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more on Open World contraversy

this is a good article I think you should take the time to read

This is the only part from the article I will share

" With many trainees involved in the situation, it is sparking interest across many different companies. There are countless female trainees who are currently hard at work preparing for their respective debuts, so worries are arising. A spokesperson from the entertainment industry commented, "There are plenty of worries now that this case is going to spark something off even in other agencies. It is not a common thing in this era so concerns are high over the bad image this case might bring."

Upon hearing the news of Jang Seokwoo's arrest, a female named "B", spoke to a media source, talking about the terrifying experience she had, had nine years ago when she first met with the company's CEO after an audition. Though not confirmed by other sources, she allegedly talked about being asked to get dressed while the CEO was watching, as well as being harassed and demanded to take off her clothes by another person named "C". She was quoted saying, "Some time ago I saw an article, and the contents were similar. How could he have ordered a male singer to assault the girls? I will never forget that name."

Jang Seokwoo was arrested earlier this month, upon his return from Japan after the police had been tipped off about his assaults. According to the police, he has been under suspicion for months for having assaulted and raped female trainees. After securing statements from victims, they got an arrest warrant. The police have seized the CCTV footage and have been speeding up the investigation with other evidence, such as phone records and witnesses.

At first, the CEO complained of unfairness, but he eventually acknowledged his involvement, even confirming six assaults. This number has now gone up to eleven, with two of the girls still in their teens. Items confiscated from Jang Seokwoo's office include CCTV footage, aphrodisiacs, and a vibrator, amongst others. "

From this Article one part jumped up and bitch slapped me in the face "

Another manager also said, “My girlfriend’s family wasn’t happy with my manager job now that our marriage is coming up, and I’m at a loss how something like this could happen.”Jang didn’t have a very good reputation even before the incident among managers, as he was rumored to be the man behind Kara’s disbandment issue. This is why many say that “it was something that would happen sooner or later.” Jang has admitted to a part of his charges, but even if he receives a jail sentence, he may continue working in management after his release.CEO Kim, who was involved in the Jang Ja Yeon incident, is also still active as a manger.
America and Japan have their agencies approved beforehand, but because Korean managers just need to send in applications, managers with criminal records can’t be sifted out. Another rep from the Corea Entertainment Management Association said, “The association has a point policy, but because many managers in charge of singers aren’t with the association, there’s no real way to curb them."

ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!! that is a crime in and of itself you do not stick an offender back in a position where they can re-offend, that's like putting a child molester in charge of a classroom of children .

taken from Asian Junkie
The Korean media is currently attaching The Boss, X-5, Shinhwa‘s Jun Jin, and Shin Ji Soo to article titles in order to draw more readers. Needless to say, it’s wholly irresponsible journalism.
Shinhwa‘s Jun Jin basically wants everybody to know that he had nothing to do with Open World Entertainment CEO Jang Seok Woo‘s sexual abuse case.

Jun Jin made it very clear that he had nothing to do with the recent developments. A representative from Shinhwa Company informed Dispatch over the phone April 11th, “This is a problem dealing with Jun Jin’s agency CEO. Open World Entertainment has no relations to Shinhwa. This does not at all affect Jun Jin, and Shinhwa will not run into any problems because of it.”

Investigators have spoke with trainees and artists under Open World Entertainment to gather details, but Jun Jin has been exempt from questioning as he has nothing to do with the situation. The Shinhwa Company representative continued, “We’re extremely upset that Jun Jin’s name was included in the articles like he was somehow linked to the situation. If any questioning is required in the future, we will sincerely agree to it.”

As of now, there are no changes in Shinhwa’s schedules or activities. “Shinhwa has gotten back together for the first time in 4 years,” the representative continued. “The members are more determined this time around than they ever have been. They are baffled at the unexpected news, but they will not be shaken whatsoever. They will work hard as always for their fans.”

Jun Jin's name has been in many articles and it has caused a stir of angry hornets *ahem I mean fangirls* I can understand how they feel since I am also a JunJin fan .

Part of that article here (please read the full article)

"Actress Shin Ji Soo posted on twitter, “Can journalists write their article titles truthfully, without throwing in names just to attract more curious readers? My family’s worried about me. I’m ‘Innocent Ji Soo.’ I don’t want to be involved in something like this when I’m all about staying innocent.” "

"The Korean media is currently attaching The Boss, X-5, Shinhwa‘s Jun Jin, and Shin Ji Soo to article titles in order to draw more readers. Needless to say, it’s wholly irresponsible journalism."

“Super Diva 2012″ contestant Lee Eun Ji admits she was propositioned for sexual favors 04/17/2012 22

Lee Eun Ji, a contestant on tvN‘s “Super Diva 2012“, recently shared the story of how she was propositioned by an entertainment company CEO for sexual favors.

Fourteen years ago, when she first signed a contract with an entertainment company, the CEO of that company asked for sexual favors from the singer. Upon hearing of her horrific experience, writer-producer Joo Young Hoon became angry and asked her for the name of the CEO. Upon hearing the CEO’s name, the panel of judges looked visibly upset and shaken by what Lee Eun Ji had to go through.

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