his latest drama, “Rooftop Prince,” started off by saying, “Sasaengs are one part of the fans, but it’s hard to understand them anymore.”

“I was able to get to this point because of the fans that supported me for such a long time, with the heart of a mom. Obviously, there have been other types of fans, too. To be honest with you, I don’t think they (sasaengs) are true fans. I’ve tried to understand and accept them as part of the fandom, but it’s been like that for eight years already. Now it’s just too hard to understand them. People tell me it’s part of being a celebrity, and that might be right. But it’s not as easy as you think,” he said.

“But in order to return the love to all the fans that have always supported me, I’m going to do my best to come up with good music, good acting, and a hardworking attitude. Also, I would like to say thank you for always showing love to me,” he added.

this is from the herald News I got it off this website www.kpopin.com

UKISS has sasaengs

Talk about how you realised your rising popularity.
DongHo: In Japan, we have SaSaeng fans. But in Korea, SaSaeng fans are a little different. In Japan, they tend to look from a distance. If you reason with them, they will be understanding and leave. There hasn’t been any uncomfortable situations and we can have lots of time to spend comfortably in our dorm. So we have learnt a lot about each other, and bonds between members has also improved. Haha.

But the activities in Japan must have been hard, tell us about it.
SooHyun: Due to our continuous schedule in Japan, we were very tired at times. But even though it was hard at times, we were given strength by the love we received from our fans. Rather than showing our fans ‘the perfect stage’, we felt like we put the best of what we had into performing. And it seemed like our fans accepted our sincere hearts.