Friday, March 9, 2012

Injustice continued through the years

I will add some links I have found that show many injustices that have been committed to Korean Entertainers.

Sasaeng video sadly it is in korean but this is what they do!

Copied from Yahoo Answers to a question about crazy things fans have done in the Kpop idol world

When Hangkyung(Super Junior) was celebrating his birthday, an anti fan slipped into the crowd and yelled at him to "crawl back to China" :(
-An anti gave Hangkyung a bottle of water with sulfuric acid
-An anti gave Hangkyung a "present" which actually turned out to be a knife, small bags of blood, and a stabbed picture of him
-Suju fans were jealous of a girl that got to take a picture with Kangin and left her a bunch of hate messages, which caused her to suicide
-An anti used Zhou Mi's(Super Junior M) account on some site and said a bunch of rude things about Hangkyung while pretending to be Zhou Mi. Zhou Mi deleted it a minute later
-Anti's threw glowsticks at SNSD and Super Junior members
-People purposely call Donghae "Oh, you mean the fatherless one?" knowing he's very sensitive about that
-Recently, in Taiwan, fans called a taxi and chased Super Junior all over the place
-When Kyuhyun (Super Junior) recovered from a car accident, anti's left messages like "Why didn't you die? You should have."
-Heechul (Super Junior)got hit by a fan (not anti) in his eye, though it was an accident, and he couldn't perform after that and he just walk off stage
-Hangkyung got a poisoned cake
-Anti's spread rumors that Hangkyung did drugs, which made SM tell him to stay low for awhile and not do as many activities
-Some SNSD fans tore down Super Junior's posters at Dream Concert 08, and Leeteuk cried because of that
-Some anti said that Taeyeon was a slut and couldn't sing, which made her cry
-A random middle aged man came onstage when SNSD was performing and grabbed Taeyeon

-Some SNSD fanboys raped girls from other fanclubs
-Yoona and Taecyeon and many others got letters that had words written in blood
-Antis pasted SNSD's heads on pornography
-Yunho was poisoned by an anti, by putting sticky glue in his drink
-Changmin got hit by Chinese fans at an airport
-Anti's posted 2PM's social security numbers online
-During a fan signing, a fan walk up to 2PM and started screaming "OPPA!!!! I LOVE YOU! I'M YOUR DREAM GIRL!" The members were all freaked out especially Taecyeon

-Anti's signed a suicidal petition for Jay Park(former Leader of 2PM now Solo Artist)
-Groups have received packages of drugs
2PM's Taecyeon received a letter that was written in period blood. MBLAQ's Lee Joon received a letter that was written with blood (the fan cut her wrists).
Sasaeng (hardcore fans) fans also released fan accounts of 2PM saying that they treated Jay really badly and are jerks when the camera's off. Here's a link if you wanna read more.

more to come

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