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drama drama drama

the world of Korean entertainment is one full of drama. I do not say this just because they have amazingly popular high in demand dramas which they film ridiculously . Drama episodes are filmed recklessly close to being Live TV. I feel sorry for the actors and staff but no that is not what I meant in the least .

It feels like years to me since the tragedy Daesung was involved with when he was involved in an accident that cost a man his life. Though the drunken unconscious man could have been dead before Daesung accidentally ran him over. Fans and non fans were disgruntled over what had happened.
It's understandable to be upset to a certain point , however some people take things too far.
He was driving carelessly but he did not cause the accident, that however did not stop people from accusing him of being under the influence (which he wasn't). Apparently it was a case of involuntary manslaughter only god knows the absolute truth about that.
The reason this incident as well as Kagin's Hit and Run where he later turned himself in have become a remembered incidents recently is due to Nickkhuns DUI. After having 2 glasses of beer at a company party he drove home since he had a flight to Japan the next morning. On his way home he failed to check the intersection as did the on coming motorcyclist who was not wearing his safety equipment. Had he been wearing the safety equipment perhaps he would have been less injured.

Korean Culture tends to leave little room for flaws , perfection does not exist but they strive for it so desperately you are shunned for showing flaws.

I will show you some things that have been said about these men and other entertainers. Men whom don't get let off the hook where any tom dick or harry would because They ARE Idols. People Assume they will get special treatment due to status but no my friends Idols in Korea do not get let off the hook due to fame though "normal" Citizens are , they use Idols as scape goats but do not punish everyday ordinary folks. I'll also show opinions on the way they are treated by fans from fans.

Drunk Driving' Nichkhun makes a public apology "I would like to write this letter of apology for such an irresponsible act"
추천 1,246
반대 200
....정말 식겁했다 --;;
막무가내로 감싸주는 빠순이들은 진짜
인간의 최소한의 개념도 없는 그냥 된장녀다
본인 가족들이 만약 그랬다면 어떠할지 참...
옳고 그름은 확실히 하자 스레기들아
The news really shocked me --;; The stupid fangirls that keep protecting him need to realize that they don't have the most basic common sense of a human being. If this had happened to one of their family members, how differently would they have reacted... Let's differentiate between right and wrong, you trash

추천 1,384
반대 352
트위터에 한글로 잘 만 글 써올리더니
지가 잘못한게 있으니깐 영어로 씨부리네
태국으로 가라
라디오스타나와서 말하는거보니 박진영 닮아 언플 잘 하드만
첨엔 순수해서 좋았는데
이젠 티비에서 별루 보고싶지않다.
He used to be fine writing Korean on his Twitter, but now that he's done something wrong, he only writes in English. Just go back to Thailand. Just like Park Jin Young, I noticed that he was good at making up a public image for himself with media play on Radio Star. I liked him because I thought he was innocent, but now I don't even want to see him on TV.

추천 1,051
반대 207

"Return after reflection"... Nichkhun officially announces halt in activities

추천 1,400
반대 292
닉쿤이 음주운전으로 사람치면 => 오빠가 술먹고그럴수도잇찌 ㅠㅠ
음주운전자가 닉쿤치면 => 개XX 니가 사람이냐!!! 시X !!!
When Nichkhun hits a person while drunk driving => Oppa could do that if he was drunk T_T
If a drunk driver hits Nichkhun => Son of a bitch, how could you call yourself human!!! Fuck!!!

추천 691
반대 244
Do you HAVE to come back?

추천 1,038
반대 768
대마지용 강인구속 박유천식에 이은 또다른작품
Marijuana Jiyong, Kangin Prison, Yoochun Asthma, and now Drunkhun

One Night', 'Drunk Driving' Alex reported, but not Nichkhun?

추천 807
반대 138
한밤은 3대 기획사 똥꼬빠는곳인데 모르나?ㅋㅋ대마드래곤도 방송 안나왔던곳임 ㅋㅋㅋ
Didn't you know that the show sucks on the assholes of the big three? ㅋㅋ Marijuana Dragon wasn't reported on either ㅋㅋㅋ

추천 658
반대 137
첫소식부터 음원차트 조작 나오길래 딱 알아봤다ㅉㅉ
대형기획사가 그냥 스케일만 크다고 대형기획사가 아니고
자기 식구들 사고 칠때마다 어느정도 커버까지 쳐줄수 있는
힘이있기 때문에 대형기획사다ㅉㅉ 아무튼 닉쿤 빨리 니들나라로
꺼져 이 외국인새끼야ㅉㅉ
I knew when the first article released today was about some music chart manipulation. A big company is not just a big company in size but because they have the power to cover for their artists whenever they fuck up. Anyway, I hope Nichkun hurries up and fucks off to his country. Screw off, foreigner.

추천 597
반대 149
Go back~ to your country!!

Marijuana Jiyong, Kangin Prison, Yoochun Asthma, speed bum daesung and now Drunkhun Hating on Yoochun because he has asthma?

If I wasn't into KPOP already and saw those comments,I'd be like
''wow,Koreans must be a really trashy race if the highest rated comments on one of the most read websites are like that''

Look at them pretending to be flawless beings. Sickening. THEN,they accuse sasaengs of being 'evil'

wow,it seems like everyone says that netizens treat both Daesung and Nickhun differently coz' Daesung is more popular...NO,Netizens doesn't treat Daesung nicely at all...during his case, a lot of netizens been sending their hate to him...saying that he should just kill himself and just stop being a celebrity..Daesung isolate himself and find peace at the church..and when he make a public appearance with BigBang..he still receives hate though...the thing is the netizens will always react the same way when idols involve in a big scandal..but it'll go away with time...people started to accept Daesung after some time...and the same thing will happen to Nickhun too...so stop saying that people are being unfair to Nickhun and compare it to Daesung...coz' it just not right...let just wait and see how JYPE will handle this case...i just hope JYPE didn't kick Nickhun out just like what they did to Jay...finger cross...

That is incredibly mean! I understand that what Nichkhun did was not right, and that he should reflect and get the same punishment as anybody else would but I don't understand the need for people to say such horrible things to him. It's like bullying the bully who has realized that what he did was wrong and is getting punished by the teacher already, how does that make any sense? You're doing things just as bad/worse than what he did and if I remember correctly, we moved away for the eye for a eye philosophy a couple of hundreds of years ago (and to ask for him to die, that's actually even worse than simply an eye for an eye). It's not a matter of being a crazy fangirl, or forgiving him just because he's an idol, but rather that he should get the lawful punishment but not senseless emotional bashing (you complain that people who aren't idols won't get special treatment yet emotionally tear down every single frickin idol who does something wrong...yeah I clearly see how idols get "special treatment"). Damn hypocrites, whoever is telling Nichkhun to die/get hurt/go back to Thailand. Nichkhun, please reflect on your actions but ignore the people who are insulting you!

About Nickkhun......
He cant sing. Cant dance
All looks.
Gdruggin dint drive. He smoke weed like a true kigga
Dae however has been apologized by the family
So i could care less about what netizen says

BBCs are calling for Nichkhun to kill himself (making up "death petitions") - and Hottests are telling BBCs to kill themselves first, SBS just released footage of the accident and Hottests are going "OMG, oppa didn't mean it! The motorcyclist was OBVIOUSLY faking! Other people have gotten into drunk driving accidents too!"

Oh, and my *favourite* one (HEAVY sarcasm): "Before he was oppa, he had a name and it wasn't a murder name, so why come make hating bashful comments?"

NOcommentJuly 26, 2012 3:35 AM

All of that is beyond ridiculous. I think Nichkhun should be punished, but killing himself? NO. These Hottest fans sound delusional.

the netizen have started, everyone.......
I just read that they made a petition asking Kangin to be banned from Super Junior...
Surprised? I don't think so.... But I'm really really pissed off right now....
I think the goverment need to open a rehab facilitation for netizens, educating them what to do and what not to do..

First Jay, now Kangin, I wonder who's next..
It's like they're planning to eliminate one member of each idol groups....freaking ridiculous...

See this is KOREA for everyone. Once you hit a bad trip, people will constantly make you look like a bad person when you didn't mean that to happen. I feel really bad for him. He really needs to get out of Korea and have a nice vacation, just staying away from drama. He's probably very worried about his future career. I'm sure he didn't mean this to happen at all. When you're famous, you can get unlucky when you're with the wrong people. I just hope he doesn't commit suicide because of so many mistakes he makes. Everyone makes mistakes, but they try to find ways to heal their mistakes. So I hope he stays strong, really do. Even though I'm not fan of Super Junior or him, but it's such a sad news for someone like him to have to go through this issue.

2PM.. some connections O_O As if it was meant to be... 2PM jaebum got kicked out of Korea

folks DO try to make the situation worse for you when you are down and try to spread false rumors about you to make you look worse. An example?


The police are denying internet reports that they couldn't reach Kangin because he had his phone turned off (and thus he didn't show up for a schedule police interview). As if Kangin actually needed help in looking bad in this situation, the things some folks will do to kick someone when they are down.

Non of these compare to the heat T-ara has been getting due to a member being kick out of the group and reports about that said member being bullied by fellow members. It became such a big deal it actually over shadowed the DUI nickkhun had , the heat was shifted rather quick. That's not to say there weren't still some hater trolls hanging about. Netizen's involved with k-entertainment always gotta hate on somebody.

On that note I leave you with the 4 types of kpop trolls! http://seoulbeats.com/2011/11/the-4-types-of-k-pop-trolls/

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