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more on Open World contraversy

this is a good article I think you should take the time to read

This is the only part from the article I will share

" With many trainees involved in the situation, it is sparking interest across many different companies. There are countless female trainees who are currently hard at work preparing for their respective debuts, so worries are arising. A spokesperson from the entertainment industry commented, "There are plenty of worries now that this case is going to spark something off even in other agencies. It is not a common thing in this era so concerns are high over the bad image this case might bring."

Upon hearing the news of Jang Seokwoo's arrest, a female named "B", spoke to a media source, talking about the terrifying experience she had, had nine years ago when she first met with the company's CEO after an audition. Though not confirmed by other sources, she allegedly talked about being asked to get dressed while the CEO was watching, as well as being harassed and demanded to take off her clothes by another person named "C". She was quoted saying, "Some time ago I saw an article, and the contents were similar. How could he have ordered a male singer to assault the girls? I will never forget that name."

Jang Seokwoo was arrested earlier this month, upon his return from Japan after the police had been tipped off about his assaults. According to the police, he has been under suspicion for months for having assaulted and raped female trainees. After securing statements from victims, they got an arrest warrant. The police have seized the CCTV footage and have been speeding up the investigation with other evidence, such as phone records and witnesses.

At first, the CEO complained of unfairness, but he eventually acknowledged his involvement, even confirming six assaults. This number has now gone up to eleven, with two of the girls still in their teens. Items confiscated from Jang Seokwoo's office include CCTV footage, aphrodisiacs, and a vibrator, amongst others. "

From this Article one part jumped up and bitch slapped me in the face "

Another manager also said, “My girlfriend’s family wasn’t happy with my manager job now that our marriage is coming up, and I’m at a loss how something like this could happen.”Jang didn’t have a very good reputation even before the incident among managers, as he was rumored to be the man behind Kara’s disbandment issue. This is why many say that “it was something that would happen sooner or later.” Jang has admitted to a part of his charges, but even if he receives a jail sentence, he may continue working in management after his release.CEO Kim, who was involved in the Jang Ja Yeon incident, is also still active as a manger.
America and Japan have their agencies approved beforehand, but because Korean managers just need to send in applications, managers with criminal records can’t be sifted out. Another rep from the Corea Entertainment Management Association said, “The association has a point policy, but because many managers in charge of singers aren’t with the association, there’s no real way to curb them."

ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!! that is a crime in and of itself you do not stick an offender back in a position where they can re-offend, that's like putting a child molester in charge of a classroom of children .

taken from Asian Junkie
The Korean media is currently attaching The Boss, X-5, Shinhwa‘s Jun Jin, and Shin Ji Soo to article titles in order to draw more readers. Needless to say, it’s wholly irresponsible journalism.
Shinhwa‘s Jun Jin basically wants everybody to know that he had nothing to do with Open World Entertainment CEO Jang Seok Woo‘s sexual abuse case.

Jun Jin made it very clear that he had nothing to do with the recent developments. A representative from Shinhwa Company informed Dispatch over the phone April 11th, “This is a problem dealing with Jun Jin’s agency CEO. Open World Entertainment has no relations to Shinhwa. This does not at all affect Jun Jin, and Shinhwa will not run into any problems because of it.”

Investigators have spoke with trainees and artists under Open World Entertainment to gather details, but Jun Jin has been exempt from questioning as he has nothing to do with the situation. The Shinhwa Company representative continued, “We’re extremely upset that Jun Jin’s name was included in the articles like he was somehow linked to the situation. If any questioning is required in the future, we will sincerely agree to it.”

As of now, there are no changes in Shinhwa’s schedules or activities. “Shinhwa has gotten back together for the first time in 4 years,” the representative continued. “The members are more determined this time around than they ever have been. They are baffled at the unexpected news, but they will not be shaken whatsoever. They will work hard as always for their fans.”

Jun Jin's name has been in many articles and it has caused a stir of angry hornets *ahem I mean fangirls* I can understand how they feel since I am also a JunJin fan .

Part of that article here (please read the full article)

"Actress Shin Ji Soo posted on twitter, “Can journalists write their article titles truthfully, without throwing in names just to attract more curious readers? My family’s worried about me. I’m ‘Innocent Ji Soo.’ I don’t want to be involved in something like this when I’m all about staying innocent.” "

"The Korean media is currently attaching The Boss, X-5, Shinhwa‘s Jun Jin, and Shin Ji Soo to article titles in order to draw more readers. Needless to say, it’s wholly irresponsible journalism."

“Super Diva 2012″ contestant Lee Eun Ji admits she was propositioned for sexual favors 04/17/2012 22

Lee Eun Ji, a contestant on tvN‘s “Super Diva 2012“, recently shared the story of how she was propositioned by an entertainment company CEO for sexual favors.

Fourteen years ago, when she first signed a contract with an entertainment company, the CEO of that company asked for sexual favors from the singer. Upon hearing of her horrific experience, writer-producer Joo Young Hoon became angry and asked her for the name of the CEO. Upon hearing the CEO’s name, the panel of judges looked visibly upset and shaken by what Lee Eun Ji had to go through.

Update on sexual harassment by CEO

This article talks about one girl who gave up her dreams due to having been told to get naked and harassed then groped by the CEO, she was a girl who did not risk having anything happen to her just for the sake of her dream at the cost of giving it up. The scary thing is knowing that her friend was training in the other company that makes two companies that are aware of each others dirty business and allow it to go on.

The above link is worth reading more so if you haven't read any of my previous post or taken the time to copy and paste the links in a browser. I will copy and paste some parts here for the lazy people who won't open this link in a browser.

The article starts like so ...

The sexual objectification of women (and increasingly men) in the South Korean entertainment industry — or really, in just about any entertainment industry — is certainly nothing new or even shocking. K-pop fans in particular have sadly been largely desensitized to issues involving the inappropriate sexualization of the female form, and the pervasive influence of so-called “uncle fans” in driving the market for girl groups is hardly shocking and indeed even expected.

But consumers of K-pop would do well to remember that sexual misdemeanors and crime within the industry itself is a reality that has the potential to destroy not only careers, but lives — and just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening to an alarming degree.

to this I must object perhaps it is the case for Asians as this is something they seem used to but for many others we are not desensitized it is something we assume can and may and even must happen sometimes in the industry but we would never expect 8 out of 10 companies to assault and abuse harass their talents.

" Open World Entertainment’s CEO, Jang Seok-woo, was arrested last week on suspicion not only of sexually abusing female trainees, but of coercing male idols signed to his agency to do so as well. On April 12, the Kangnam Police Station in Seoul released a statement saying that Jang, who had initially denied all charges levied against him, had admitted to a portion of them being true (though exactly which charges he admitted to was unspecified); three days later, another statement was released confirming the worst: " Since the end of 2010, Jang has sexually harassed six female trainees over ten times. During this time, he also forced male idol group members from his own agency to sexually harass these trainees as well."

"Police also report that they have collected testimony from several of the victims that corroborates these allegations, including testimony that Jang had used his power and influence in order to coerce sexual abuse and compliance. The number of victims is now reported to have been at least ten young women, and police now suspect that this abuse has been taking place since 2008."

This is also taken from the article and for this all I can say is how can people stay silent when this has been going on for so many years we are 2012 that is 4 years!!!!!!! how can you allow this to happen for that long how can you let it happen at all?

"In a case like this, it is incredibly difficult both to put together the pieces and to stop oneself from pointing fingers. Almost certainly, we do not yet have all of the facts and cannot possibly know the scandal’s intimate details, particularly regarding the coercion of made idols to rape and abuse young women. More information will certainly be made available as the case progresses, but in the meantime, wild guesswork and mudslinging will not in any way help the situation or alleviate the immeasurable pain the victims have undoubtedly suffered.

It is difficult to deny, however, that this scandal is possibly one of the ugliest to ever have emerged in the Korean entertainment world. Sexual abuse and coercion are despicable crimes, but to engage in such a practice over a period of what could be as long as five years is shocking and disturbing. The prolonged sexual abuse of these young women evokes memories of the late actress Jang Ja-yeon, who committed suicide at age 26 in 2009 due to depression that was likely linked to the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her agent. According to her suicide note, Ja-yeon’s management forced her to have sex with a significant number of higher-ups in the entertainment industry. The wildly popular Boys Over Flowers’ actress’ tragic end shed a light on the shameful underbelly of Korea’s entertainment world. While many have long suspected that illicit sexual practice takes place within many agencies, the confirmation of its veracity is a bitter pill to swallow and a call to action.

As the Open World Entertainment scandal has undoubtedly demonstrated, sexual crime is a reality of the Korean entertainment industry, and it could likely be more pervasive than we as fans would like to believe. South Korea ought to take this case and any further accusations of sexual violence against women in the entertainment world very, very seriously, and punishment should be appropriate to the nature of the crime. Women who aspire to work in entertainment in South Korea should not, under any circumstance, believe that subjecting themselves to sexual harassment or abuse is just part and parcel of climbing the ladder to fame. I sincerely hope that this case serves as a wake-up call and provides further impetus for South Korea to protect its celebrities from abuse in all forms."

I agree that it is not needed to start pointing fingers and accusing people we do not project our true sentiments and concerns when we are just acting like a mindless mob. Before we point fingers and accuse the idols we need all the facts and I believe it is wrong to turn victims into monsters as I have witness many people do on forums. the idols should they be involved from being coerced into it they are also victims being abused by one in higher power.

I believe the reason why all this happens is because the people know that even if they were to get caught they would not be facing jail time because for one reason or another the Korean government seems to be very slack when issuing jail time to offenders law breakers almost anywhere else in the world would love to be prosecuted by the Korean government instead of their own. In North America sexual crimes get you 20 to life in most cases. Also in North America you do not get charged 12 years and only do 6 months probation walking along the streets much like the animal who victimized Nam Young got. That is not to say that some crimes do not get handled well in other places in the world because there are many slip up all over but Korea and China have some major issues and their government is doing nothing about those problems. It is a disappointment these people who have so much pride are having less and less to be proud of as we all find out just how unjust and cruel they are to their talents and citizens , teach your youth how to be outstanding upstanding citizens instead of obsessed fans who risk lives over infatuation and the sheer high of getting away with crimes towards others privacy and fundamental rights their human rights.

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Sasaengs on the rise

It's funny how you would expect the amount of sasaengbum to decrease thanks to all the coverage they have been received. It is a known fact there are many who have been laying low and hiding out waiting for the coals to cool before going back to their normal stalking habits. However there are many who knowing that no actions will be taken and counting on the lack of punishment from their law enforcement agencies they continue their celebrity hunt. Recently I have seen articles talking about a newly popular boyband know as EXO(Exo is divided into 2 groups Exo K & M one in Korea one in China) one which here is a link that talks about Chinese fans of Exo M being sasaengs and mentions one thing we have not spoken much about male sasaengs.

Male sasaengs don't seem to be as common and the ones I have heard about personally well I cannot say if they were sasaengs or simply anti's fans of one group who liked certain female groups. I have seen photos of some of these males having knifes and have heard that some males rape females who belong to other fandoms which I personally think is ridiculous because I love so many groups but I would be seen supporting super juniors flag if I were to go to a concert because they are the first group I came to love and the one that I know the most about and probably view as my favourite group.I love other groups all the same but I would have the blue also because it's my favourite color.

I will now copy something a friend of mine shared in relation to Exo M's fans
Part of this can be read in the link above which also shows a photo someone took of the dorm .

There is one fan recently posted at baidu tieba, saying that she/he has become a sasaeng fans for a few days, with three other girls which are the head of the sasaeng fans in China. The three girls started to follow Exo-m car on 1st of April, and when Exo-m got back to Beijing on 9th of April, the three girls have followed them back to their dorm. The three girls have the card of their apartment so they could easily sneak into their place. There is also a sasaeng guy fan everynight waiting outside of Exo-m dorm. The three girls are all Uni student. They are tend to skip uni and follow Exo-m all day.

All of them would use Weibo to show off the conversation between them and Exo-m, although it is just some normal conversation, but they would exaggerated the conversation. They all would wait outside of Exo-m dorm, company and rent car to follow Exo-m everywhere they go. On 10th of April, the three girls follow Exo-m to the Sina Interview place and get chase by police dog.

When they saw Exo-m members, they would keep asking personal questions such as, how many girlfriends you have before and why Kris always change your name. They asked Tao how many girlfriend he had before and some of them had went to Luhan resident area. The manager is very angry about the fans. Last Saturday, the few sasaeng fans never go home but stay outside of their dorm and shout members’ name very loudly. They always want to give members present, buy food for them and become their friends and they would call their bias: husband.

Recently, the three girls are less active than the guy fans. The chubby guy fan is more active and has been following exo-m everywhere they go. The manager has warned him many times, saying if you like Exo-m, then you shouldn’t do something that would harm them.

Among the three girls, one is Chen’s fan, one is Lay’s fan, and another is Tao’s fan. They seems to be the twins of Exo-m (which means wherever you see exo-m you will see the three girls). They also know a reporter so they would easily know Exo-m schedule and where they stay. Few days ago, they have been caught by the security guard of the dorm and cried in the security office.
The day Exo-m record FengYunBang and Youku they all hide inside of the garage and waiting for Exo-m. The manager is very sick of them so let Exo-m to go from the backdoor so they would not meet the sasaeng fans.

The fan who posted this in Baidu has regretted about her action previously as a Sasaeng fan and has decided not to do this again. But for the other sasaeng fans that she knows, have been keep denying that they are sasaeng at Weibo and their ID are all exposed. The fan hope the sasaeng fan could stop the action and give some freedom to Exo-m

Credits: Zeroning

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EXO-M almost got into a car accident because these sasaeng fans hired taxi drivers to follow the EXO-M van.

credit: haera
via: EXO Philippines (1st Official Fanpage)