Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sasaeng Paranoia

These days everyone is paranoid over sasaengbums everyone worries about the source of photos I believe that a photo that is taken where it shouldn't be taken is a stalker photo or stalker type of photo. I hate the logos and writing on photos as I started before but I also hate how it makes me think of the sasaengbum ss well .

I do not like photos that I should not see like of the singers sleeping in male only spas, them mourning the loss of loved ones and I do not like photos that are so up close it's as though the person taking the picture were standing right next to them .

I found this one blog that looked so sasaengbum like but I have concluded it is really just a hardcore fan by looking at her twitter.

everyone is paranoid and sasaengbums are getting more edgy and over the top.

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