Saturday, July 14, 2012

a fans voice in the form of a blog

Please visit this link the writer has written her thoughts on sasaeng and has posted some pictures that while disturbing are true facts of a sasaengs life. well that and overly zealous fans who take things too far. Here is part of the blog she posted but there is so much more something I hadn't fully known myself.

" I'm so disgusted right now. Literally, sick to my stomach.

Have you guys heard of Sasaeng fans? Obviously you have, especially with the whole JYJ thing.


Did I already say that? It's true...

I recently came across a blog post about it, and that lead to another, and another, and I found out so much stuff...

The kind of stuff that causes Goosebumps, hair-raising, and a sick feeling in the stomach.

So here's what I want to do... I seriously need someone's opinion on all the stuff I found out. So I'm going to lay it all out, and if you care, please leave a comment.

So basically, some hear Sasaeng fans, and they think, 'Oh yeah, I've heard they're really passionate about their idols. Good for them.'


I guess you could say it's passion.

Cutting yourself and using your blood to right a message to your idols,

Quitting school and becoming a prostitute to afford to follow your idols around 24/7,

Joining other Sasaeng fanclubs, where there is always competition about who can get the most personal pictures of their idols,

Yeah. That's passion, sure.

.... Nah, I'm pretty sure that's fucking obsession.

Yes, Sasaengs actually do hurt themselves to write letters in blood. One Sasaeng used her period blood. Are you fucking kidding me?

Other disgusting things, like the fact that Sasaengs leave their shit and pee in front of the idol's dorm, to 'mark their territory'.

Yes, Sasaengs do quit school to follow the idols all the time. One girl quit school and lived with her aunt. Her aunt supplied her with food and clothes, while all that girl did during the day was stalk the idols, and at night she would work at a convience store to earn money to stalk the idols.

Like I said before, some become prostitues. "

KPop my life with it

I have asked many to voice their thoughts and feelings on K-Entertainment, I wanted some essays talking all about their time being involved in the k-pop/k-entertainment world and so here's mine.

Many years ago as a child I watched cartoons on TV some which I later found out were actually Japanese entertainment call Anime made English for people like me to enjoy. Growing up I wasn't too big of a cartoon fan other than say Richie Rich and Archie I didn't really read much cartoons though I did love my charlie brown and for better or worse. I was about 16 or so when I started to watch Inuyasha a Japanese Anime subbed in English on my all too favorite Canadian station YTV. In Inuyasha's ending there was a song called Every Heart I found it so beautiful everything about it made it seem as though the world had froze I was stuck in the moment in awe. I searched the internet to find out who the singer was I found out it was not a Japanese artist at all but a Korean named Boa Kwon. The fire of curiosity was lit and I searched out Korean music I found a few groups I had liked a bit but there wasn't that many available for me to download this was a good 11 years ago and Korean music wasn't as popular with North Americans as it is now. A big part of me has wanted to visit Korea since I was in the tenth grade and that is because I discovered Boa's music.

I wasn't involved with anything Korean from that point other than their manga it was 2002/2003 but then in 2008 or there about I was looking through Youtube videos for a video or people playing hackey sack or as some call it shuttle cock to show my British friend what it was I was so fond of playing. I found a video of it and it was of Super Junior whom I didn't know a thing about, I showed the video to another friend of mine I thought the "girl" in the video was so beautiful. My friend told me that the guys were members of a Korean boy group and that there were 13 members, I was shocked the biggest group I had heard of was sclub7 and they ended up breaking up. Then I was shocked to find out the beautiful girl was a beautiful guy older than me named Kim Heechul. I was curious about a 13 member group and so I video searched before I knew it I was obsessed.

Anti's are what?! Sasaeng fangirls?! I had never known what an anti fan or sasaeng was before I started paying attention to Korean groups. I would joke around with my friend Bedo fan girling but then I started reading about the crazy things being done to Super Junior and label mates DBSK. I saw videos of them being chased down and such and found myself wide eyed in fear. I had been a fan of Japanese entertainment before entering the shining candy coated world of k-pop. I was aware of Otaku's and over zealous fans to a degree but all of a sudden the term all that glitters isn't gold came crashing into my brain. As I started to view more of the dark side of Asian Entertainment I found myself being cautious and fearful , Fan girls scare me shitless! as a joke my friend and I would call ourselves KCMJ and KCSumi when we were angry over something happening in the entertainment world that referred to Korean Chinese because those fans were not just over zealous but frighteningly psychotic and so we used the term for when we were less than pleased at what was going on for example when we heard about Hangeng receiving blood from a so called fan I was livid!. I found myself being irrationally afraid of Asian women due to all the crazy things I had seen and heard.

I am not part of any fandom and I do not hate on any fandoms or groups I am a fan of music, I like a song from a band and that is that. I do not believe a true fan abuses the artists when things are not the way they wish them to be. The whole 12 only thing not wanting Kyuhyun to join Super Junior or the way they were 13 only or even hating on Hangeng for being Chinese, then their attitudes change and it is "omg !!! if you do anything to him I'll hurt you!" They are all a huge mass of hypocrites not fans. Or how about the 2PM thing Jay was ostracized for something he had wrote years before that point, he proved how untrue those words were so many times just by everything he had done til that point. "Fans" (ha! hardly!) were bashing him wanting him to kill himself but then freak out when he is no where to be seen. "Fans" hating on all the rest of the members when he is no longer part of the group "I do not care what you say to hate the group because he isn't part of it anymore made you only his fan not the groups, you were never a hottest you were merely a Jay admirer" FTIsland's Oh WonBin left the group on his own choice and yet poor Seunghyun started his music career with unwanted Haters all because he was replacing a member who decided he wanted to explore the realm of music at his own pace in his own way. And some of those very haters are now apparently "his greatest fans!" give me a break you hypocrites. I am North American, I love music and I do not waste time hating on people. Anti's spend equal if not more time hating on a band than someone that likes them does. Pointless much? where I come from it is not uncommon for bands to break up or for groups to get new members so on so forth and we do not start sending hate mail or death threats! I mean sure there is the odd crazy or two but in general we let it go and maybe only listen to the old stuff after giving the new stuff a test drive. People did not go on some massacre when Kevin of the Backstreet Boys decided to step down, They are still as popular now as they were when I was merely what 12 years old? And what about Destiny's Child they were popular regardless of the fact other than the ever popular Beyonce most of it's members were changed Kelly Rowlens is still doing her music thing and no ones hating on her.

The world of K-Entertainment has showed me how money hungry and greedy some people are, it showed me how under appreciated entertainers are their value does not amount to much in their companies other than as merchandise SM Entertainment seems to be the company that has shown it the most. First things first I was almost appalled to find out they make grown men share beds and rooms together Kyuhyun didn't even have a bed for a long time what the hell is with that! seriously! other groups in other companies complain about being hungry not having enough to eat being on strict diets. There are many artists who end up in the hospital from exhaustion what are you doing to your talents ? treat them like porcelain if you want to profit off their skills. Over worked staff under paid so many accidents not enough care and security taking advantage of trainees and their desires to achieve their dreams.

I stay involved with K-Entertainment because they always put so much effort and heart into everything they do regardless of their bad situations. I have never wanted to fight for something as badly as I want to fight for Korea to change it's ways so they will stop sweeping things under the carpet before more people kill themselves or are killed by the lack of care and action. I fight for a better tomorrow knowing today is all I have to give .

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Update on Sasaeng activities

The newest news involving Sasaengs are as follows .....

Super Junior Member Kim Heechul who is currently serving his country in the Military has closed his twitter account @Heedictator after posting a message to his fans. He will not be on twitter for a year here is the message he wrote translated in english.

[Trans] @Heedictator: Don't follow me to the front of our house or the ward office. I thought maybe I'd become a little nicer after turning 30, but it seems like I can't. Because there's still a bit of post-accident trauma remaining, I'm scared of risking my life driving to escape (from sasaeng taxis) every single time. Even if I'm disappointed, and should know when to stop, because I have only one life to live, I can't just let it off. It's my fault, I lack an understanding heart. And (sasaeng taxi) ahjussi's, please stop ripping off unknowing foreign fans, with smiles on your faces. Because living off kids like that while smiling makes you seem like a beggar. As a round-off to this tweet, I wish that there won't be anymore victims like this.

I will live quietly for the next 1 year without even tweeting. See you in a year's time. Thank you to the many people who wished me happy birthday.

-T/N: He doesn't mention that it's about sasaeng taxis, but you can infer from the context

Next in Line is actually a photo I saw on facebook before I heard the news about Heechul Oppa, the photo is of a member of SHINee Key was attending Church services when someone has the gall to snap a photo of him. I find this all sorts of wrong and I am not a practitioner of any religion I do not attend church every Sunday, however I do have morals-beliefs I adhere to . When an Idol goes to church they are no longer so and so's member they are now simply a worshiper of god give them their space to devote themselves to their beliefs and god give them the peace they and anyone else should be able to find within a holy place. I do not care if you are religious or not but have respect for those who are and are trying to find peace within their beliefs. Kim Kibum was at church for himself and god not for fans to take pictures of him that is incredibly rude to more than just him. Idols are still humans with beliefs and morale religions and feelings give them space to feel human and at peace with themselves I fear that eventually many will get fed up of the life they live regardless of how much they love what they do.

Next after that one is the Matter of the CTTV's that have been installed into the parking lot at the home of former TVXQ current member of JYJ Park Yoochun. Last March the members of JYJ were flamed for cursing at "fans" there was a huge scandal during their south american tour where they were criticized over the way they handle their so called "fans" and yet July 10th photo's taken from a cttv "a type of surveillance camera) were loaded online showing different occasions when he was either trying to hide from sasaeng fans or just going to his car to go out somewhere.

As the article above states this information all came out after Kim Heechul's tweet, and netizens are all steamed and fuming over the these things I have shared. Fans alike are all commenting how it is unjust unfair and uncalled for and I must concur it is definitely not acceptable and needs to be dealt with.

The last story I want to share is actually entertaining to a certain point and had some of us smiling. For the last story is about the leader of Super Junior Leeteuk. I have previously stated that Sasaengs run around town after idols in Private taxi's well this intelligent Oppa took matters in his own hands when he realized he was being followed by not 1 or 2 but 5 taxi's. Ever turn the tables on someone? if you have you can imagine part of the satisfaction Leeteuk felt when he decided to play their game by getting in between the taxi's he was no longer being followed but in amongst them it reminds me of a saying I like " chased her til she caught him " (the hunter turned hunted). The Taxi driver apparently didn't find the ploy too amusing since it's been said he got out his taxi to complain asking "what it is he was doing" the answer Mr. private taxi is "Standing up for himself" it was his birthday and they were following him around I would be peeved.

That concludes my updates I hope you take the time to read the articles on enews as I am merely giving my input on the matter the story about yoochun and leeteuk are both up there.