Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Annyeong Protest

I am joining this cause ->

The Annyeong protest in support of  Koreans who are being silenced their very rights ignored. Discrimination is still not illegal there.  Gay Bi Lesbian Transgenders people who are different from  the straight people are not accepted. Though it is not widely accepted in many places there is at least some semblance of tolerance for it. As long as it's kept to a minimum in public some people don't care. They are not being heard when they voice their discontent with the way their country is. They have been protesting  and only one media outlet has covered their protest and that was an independent website for news. We are hoping we can all work together to right a wrong and help this cause get global media interest and just show support to all those having a hard time to be heard lets help them share their voices

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