Monday, October 14, 2013

at a loss for words

Wow just wow so today has been an interesting Thanks giving. First I read that a trot singer has gone to the police because her CEO put the date rape drug into her drink. Read that on Link Below

The next thing relates not to Kpop but to the legal system and the educational system into the justice system. This is a sort of follow up to my previous topic on law enforcement.

There are so many things I can say about this but I am so tired and my brain just doesn't want to function. The thing I can say however is that Korea is too lax towards women who commit offenses, why did he get expelled and she got 3 months suspension expel her too! . There is NO REASON at all that is good enough to allow a woman of her morals to decide the fate of others.Because as if what she did by continuing to have an affair with a married man then tell his wife all the facts wasn't enough , she continued to break other rules and laws as well why should she get special treatment? stop letting toads into the system then maybe you would get real justice served.

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