Monday, March 26, 2012


This post is to discuss a website that once seemed good and innocent but who have recently seemed more sketchy as the activities of Sasaengbum becomes more known everyone is starting to feel paranoid none wanting to openly approve of sasaengbum materials or behaviours and yet fearing they just might be.

I am a fan of too many entertainers dating for the 40's til now all styles of music I am very open with my musical interests. I have taken photos of entertainers before I have alot of photos from when I myself was merely 13 years old, I went to a concert that had 4 groups playing those groups were Edwin, RedSkull, Moist and Serial Joe I was hugely interested in Serial Joe though I liked the other singers and groups as well I took some photos but most of my film was saved for Serial Joe I wished so much that I had a better camera than a disposable >.< but in my heart and mind even looking at the tiny figures I could recall everything that had happened and relive those moments of my first real live concert I ever attended with my bestfriend. I never showed off those photos never posted them online although I could have but it meant more to me having them to myself. I have backstage photos of Simple Plan from a friend that was working backstage with them I have them but I do not go posting them for everyone to have and I hate ruining photos by writing over them . I ruined so many photos when I was young that I regretted it so now I get irritated when I see writing in the middle of an otherwise gorgeous photo.

there is more meaning for me in keeping photos to myself then spreading them around if I don't want to share I won't post them. But more then that I think people Sasaengs photos half the time look creepy because the artists are busy doing their own things not expecting the photos to be taken at a concert they expect it.

Anyways here is a site that people are questioning the sources of and feeling ill at ease with over the materials they post.

here is a specific post that has most peoples hair standing on edge
I normally would not be posting these kind of things since I do not wish to encourage sasaengbum activities but someone needs to show the limitless brassones(*Balls* term relating to guts) these girls have. This site that once appeared innocent to many people now have posts called Stalking so and so they use the term stalking and feel it is appropriate to post these materials that invade the persons privacy knowing full well it is wrong since everyone who knows the term stalker knows what it implies.

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