Thursday, May 3, 2012

over worked stuff + artists & netizen's + anti's

Personallly I prefer the article below as I find soompi and allkpop sometimes have a bad habit of not writing things accordingly and twist things and often point their fingers accusing people of things.

This is the most recent of accidents involving tired staff members and managers but it is not the only one as this article above states "Fatigue-related car accidents are a common occurrence in the entertainment industry, and actor Jang Keun-Suk was in a similar accident just days ago. "

"It seems like the manager was falling asleep due to his all night up with the artist which caused the accident."

a similar thing was stated in articles about Yoochun's accident

And in Park Shin Hye's accident in 2011

"Meanwhile, the underlying cause of the car accident is still under investigation. The police suspects that it was a result of Ms Kim's fatigue, drowsiness and possibly careless driving."

now then the other subject I wanted to cover in this post is the reoccurring issue over Tablos university transcript

first things first who the hell are they to question a person's education to such a degree I mean come on many artists never even complete the full cycle of education and those who don't generally don't lie about it. The reason why Koreans believe information given is false just because it was not easily obtained by their own hands. Koreans make security seem unimportant as things are so readily accessed but other places in the world like North America take privacy and security and one's right to them seriously. Currently I am trying to get an apartment to move into for July and so when I filled out my application it required my bank account number and the landlord called the bank and requested information and couldn't get any information because they cannot give that information out because it's personal private information. They are angry over something that they shouldn't be angry over it's natural that our personal information is guarded and kept out the hands of people who not right to it. Tablo graduated from the damn university get over it already !

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