Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dirty Side of the Korean Entertainment Industry

Recently they have been shedding light on something they should have taken better care of in the past. (sexual references in this post sensitive material)

(Everything I write can be taken with a grain of salt as not all sources can be trusted and everyone has their own opinions)

In 2009 A very beautiful Actress Jang Ja Yeon Killed herself because no one would believe her claims of sexual abuse by her company. Her abuse went unheard and ignored those who knew better did nothing but horrible things to her believing they had the right since she was just a Korean Entertainment Industry MERCHANDISE.

There are so many different ones all saying their own things

Please read these they are very good and informative as well

Ironic how this was done and said to be false and yet now there are other companies who are involved in the same "scandals"

ALi - Na Young

The sound of the light and wind, falling from the sky

It rides the leaves and it rides the snowstorm

The deep sounds of the ocean from the ends of the earth
It shines on the sun, it shines on the sky

It’s hard even to be alive and to breath
So she waits for the sun to set
She doesn’t try to run away anymore
She stands there and waits for the moon to rise

The gray light that seeps out of a young girl’s wet eyes
You threw away your youth, selling your body, selling your soul
Your pitiful life has been taken away from you

In this dizzy world, when you hope for a warm and brilliant love
Can you feel - can you feel it?
In the soiled heart, when you want a true and pure love
Can you do that - can you do that?

Looking here and there but you still can’t believe in this world
Even if the world flows by so quickly, even if time leaves us
Trust your mind, trust your mind

Ali received much heat from this song more here

This once again proves how Korean Law needs much mending as a matter of fact the girl the song was written about had mothers in an uproar at the time given to her abuser read the story about the innocent 8 year old (at the time of her horrifying abuse) Na Young here and here this one is a positive one

there are some people saying negative things which I honestly do not feel like repeating or even linking but I will say this The emotional pain these people go through is sever it is not easy to deal with being raped and sexually assaulted when you receive treatment for the psychological and emotional trauma never mind the state they must be in never getting any help.
I was first sexually assaulted when I was about 3 years old I am now 27, I can clearly remember everything that happened when I was sexually abused and raped. no matter if it was when I was 3 til 7 or the four times between the ages of 9 & 18, or when I was 22 & 25 . I could see each event as though it were a movie on the television and I had counseling so I can only imagine the torment those who haven't had any help feel the nightmares they must have regularly.

No one deserves to go through the things they all have gone through the list of suicides, the list of crimes that get no more than a light sentence of community service is a disservice to the people Justice is not being seen instead we are seeing more injustice when will the Korean Government do right by their citizens?

it is depressing to see how many Koreans killed themselves due to depression why are they so unhappy?

a blog I read recently

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