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fan interaction with other fans

I came across this post and really felt the need to share it just because it is something I agree with and because it touches an issue in fandoms everyone hating on Newbies and complaining about how they look alike sound alike and such. This was taken off Asian fanfics which is an odd place to have it posted in my opinion.

I speak only the facts (the real thing about us fans and kpop guys)

by Shani6
Posted on 3-22-2012 07:54:28

Believe it or not, but it's true. It's us fans who cause this.

What am I talking about?

Oh, of course our beloved Kpop groups.

You know i was just sitting and listening to BTOB's new track "Insane" and "Imagine" and even though I hate to admit it, the thought that they sounded like 'B2ST' did cross my mind. Then I began listening to SHINee's "The Reason" and i was suddenly reminded of TVXQ's "Picture of You".

I thought i was being a bitch but then i realized that I wasn't. it is just our physcological thinking. Because groups like TVXQ and Super Junior And SHINee have risen to fame, SME's new groups will always be over shadowed by them. Like f(x) will always be called 'female SHINee' and EXO will be called 'Super Junior Gen.2' no matter what.

Same goes for groups like BTOB, NU'EST, etc.. Big companies release new groups while they have awesome groups already there. Groups who are like World Famous, and fans, no matter what they do, will compare them to each other. Like EXO will be compared to SuJu, becuz of their number, and their tracks will be called 'TVXQ like'. And BTOB, will be called 'Junior BEAST'.

Bascially it's the company's production's fault. They 'think' that they have created a new sounding track, but in the end the music sounds the same to us.

Now if YG comes out with a new boy group, fans expectation will go over the top, and if they don't sound like the 'YG material' then they'll go all 'BOO' on them and hate'em. Believe me I've seen it.

Now, what i don't get is, if they sound like your previous idols, you call them copy cats and if they don't you say, 'Ugh, nothing special about them'. SERIOUSLY!?

Come on, people, open your eyes, the world is chaning by the minute and I think it's time, even though I hate to admit it, that we move on.

After giving a LOT of thought, I'm sure that TVXQ is NOT coming back together, not after the damage caused. and Super Junior has to go on hatius soon anyways, because all of them have to enlist in the army, we don't know what will happen in the future.

One day, B2ST will also get old, and one day SHINee will get old too. SNSD will go their ways as well, and people from AFTER SCHOOL will graduate. Time will pass. We just have to open our arms and accept the fact that the kpop industry needs new idols too. You cannot always rely on the previous ones to make music for you.

*wipes tears* wow, I guess i went over board with SHINee and B2ST huh....I mean, SHINee's still young blood. kekekekek....

okay getting back to my point, please stop bashing new groups and calling them 'B2ST wannabes' or 'SuJu/TVXQ wannabes' etc. It's kind of irrotating now.


I rest my case.

a comment on the post stated "guia18 on 3-22-2012 14:30:13 says:
I actually see and hear a bit of BEAST in BtoB.
The music and the blonde guy reminds me of BEAST's music during their debut days and Yoseob during debut days.
I think I hear Say No(*Koreanlanguageidon'tunderstan*)in their song."

by the same person as the previous

I know this is not that new...

But have I mentioned...SOME EXO fans are pure vile and mean people. NOT ALL OF THEM. But SOME of Them.

I swear....this one 'fan' blasted me on Youtube becuase I saw ANOTHER Teaser with Kai, and I wanted to see SeHun so I commented, "I am getting bored of Kai, I'd like to see more Sehun and others as well."

And dude, this is where it began. She just commented with imaginary venom dripping from her words, "Listen bitch, if you don't like Kai, then fuck off and don't even bother watching his teasers! Find the one with ur precious SeHun."

I was like -_-"""""""!!

I am a free person living in a free country and I have all rights to express my feelings!!!

I was really pissed but I calmed myself and replied, "Hey, I didn't mean to be rude. You should also try and not be RUDE."


And then I was really mad and I really thought, 'Man, is she having her PMS?'

I swear, I get favoritism, and all...And I LIKE KAI AS WELL.

But there was no need to be so fucking rude. She even commented on my channel that, and I quote, 'MEAN BITCH! STAY AWAY FROM EXO OPPAS!'

Talk about...C-R-A-Z-Y.

Hey crazy bitch, if ur on AFF ( I doubt that since AFFites are really nice people who know the language of love and affection) and If ur reading dis( LOL, I know ur an illiterate) then get this straight, I was being nice. If u mess with me again and leave hateful comments on my channel,


Seriously, crazy crazy crazy, mean, asshole.

Yeah, that's about it.

I feel a bit better.

Some of these people are just pure morons. And if such fans exist, it wont be long before EXO gains more anti fans. -_-'


(blank) on 1-28-2012 14:29:46 says:
omg that was u that I was arguing with?! :O U kno I love Kai Sorry for being so defensive :(

Hahhaa jk~ but seriously that girl was crazy, I once got in a month long arguement over a GazettE video, they were saying that the gazette were the best thing to ever grace the earth and that songs in english are just shit. And I kindly pointed out that they have songs entirely in english and then they made it like I said the gazettE were shit, and I was like whoa whoa whoa, hold it, I'm a gaze fan too, probably more than they were, and it was retarded.

Oooh, obsessed much already?
Oh and there are "secret" haters on AFF too, they won't go on and hate here but they bash through other sites like twitter, tumblr, facebook, youtube etc.

Actually there's a rumor about Kai being glad that Block B's song got banned and thinks they deserve it. It really pissed me off T.T All of my friends doesn't like Kai anymore. I was excited with EXO's debut and then *sigh*

The only one that makes me watch over EXO is Lu Han >.<

(Blank) says:
There are those kind of people in every fanbase. I experienced a similar situation with a teen top fan so it's better if you just ignore her.

There was an issue on Youtube not too long ago where a french Colombian made a cover of a TOP song but he didn't give credit to TOP and VIP's were extremely rude to him and racist there is a site that had some of the comments written just to show you some of what they had to say about the whole situation.


April 22 2012, 12:46:08 UTC

Well I'm French and I understand what this guy tried to say, he was wrong in the first place because he used TOP's song w/o having the rights but VIPs literally slaughterred him with their hateful comments, bringing up the fact that he was colombian and less important than TOP who's korean (he doesn't say that, but I read a handful of comments like that).
I doubt the fact that he's a real TOP's fan but I think VIPs went overboard, it's ridiculous to be so hateful. I understand his POV, some arguments were out of line. Plus he's not a pro, so it's more like a cover than a remix, he doesn't sell that (who would buy it anyway?) he's clearly an amateur. You failed on this one VIPs, you can come and insult me but the comments on youtube were fucking racist that is.
Well TOP will not comment on this, I hope for you cuz he'd see your hateful comments and that's not what VIPs want...



April 22 2012, 13:04:53 UTC

Thank you for making everything more clear. Actually I'm sorry that this happened to him, to be at the receiving end of angry fandom is not fun, especially the kpop fandom.
Considering how emotional most fandoms are, VIPs reaction is predictable (about the hateful part). ,But racist comment that (Above Blank) mentioned is even worst.


Oh~ I see, now the picture is more clear. I'm not a fan of Big Bang, so I don't know what is happening in their fandom. But considering that we in k-pop fandom, where people easily overreact, the VIPs reaction is not surprising. It's upsetting that their comment turned out so hateful and also racist which is more upsetting. Not good image for every fandom.

There's a comment about him not claiming the ownership of the track, Many people make a cover and remix on different songs, sometime it's good, sometime it's bad. But I have never thought that it can turn out into something like this.


IA there were quite a few racist comments as well as ones going way overboard. He would've done better if he just credited TOP after the first few people recognized what he did. Best case scenario he should've credited it from the start.

I made a comment saying this was clearly a cover and he never intended to make money, but I saw so many calling him names and wishing he would die and/or he doesn't deserve to make music again. Things like VIPs assemble and take him down, this mob mentality online is awful and really should stop.

All this was taken from a blog that was written on the matter of the youtube video which has been deleted as the guy terminated his youtube account or perhaps it was even terminated for him due to flags. I have seen that happen before.

Fans can be so mean and vicious it's truly scary and extremely unbelievable that they could believe people would be grateful to have such mean minded people as supporters however they need to make a living and those foul mouthed imature fangirls help them do just that.

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abit of everything

It is a known fact that many Celebrities have suffered at the hands and actions of Anti-Fans as well as so called Sasaengs. Recently I found many old posts involving sasaengs and anti fans. the old post about Anti fans below is very well written and I think you should take the time to look at it.

"Fans" had caused trouble for Block B

the above link is someone else's blog in it you see photo's of distruction caused by the fans

Sasaengscause trouble and Fans go to the aid of their beloved artists giving Media photo's taken by sasaengs

This is a very well written blog entry and I have to say they did an amazing job
seeing the mention of justin Beiber reminded me of one thing his fans all over the world work together even helping other fans buy tickets and cds to support him which is how he manages to stay at the top. Where as Asian fandoms seem to prefer to make fandom wars which I can also show you in another post.

The bad side of Asian Fandom's below is just one example but it isn't uncommon for rivalries and fights between fandoms I don't understand why they don't just band together half of the artists are from the same company and produce the same style of music in MY opinion it is rare to find a fan of one group who does not vaguely like another for example alot of Super Junior fans do enjoy Shinee and tvxq/dbsk JYJ .
I really do not understand how their mentality works there are good fans and unique fans that need some help in every fandom . There are some fans who do everything they can for the artists they love many will call themselves by the name of the official fandom but are not paying members of it and they actually deserve the title more than some who have paid to be part of the fandom. I have never joined a fandom but I am an honest fan who supports the entertainers I love with everything I have even if I haven't paid to be in their official fanclub.

silence and outrage

so the blog has been pretty silence recently with me working and dealing with my own personal issues. I finally have time to update but it would seem as though things are rather silent at the moment. But that didn't stop me from finding things to share with those willing to take the time to read this blog and copy the links into another tab browser.

In the kpop world talk about Exo's true heights has been mentioned in many tumblr's that they lied about their real heights. I honestly don't see what it matters on how tall an artist is as long as they are truly talented.

Apparently it's a big issue for many which to me is pretty stupid but below it talks about some other artists who have also received criticism over their heights. I once read or heard that profiles normally have the members as about 3cm taller than their real heights or something like that it was a member from super junior who had said it.

netizens rag on Big Bang's height very often.

next development is about Tablos education I believe I have also commented on this previously they have received the official documents from the university but will it be enough to keep netizens off his back? not likely sad as that is. read the story below I will post all the links related to the story below

What the hell is wrong with them first they harass him and his family and then they go and confront one of his ex-girlfriends. This group seems to be nothing but bad news after setting their sights on Tablo they also started to talk about going after another entertainer The online cafe ′We Want the Truth From Tablo (Tajinyo)′, which evoked criticism for raising unwarranted suspicious about rapper Tablo′s school records, seems to be moving its focus to singer Park Jung Hyun and went after the daughter of another entertainer Insooni.

This group seems to solely be in the business of attacking entertainers accusing them of being liars about one thing or another but it tends to always end up being about education but one must wonder just how educated these netizens themselves truly are.

information on Tajinyo = Whatbecomes first appeared in the Korean media during 2009 after denying the fact that Tablo graduated from Stanford. After it was confirmed that Tablo graduated, the online community halted its activities. However, starting from October, the internet cafe is now active, and has targeted not only Tablo but also Insooni's daughter and singer Park Jung Hyun.

this article is well written for a soompi article though they aren't my favorite source they are better than AKP.

Another outrage was finding information about block B

The fact that people can be hating upon newbies so hardcore is startling although it is common newbies have to prove themselves worthy things have definitely gone too far when there are death threats and suicide petitions I have already stated my view point on suicide petitions . Anyone who will sign one should just kill themselves who gives them the right to decide if someone should live or not if you want someone to kill themselves so badly just go hang yourself you worthless piece of human trash.

So called SHINee fans or Jonghyun fans drove his girlfriend to close her cyworld by leaving hateful comments on her cyworld mini page.

As I reread my post I felt it was important for me to state I am not being bias in my posts as a matter of fact I have never even listened to Block B as of yet, I will find the fact appalling regardless if I like them or not that people want them to kill themselves that is just WRONG.

I can't deny the fact that I do like some of the people I write about but honestly some of the people I barely know anything about them other than what I see, read and hear from others. I do not know much about Tablo though I have heard some of his songs I do not know about Insooni though I have seen her on Variety Shows. I do know about SHINee and Super Junior but not of Exo I've heard one of their songs and that is it. I am trying to make things better for all artists and find what's happening to them is unfair regardless on if I like them follow their development as entertainers or not. These posts are NOT about my BIASES but about wrong doings and bad treatment of others.