Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Culture differences?

Culture is not the only thing that impacts fandoms the generations of fans have changed as well . In my time the age of boybands included heart throbs like nsync, LFO, 98*, Hanson, BSB, O TOWN, Moffatts, boys 2 men, ALL4ONE, Dream Street These groups had so many fans and yet how much do we know about their lives? what do we know about their private lives? we know a little about Nsync and we know a little about 1 member of 98* because of the media. These are of coarse only the American+ Canadian Boy groups The groups from the UK I know even less about their private lives.

Most if not all the members of BSB are married with children, Hanson are all married, 98* I honestly haven't heard about any of the members but I am almost sure at least one of the other members is married.

O-Town members practically vanished Ashley Angel had the most success after the disbandment and that is the only reason why it's a known fact that he has a child and a failed relationship then he practically vanished as well the only thing really known about him is he mainly does voice acting.

I actually don't know anything about the other groups and their private lives. I do not search for it and only find things out when other people mention them.

now if we were to flip the coin from then to now you have one main fan base that stands out a fan base that does some very amazing things among themselves that we did not have in my time however Beiber fandom does some scary stuff too . What has changed so much from when I was 15 to now that I am 2 yrs shy of 30?
People these days are more culturally diverse compared to before now that technology is at it's highest point. I mean music only got accessible on all fronts when I was about 15 or 16. I downloaded my first Korean and japanese tracks when I was 17 between the ages of 19-24 I became aware of how popular Asian culture and arts were with North americans and people all over the world really. People have been influenced by these things they admired and have followed suit. Am I blaming the Asian fandom culture no do I think part of it may play a part? we subconsciously pick up things from others we like admire talk to hang out with see on tv everyday. Also with different types of bullying increasing our youth are going down dangerous paths. Where is the guidance we did not have such bad mannerisms, we also treated our artists well and now our youth are cutting themselves for attention , causing trouble for their favoured artists. In the USA they have made a law to protect their artists called the steve tyler bill which I think needs to be in place all over the world.

Now if we go to Asian music culture particularly KPOP the fanbases have become a subculture of their culture. That culture has been warped over the years as well and now it is to a point where something really needs to be done. "Fans" being happy about putting the artists through discomfort, and claiming they plan to do worse. They are doing more things because they never face punishment. Bullying is a norm as long as it's not happening to you it doesn't matter unless you are an entertainer being accused of doing it. They seem to scapegoat and trash talk tear down their entertainers. I never look at things written about north american entertainers and their fans and think OMG one day they are going to kill them! but I find myself wondering when I will read an article about a Korean entertainers accidental death. are they waiting for some Manslaughter incident to happen before they take action?

Fans from these days are so different the fan wars, the rumors, speculations, the anger burning and breaking merchandise just because the person is dating someone you like or because they said your bias was their ideal partner. something needs to be done with the obsessive behaviour of these women they need some group meetings self help sessions therapy other things they can do with their time than skipping school, following the idols, breaking into their homes, setting up cameras to monitor them.

world of kpop my updates

I have been away for a long time, I have had many personal issues to deal with .
Please remember everything I share in my posts are either opinions or shared from someone else. This is not a stir-pot of rumors I am not here to create, validate or discredit any of the he said she said but I will state my stance in it if I have one.

The world of Kpop has been up in a blaze rumors about dating seem to be the main thing right now. I don't get it really I never have why is it such a bug thing in Asian culture to invade the artists privacy and such. I mean really BSB and Hanson are 2 once upon a boyband heart throb men who are almost all either married with children or married. Hanson members are apparently all married and BSB have children except Nick Carter.

In other news The battle between Stardom and Block B continues , There are so many things about this that just screams bad business. I have Never heard of Parents paying for their children to go on tour by paying their airfare. I think fans now know the reason why they didn't go abroad airplane tickets are expensive! they should have to refund that money to the parents. The parents paid because they wanted to help make their child's dreams come true but that was not a price they had to pay that was the companies job. The employees are part of the company therefore it should be the companies responsibility to refund the members even if it was not them who scammed the boys. They allowed characters into their employment who took advantage of them and left them high and dry they have a responsibility to make amends.

We put out our Christmas and new years wishes to Korean entertainment artists it's gotten some views but if the artists whom I tweeted the video to actually saw it , well I can only hope. There haven't really been comments though there was one email I received but before I could read it the person's account was terminated. I also posted the photo's or most of them on yfrog so they could see the messages without going through the video which I highlighted each time for each new set of messages to different artists.
If you want to watch the video and any other videos we make for artists you can search for the youtube channel 1985 Kefu

In other new Jang Keun Suk and Team H are showing no signs of sasaeng stress for once , I wonder if it's due to being in Japan? they have gotten #2 on Japan Orion chart and #1 on China's His last video just might cause a few rumors. I can already imagine one or two of them now "JANG KEUN SUK NOT GAY!" "JANG KEUN SUK PERVERT BEHAVIOUR IN VIDEO" so on so forth my jaw dropped when I saw him between those booties and the actions he did too but at the same time I couldn't help smiling I am anxious to see what people have to say about it.

I haven't seen Super Junior members making any complaints about hacked accounts, being followed or over all annoyance with anyone but then again I do not read Hangul so what do I know? though no elf's on my twitter have been making a fuss.

JYJ fans have reason to celebrate from recent talk they will be performing in Tokyo Dome.... JJ's lyrics to his songs are being translated and posted everywhere but I am now finding different translations all over the place. These lyrics had Ovaries around the world exploding. I have seen posts recently on twitter some fans wanting Yoochun solo album seems to be the main request they are asking for. I haven't seen much in regards to xiah but I have restricted the amount of jyj fans I have on my twitter because they are the fans I have the least tolerance for DB5K fans Homin+JYJ fans are all extreme in one thing or another. Extreme Shippers,Extreme solo fans of certain members who practically tear the group apart. Extreme fans who hate on one group or the other because they are no longer a group of 5 and so many other things. JYJ fans get extreme though really I guess it's not to say their fans since most starting the troubles are "solo" fans of one of the 3 members making trouble because so and so has more commercials or so and so is doing a solo tour or this one is in dramas and this one is in a movie this one now has a solo album so why not the other.

Dating rumors on the rise include Homin's Min Changmin and Victoria are in the rumor mill in result of some very creepy fan work. Victoria posted a picture from her meal on twitter and fans looked at the very small reflections in get this a spoon! Seriously you nothing better to do then look for reflections in objects in photos.
How obsessed do you have to be to check things like that? Obsession is a disorder it is a sickness. Other person in the rumor mill is Sooyoung She is being matched with a actor. This Sooyoung second dating scandal.