Friday, May 18, 2012

silence and outrage

so the blog has been pretty silence recently with me working and dealing with my own personal issues. I finally have time to update but it would seem as though things are rather silent at the moment. But that didn't stop me from finding things to share with those willing to take the time to read this blog and copy the links into another tab browser.

In the kpop world talk about Exo's true heights has been mentioned in many tumblr's that they lied about their real heights. I honestly don't see what it matters on how tall an artist is as long as they are truly talented.

Apparently it's a big issue for many which to me is pretty stupid but below it talks about some other artists who have also received criticism over their heights. I once read or heard that profiles normally have the members as about 3cm taller than their real heights or something like that it was a member from super junior who had said it.

netizens rag on Big Bang's height very often.

next development is about Tablos education I believe I have also commented on this previously they have received the official documents from the university but will it be enough to keep netizens off his back? not likely sad as that is. read the story below I will post all the links related to the story below

What the hell is wrong with them first they harass him and his family and then they go and confront one of his ex-girlfriends. This group seems to be nothing but bad news after setting their sights on Tablo they also started to talk about going after another entertainer The online cafe ′We Want the Truth From Tablo (Tajinyo)′, which evoked criticism for raising unwarranted suspicious about rapper Tablo′s school records, seems to be moving its focus to singer Park Jung Hyun and went after the daughter of another entertainer Insooni.

This group seems to solely be in the business of attacking entertainers accusing them of being liars about one thing or another but it tends to always end up being about education but one must wonder just how educated these netizens themselves truly are.

information on Tajinyo = Whatbecomes first appeared in the Korean media during 2009 after denying the fact that Tablo graduated from Stanford. After it was confirmed that Tablo graduated, the online community halted its activities. However, starting from October, the internet cafe is now active, and has targeted not only Tablo but also Insooni's daughter and singer Park Jung Hyun.

this article is well written for a soompi article though they aren't my favorite source they are better than AKP.

Another outrage was finding information about block B

The fact that people can be hating upon newbies so hardcore is startling although it is common newbies have to prove themselves worthy things have definitely gone too far when there are death threats and suicide petitions I have already stated my view point on suicide petitions . Anyone who will sign one should just kill themselves who gives them the right to decide if someone should live or not if you want someone to kill themselves so badly just go hang yourself you worthless piece of human trash.

So called SHINee fans or Jonghyun fans drove his girlfriend to close her cyworld by leaving hateful comments on her cyworld mini page.

As I reread my post I felt it was important for me to state I am not being bias in my posts as a matter of fact I have never even listened to Block B as of yet, I will find the fact appalling regardless if I like them or not that people want them to kill themselves that is just WRONG.

I can't deny the fact that I do like some of the people I write about but honestly some of the people I barely know anything about them other than what I see, read and hear from others. I do not know much about Tablo though I have heard some of his songs I do not know about Insooni though I have seen her on Variety Shows. I do know about SHINee and Super Junior but not of Exo I've heard one of their songs and that is it. I am trying to make things better for all artists and find what's happening to them is unfair regardless on if I like them follow their development as entertainers or not. These posts are NOT about my BIASES but about wrong doings and bad treatment of others.

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  1. Honestly sickens me I just don't have enough words in my dictionary to start explaining how much this physically appauls me.


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