Monday, May 28, 2012

Fan thoughts

I have decided to dedicate space in my blog towards fans and their opinions and thoughts on the matters involving the entertainers they love and admire even those they do not support but still feel are being treated wrong. Like myself who does not call herself a fan of some but would be a willing knight in shining armor for them if I could because I believe they should be treated well and properly as human being like they are.

I have invited and will continue to invite everyone to share with me their thoughts and feelings about everything involving the entertainment industry and how it has changed them for the better or even for the worse. I want to share the voices of everyone willing to speak up.

right now our voices are like whispers of the faintest sound to those in positions to help us make the lives of those who aren't being given the most basic of living comforts the right to do so. We just want their lives to be as rich and comfortable as they have the right to their fundamental rights are being ignored and it's just not right.

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