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My Daily Reporter Lee Seunglok

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KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Relay,’ which had nibbled away its reliability with the biased report of Group Big Bang, brought disgrace on the fame and authority of the entertainment report program of the public broadcasting with the biased report related with group JYJ.

Due to ‘Entertainment Relay,’ people are arguing back and forth about ‘how many times she got hit” instead of discussing the essentials of the problem.

But, there is a point that one needs to address regarding the controversy of JYJ’s saseng fans: “Who gave rise to this controversy?”

The materials related to JYJ had quickly spread for one month until the media revealed the audio file of JYJ. They contain shocking contents of assault, using abusive languages, etc.; however, these old materials were intensively revealed recently at the similar period.

Also, these materials have something in the common: they were either filmed or recorded privately. These contents seemed to be attained while stalkers, widely known as saseng fans, chased after JYJ during TVXQ period. This also means that these materials were possessed by saseng fan, who filmed or recorded them, and were only shared between saseng fans. Then, it is doubtful why they have revealed these materials.

During the interview with ‘Entertainment Relay,’ a JYJ’s saseng fan said “I did not record it but another unnie recorded it. I thought that unnie had it and did not know she would spread it. This one is from 2009.”

It is shocking that the saseng fan seems not to realize the seriousness of the problem; however, it is more shocking that saseng fans, who call themselves as fans, purposely spread these materials to slander JYJ.

Saseng fans,who performed any actions in order to make the celebrity to recognize them, even wanted to control the destinies of celebrities.

Of course, one cannot justify the actions JYJ have performed to saseng fans. It is true that their actions were wrong.

The reason why the starting point is doubtful is the malicious purpose saseng fans had developed to another state of affairs. Although JYJ has disappointed the public, the public is more startled about the reality of saseng fans. People are criticizing saseng fans more and discussing solutions and et cetera.

Saseng fans might have dreamed of the collapse of JYJ. Thus, they might disclose more provocative materails until they accomplish their goal. If the media curry favor with sasengs, they would eventually reach their goal easily.

However, people are turning their criticism toward saseng fans. Saseng fans might be excited and saying “yes, go and criticize JYJ!’, but, the reality of saseng fans and their evil deeds will become clearer. When people consider what made celebrities to explode, they realize it was the horrific obsession of saseng fans.

“Entertainment Relay” defined saseng fans as ‘hardcore fans who follow celebrity with emotions higher than fans and dig up their private lives.” However, they are not fans but stalkers. The desire of saseng fans trying to bust their stars under the disguise of ‘fan’ is grotesque.

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