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more Articles and videos again

More articles and videos

Taken off a Tumblr account (Navicha's tumblr)

Anonymous comments on a DBSK fansite

Anonymous 1

XXXXX, can you please consider not posting these kind of pic anymore? can you please at least protect the boys?

I’ve never been much of a fan of pictures taken so close to begin with (unless you can tell the artist has consented to taking a picture with a fan and/or taken it themselves or of each other and shared via twitter or other online accounts), but especially in light of what’s been happening…

And it really baffles me that this site who I really like has been posting pictures like this recently, too. You didn’t report very much during the sasaeng issues and after Yoochun’s father passed, and I assumed it was being considerate and understanding that they needed privacy, because you are fans, too, and not just media (although many of us come here for news lol).

But… with posting these pictures, it feels like it’s becoming the opposite almost. That feeling I got of.. “they’re being more respectful and it’s making me more loyal to XXXXX because of it, even if I do wish they’d at least cover more.” is being led into “if they felt respectful before… why has it suddenly changed..?” with the recent posts.

I also don’t feel comfortable with the “Stalking *so and so*” theme either. I know most of us take “stalking” as a term very lightly because what we as “normal” fans consider “stalking” is simply seeing them somewhere as opposed to the sasaengs actively hunting them down and invading their privacy… but pictures like these – where the boys are obviously just tired and want to get where they’re going without being hounded so much – make me feel like it’s pushing that border a bit too much.

It’s just uncomfortable, and I would wish you could reconsider 1. the theme title… and 2. the limit between what’s an acceptable “update/ siting” and “actually stalking / making them feel uncomfortable”.

We as fans can’t complain about sasaengs doing things like this if we’re no better by wanting or promoting this..

Anonymous 2

Undoubtedly, not all of the fans who were there taking pictures are professional saesangs but even good fans can go too far for a photo op and not even realize that they’re crossing a line.
Anyone who stalks, no matter the distance they maintain, is no different from a saesang imo.

I sent different comments to various sites too and they are still posting those pictures! Why?! >__< It is so frustrating…

Another supporter of sasaeng behaviour

many articles can be found here

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