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I thought I would take this time to tell you more about KEFU (*Careful* as I both loving and jokingly call it) the Facebook group I was brought into and then kidnapped as an admin for and then later in some ways have become a co-founder of. I am not sure what Aniah the creator of the group may think of that but since join the group and being kidnapped by the other admins and herself I have somewhat taken over having the name of the group changed and some other things. My good friend calls me the co founder and I am obliged to agree with her. I have however left the group and together with Muriah and some others continue to publish blog posts and articles.



https://www.facebook.com/groups/241956989231090/ , this is the group we were in that had become somewhat of a ghost town  but should it every blossom again I am sure it will be great.  There are many good people there trying to make a difference .


The projects fb account when we get ideas for a project or work on one that account is the one used


http://layaboutheotaku.wordpress.com (A fellow admin's Turkish blog ) 


K-EFU is a group of devoted Korean Entertaiment Fans from across the globe , the memb
er count currently stands at 173 members in just short of six months created March 2012 with other helpful supporters who have not joined the facebook group but read our blogs retweet our tweets and comment on our videos. We have supporters who have volunteered their help when we may need it. As of  November 2013 I am no longer part of K-EFU, I am however part of TAOFAE which consists of members from K-EFU as well as previous members. TAOFAE has the same feelings as K-EFU and stands for the same things as well.

 We try to bring light to the dire state the lives of some Actors, Actresses, Comedians, Singers , Models all whom are involved in the Korean Entertainment Industry. We strive to improve the quality of life Korean officials and their police force are failing to maintain for their Celebrities. We strive to bring Sasaeng Activities to a halt to end the terror and injustice they create towards Celebrities.

Mission Statement:
To end the wrong doing caused by sasaengs "stalkerfans". As fans we are meant to have respect for ourselves and others. This includes other fandoms and the celebrities that work hard to entertain us. To find alternative was to deal with sasaengs in a non-violent way. To persuade the law enforcement, Government, and families to take action in handling sasaeng activities before it escalates to a point where murder is committed and people are physically injured beyond healing. Suicide is already a big issue along with Bullying we just want to reduce and prevent e it all as best as we can .

Admins/Fellow members

Dilem Salman totally an anti-sasaeng. She was once an otaku but then dived into K-POP world. But realised something is wrong and wants to fix it. Loves anime, manga and other otaku stuff. A literature student. Also author of Turkish blog she is a huge JYJ fan

Muriah Scippio Totally against sasaeng fans. Thinks that the parents and government needs to step in and do their jobs and handle sasaeng fans properly. She loves and animals and is a Vet Technician (animal nurse). Loves to draw and cook. Also loves to learn and loves to do research. (one of the the people who helps me gather ideas bounce ideas off of and one of my project partners for KEFU)Muriah has many groups she really loves how ever she is definitely a cassie

Myself Marie Joanna aka MJ former youth of a non profit organization Leave Out Violence a group against violence. Dislikes all violence and Sasaeng activities to me are Violence. Interested in most literary arts and children studies . love music, poetry and a good book. (I'm a free agent I love many groups though I do wear a Primadonna bracelet and have been part of sjworld fan forum )

Above are no longer in K-EFU , There are other admins still in K-EFU  and other admins that are part of K-EFU I honestly do not know very well and some I know better.

Among the admins/members who have yet to write their profiles there are

Sanju Kim a Korean American who loves DBSK and FTIsland , who hates the way the men get treated so cruelly. She hates seeing others hurting and is against violence. She is devoted to her faith, disagrees with sasaeng actions. Jaejoong and Seunghyun are her favorite entertainers. Sanju is a cassie-primadonna

there is also Asia she is a loving caring person who want to help others like Sanju she is devoted to the well being of others. She cares more about the well being of others than over herself.her heart breaks when she sees and hears all the things the idols are forced to bear and live through expected to smile the whole time they suffer through it. Asia is more like me in the free love freelance fandom style

and that concludes my post god bless to all my readers

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