Friday, May 18, 2012

abit of everything

It is a known fact that many Celebrities have suffered at the hands and actions of Anti-Fans as well as so called Sasaengs. Recently I found many old posts involving sasaengs and anti fans. the old post about Anti fans below is very well written and I think you should take the time to look at it.

"Fans" had caused trouble for Block B

the above link is someone else's blog in it you see photo's of distruction caused by the fans

Sasaengscause trouble and Fans go to the aid of their beloved artists giving Media photo's taken by sasaengs

This is a very well written blog entry and I have to say they did an amazing job
seeing the mention of justin Beiber reminded me of one thing his fans all over the world work together even helping other fans buy tickets and cds to support him which is how he manages to stay at the top. Where as Asian fandoms seem to prefer to make fandom wars which I can also show you in another post.

The bad side of Asian Fandom's below is just one example but it isn't uncommon for rivalries and fights between fandoms I don't understand why they don't just band together half of the artists are from the same company and produce the same style of music in MY opinion it is rare to find a fan of one group who does not vaguely like another for example alot of Super Junior fans do enjoy Shinee and tvxq/dbsk JYJ .
I really do not understand how their mentality works there are good fans and unique fans that need some help in every fandom . There are some fans who do everything they can for the artists they love many will call themselves by the name of the official fandom but are not paying members of it and they actually deserve the title more than some who have paid to be part of the fandom. I have never joined a fandom but I am an honest fan who supports the entertainers I love with everything I have even if I haven't paid to be in their official fanclub.

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