Saturday, April 21, 2012

it makes me sick

I have always thought it was sick how someone in a position of power could abuse that entrusted power and position to abuse others who put their trust in them . but when I read this recently publish article

In this article they talk about the recent controversy that I have previously shared in this blog about Open World entertainment sexually abusing trainees.

I was almost in tears when I read that a girl in sixth grade was sexually abused and forced to do things against her will . I was also both shocked and yet not at hearing about 8 out of 10 companies have done the same scandalous things to their trainees as well, it simply breaks my heart to think of how corrupt the entertainment business truly is.

We need entertainers in our world without them our lives would be bland and boring to a degree. We should be treasuring and respecting those who are willing to not only do what they love for a living but for all they sacrifice in order to make us happy . I believe they should be well taken care of not mistreated by their bosses and obsessed fans.
They do things normal people would never want to do, I could never give up my privacy the ability to go where I want when I want and not have the world know who I am . I am a recluse I could never give up the right to be left alone to my own devices even if I was brilliantly talented. These entertainers crave the opportunity and chance to do what they love entertaining those who appreciate their talents. They bring us what we need in order to cope and understand the world around us without us even being aware of it.

There are times where you can hear a song and start crying not just because you know the feelings being sung but because you can imagine just what kind of pain that person must be feeling you can almost see it being played out like a movie in your mind and perhaps you might even link it to your favorite scene in your favorite episode of your favorite show. There are many examples of such things on Youtube here is one of my favorites

When I watch this it makes me cry not because I have been through such a things, but because I have watched this couple on TV since I was in the 4th grade. They become real in a sense I know they are actors, but these characters and their stories become real in a way we cannot explain. Their relationship is a believable one because a lot of what happens between them can happen in real life. It is something some can relate to or believe (maybe even both)  where as some people dream and wish they had such a connection with someone. After all we all need someone to love. The song adds to what we are watching because it follows with the real story line Jason has found someone to love and Elizabeth is alone but trying to move on.

I have watched many Kdramas as well as Jdramas Kdrama= Korean Drama Jdrama= Japanese drama) these dramas can be viewed as soap operas to North Americans though their story lines do not get as warped as ours do. when we watch these dramas w4e cannot help but be touched by what we are watching the emotion is so real I watched a drama not too long ago called Playful Kiss I cried a lot while watching it these actors do their jobs well you can feel the emotion in every line or lack of emotion if it calls for it.
These entertainers should be well taken care of not abused and harassed and forced into things. No child should be forced into such things either that is child abuse along with sexual assault.

The Korean Government should be taking action and making their country a better safer place for it's citizens.
Seeing these things are just sickening!

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