Monday, May 28, 2012

Videos to make you see

Sasaeng fan took this the song choice shows the mentality of a sasaeng fan I think

This is just sick to me stalking him wishing him happy birthday wth

I feel so omg right now my head is pounding like holy crap I have the goosies!
this makes me sick

to you from us

The first article I want to post is from the woman who made the group that opened my eyes to the only cause I have felt passionate enough about to really try and make a difference in anyway I can . look at her entry the picture on the page seals the message completely!

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the crazy level of fangirling / fanboying that was brought to my attention a couple of months ago, and up until now I still couldn’t believe the stories I’ve read online. As a fangirl myself, I admit that there are times when I just lose grasp of reality and start spazzing on my Twitter timeline like there’s no one following me, then spend most of my time unhealthily in front of the computer like it’s a freakin’ altar, waiting for K-pop news and watching K-dramas. Even so, I know where the invisible line lies that indicates how far I can fangirl.

But Asian stalker fans seem to be practically blind of everything, including reality. And if that invisible line was a brick wall, they would probably either climb over it, tunnel under it, or try to run through it–which might result to further brain damage.

Okay, I’m being a little insensitive here. These stalker fans are people too, but they are people with serious psychological problems. What’s worse is that a large number of them are minors, particularly young school girls, which is really surprising for me, because when I was their age I didn’t even know that boys and girls weren’t the same until the sixth grade (yep, even back then I had my own world).

Now this year is probably the first time I’ve read about these kinds of stalker stories, so before that, my only idea of stalker activities were the ones I’ve seen in movies and those crime shows on Discovery Channel, Nat Geo, and the History Channel (I’ve already explained that I’m a nerd in my previous posts and tweets so don’t be surprised that I actually watch shows on these channels). At first I was shocked, then disgusted, and then horrified. After reading a few more stories, I was feeling pretty pissed and at the same time sympathetic of these so-called fans. And I know those are two conflicting emotions so imagine the discomfort it brought me.

The stories that particularly burrowed deeply into my brain were the ones where young girls and adult men send their underwear with menstrual blood and semen to their adored Korean stars, and then urinate and defecate at the front door of the celebrities’ home. These acts were told to be their way of showing affection and getting noticed by the stars. We might as well take our brains out and throw them away, ‘coz apparently showing your shit to someone means love. Problem solved ladies! Now I know how to make that special guy really notice me ;) (I’m kidding of course).

But what really ticked me off was how those people who are supposed to stop these crazy and mostly criminal acts are not doing anything about it. Their main reason is most of these stalker fans are minors, and that their parents, who are said to be loaded are buying people away to keep them hushed. The behavior isn’t corrected and it continues to get worse. They even turned these stalking activities into a sport and a popularity contest on the internet.

I know that some regular fans are wishing for these stalkers to be locked up or just die (we fangirls have the tendency to go on murder mode when our idols are violated in any way) and maybe some of them deserve it, but the young ones are probably just misguided. They need to be rehabilitated, so they could live healthier and happier lifestyles. Having said this, I decided to invite some of the fans within my network to gather and possibly come up with a solution. But to be honest most of us, including me, are powerless and possibly clueless of how we can help contain, or better yet end this stalker situation.

First of all, I think there’s only one person in our group who lives in South Korea, and I’m not even sure if that person has enough time to spare for this cause. The problem is in South Korea and we need several people living there in our group to help us out. Second, this cause takes a lot of research and a lot of planning and organizing. That means it requires a lot of time and possibly a lot of people, preferably with experience in running cause campaigns. And us fans have our personal lives to take care of which take up most of our time. Plus I think most of us are inexperienced with these sort of things. But I do remain hopeful. There is still strength in numbers and we have over a hundred people (although I’m not sure if everyone is really onboard).

So if you want to lend us a helping hand please visit our group here.

We are planning to change the group name since it was originally for JYJ. But seeing as how this issue is affecting other K-pop groups as well, a new name is appropriate.

Aniah has spoken and too many of us agree with her whole heartedly we can't do this on our own no matter how hard we try.

Update on this The name was changed to K-EFU I had fun coming up with the name and part of me is sad to have let it go for the time being at any rate. Even though I left the group  feel free to visit it if you'd like.

Fan thoughts

I have decided to dedicate space in my blog towards fans and their opinions and thoughts on the matters involving the entertainers they love and admire even those they do not support but still feel are being treated wrong. Like myself who does not call herself a fan of some but would be a willing knight in shining armor for them if I could because I believe they should be treated well and properly as human being like they are.

I have invited and will continue to invite everyone to share with me their thoughts and feelings about everything involving the entertainment industry and how it has changed them for the better or even for the worse. I want to share the voices of everyone willing to speak up.

right now our voices are like whispers of the faintest sound to those in positions to help us make the lives of those who aren't being given the most basic of living comforts the right to do so. We just want their lives to be as rich and comfortable as they have the right to their fundamental rights are being ignored and it's just not right.

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