Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Girl Groups go sexy

This is something else I have spoke about before how I wish more girl groups would drop the sexy act even though it does sell well.


I had hugely high hopes for AOA I was looking forward to  a girl band and loved their style but then they became sexy and what happened to the band aspect ?

I wish there was a group that stayed true to their true personalities and selves to their musical interests. Normally if you are a band you do your band thing not  idol stuff. As a band you have more leeway in not needing to do dances with your music since you are supposed to be playing your instruments that is what being a band is all about after all  isn't it?

the other groups don't bother me too much but this one group has ALWAYS bothered me I know Sex sells but Originality sells as well! yes  those 4 other groups did not get very far by being cutesy all the time but cute isn't favored when they know they can get sexy  nothing wrong with mixing the two  but I think there should be a balance there is no originality anymore it's now who is the sexiest dancer who wears the sexiest clothes? Cuteness gets high points as well with fans so why not mix the two nothing wrong with that but  AOAs development really bothers me.

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