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2 blogs mine & hers

I read this blog and really liked it I now follow it

I will copy and paste things from her blog with my opinions as well as most I agree with and some I agree a little less first things first the photo on her blog . hers will always be in " " where as mine wont.

I agree with this whole heartedly hardcore fangirls are like soldiers armed with venomous fangless mouths that tear into you trying to tear you to shards for the sole fact that you do not follow their belief system and dare to have a mind of your own with your own set of morals and values that oppose their own .

"I don’t want to complain about the center of all fandoms, I’m not going to argue whether this-or-that music is good or bad. Because, ultimately, it’s the music, right? I truly enjoy some Kpop bands/singers.
What I loathe is their fandoms."

so far I'm all on board I cannot deny there have been alot of good things to come out of fandoms. However I feel much bad has come so much in fact that it overshadows the good.

"Nowadays, it’s really hard to stay beyond the fandom, especially when a person is connected to social media (be it twitter, fora, tumblr, blogs, facebook etc.) and bombarded by all kinds of information from around. Of course some do that, but they don’t belong to “fans” world. They like to listen to this-or-this song, but it doesn’t make anyone a fan. I like to listen to Panjabi once every 5 months, but that doesn’t make me a fan of Hindu music (au contraire, India culture scares me with its unhinged vitality-destruction violent circle). I’m talking about being a fan as a part of the fandom – that is: knowing about the albums, tours, interviews etc. The hideous and sick subgenre to fans is sasaeng group, but I wrote about them so many times already so that I won’t sacrifice the space here and now."

tsk tsk now this is where I start to disagree not with the fact that it is hard to stay beyond the fandom let's face it KPOP is everywhere! and honestly I like it that way. I do not think you have to know everything about a group, love everything about a group, buy everything about a group in order to be a fan. I listen to a wide selection of Asian music Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian & Indonesian I do not know anything about many of the singers or bands and do not attempt to find much out but I am a fan of their music. I love the way Chinese music sounds a lot of it has a very soothing effect on me. I am a fan of the genre itself not so much of the artists though I am Definitely a fan of some groups. Just because it may not be my first choice does not mean I am not a fan of it my passion towards it just isn't as overwhelming as it is towards something else.
I am not in a fandom at least I do not consider myself to be I am a freelance fan. I know about group tours I just do not pay attention to them mainly since it's a rare thing to hear they are in Montreal besides the fact that although I love the groups concerts aren't much in my comfort zone since I do not always do well in large massive groups of pushy loud people. I read or watch the interviews, save as many pictures as I can of groups I really enjoy or find aesthetically pleasing. I buy the albums as well but I do not always know everything about the albums off the top of my head. There are groups I really love listening to but I have no idea how many cds they have or all the names of them I am just not that passionate just having access to their songs is good enough for me.

"I was suppressing my anger for a long, long time, since, truth be told, I was never a real part of any fandom (a short and painful encounter with Cassies doesn’t count). Ever since Infinite, this became an integrated part of my life and daily routine – checking the official website, having subbing teams’ websites bookmarked, and of course listening to the music, watching shows etc. I like it. It’s the fandom I started to hate."

so far I can follow this I am not even that dedicated sadly but I have to admit with Super Junior I was very active in finding the shows they were on subbed in english and going to fan forums and the likes.

"I learned about OTP in a crude way – by stepping on some fragment of a fanfic. "
"fandoms took OTP (One True Pairing) into a new level, and yet not the higher one. Fangirls (age 8 – 20) are sure band members are fucking. They are even surer of that than of sun rising on the east the next day. If band members display the affection towards each other – it’s a proof they’re having sex 265 times a day. If they don’t – it means they have “silent days” in their ‘marriage’".So they ship, yes ship (I don't know why a ship) some OTP and - and this is good part - if 1/2 of this OTP starts to, I dunno, talk with another member, a hell breaks loose. Fangirls hate it, write letters, cut themselves, armageddon!! Instead of shrugging it because normal people talk to others, especially in a closed group. It's hard NOT to talk, stand close each other sometimes."

I definitely have to admit that some really have taken things a little too far but I think it's safe to say the age range is actually higher since there have been sasaengs and devoted fans in their 30s for that matter if I was Korean or Chinese I would be 30 following the lunar calendar of age. Most of us know it's all fake but we just live in the fantasy it's not like we really wish for it or want it to happen it's true however some take things to extremes.

"When I was younger, you know, we fangirls dreamed about snatching the guy to ourselves. We imagined our dream dates, and we KNEW those were just an empty talk. A dream to make our days brighter, fluffier and nicer. When we watched Kylie and Jason’s Especially for You MV, we were envious of Kylie. We wanted to be in her place (it’s a fangirl thing, you won’t understand).
Nowadays, fangirls dream of group members to snatch each other, marry and adopt some kids. This is nothing against gay rights, just to clarify things. So fangirls get high by imagining their idol is not with them (as a usual, normal fangirl would do) but with another guy from the band. What’s the purpose of this? “If he can’t be with me, let him be with a band mate?” What the f*ck is this logic? Heck, even crazy fangirls of Guns’n’Roses didn’t want see their guys one on another, you know. I find it disturbing and disgusting. It doesn’t show an ounce of admiration to your “idol” at all. It doesn’t show your appreciation of their talent. And as my friend V. said – it’s partially the agency’s fault as well. People from there know exactly about those idiotic OTPs that fangirls create and they pair the members like that for a photoshoot. But don’t blame the members when they start to flair up about the oppressive fandom (it has already begun and I wonder how that will go).
I don’t have to add that the most ruined image has SuJu, right? According to fans (they even change wikipedia from time to time, writing “husband to…”, “wife of…” there, seriously), all in SJ screwed each other. No virgins."

Once again I wont and can't generalize because I know many people are still fangirls in the way I am and how I used to be just like this girl was. I cannot however deny that I have shipped pairs in groups. it has mainly been in fun, I do not wish them to be together though if there is something real between them I hope they will be together. I am a yaoi lover but I am a full time yaoi lover, I watch the themed movies and all. I daydream about them sweeping me away but I am not adverse to them sweeping each other away either I mean who could deny love? I know many girls who day dream of their bias but who also ship him with someone.I have a friend who is in love with FTIslands Seunghyun but she still supports the thought of SeungJae because Jaejin and him have a special friendship a brotherhood but she doesn't really want him to be with him she wants him for herself. I think we sometimes think if I have to share my bias with someone I would rather it be with someone I know loves him and who loves him more than me? well his bandmate. I admit it's odd but hey no one is perfect. There are many idols who really do not care about that kind of things no matter what fans end up think as she mentioned there are so many pairs in Suju due to the large number of members. They do not care if the fans think dirty things of them as long as they continue to support them in anyways possible at the end of the day sex sells and if the fans think they are together and are willing to support them buy spending money on their albums and merchandise well all the better for it. Some fangirls really are extreme and need some help there was never any doubts about it but I refuse to generalize because there are a lot of fans out there who have perfectly healthy mentalities.

"Very recent about another fandom, namely Inspirits. For a year I thought it’s one of the friendliest, sanest fandoms in Kpop world. Latest alevin of fangirls brought some bad blood with it and they distort this used to be nice fandom. We, older Inspirits, love all 7. We may have our favorite (usually more than one, cause it’s a really hard task to stick with just one in this group, I have 3) but we support all of them. New piece-of-carps are distorting it. They have one and only one, but they don’t stop at this – they bash others. The main war is between two main vocals’ fan girls. The reason? Sit, because this is beyond ridiculous – the number of lines, the screen time. I mean… o---key. When did they run from the mental facility? Because such person has to be a deranged lunatic to argue about those thing. It affects the whole fandom, and it makes us look bad. I wrote replies to one of my tumblr friends’ posts who wanted to explain as calmly and reasonably as she could that such war is pointless and ludicrous. But I doubt 13-years-olds would understand half of the words of her posts, so it may be written in vain. But it has to be done nonetheless. Fine, I admit, it was Wuhyeon’s voice who caught my attention at first, and he still is my greasy cutie, but the award for the best voice in this group goes to Seonggyu, I’m so sorry. Now, butt hurt fan girls, you can track me and sue me, I don’t really care. Fighting over such nonsense thing is an absurd. It’s tiring and it’s ugly. Plus, our little fandom lately has been cracking and vanishing. Why? All because as I wrote in Infinitize review – fans wanted boys’ new album to sound like everything else in Kpop. They wanted to get another EXO album. Oh, I’m sorry idiots, Woolliment is not SMEnt, if you haven’t noticed. Thanks to the all gods, old, new and forgotten for that! Don’t try to reason that SMEnt has a good music. It has catchy music, but catchy doesn't mean good music. In fangirlish: catchy=/=good. Except for some, all filler songs on DBSK albums are boring. Deal with that. SHINee has generic music, beaten only by that of SuJu (I don’t count girls groups cause they’re all carp, ALL). I don’t understand war among fandoms, but war inside of one fandom is just beyond my capability of understanding. It’s just not right."

I think most of us can agree that these kind of wars are pointless and they happen in far too many fandoms to count. This happens in girl groups as much as boy groups and I do not share her view on girl groups because I happen to be a fan of numerous ones.I do have to agree with the fact that so many kpop songs sound alike and there needs to be some improvement. The music is all still good to me but sometimes I really can't tell the difference between groups. I think catchy is good because I good song is often that though at the same time there are some songs I dislike and I dislike them more because they are catchy so even if I do not like it I end up singing it anyways. This person apparently has her own idea on what good music is to her and I respect that she's allowed her opinion but I happen to enjoy a lot of groups in SME I just dislike the company not its artists. I must agree War between fandoms is something I shake my head at and roll my eyes over but within it's own fandom is so much worse like the JYJ fandom they do not even realize they are tearing the fandom apart and doing no favors to the men who all love each other and value their brotherhood. Fandom wars are pointless and disgusting.

"Does this make me give up on K-music? No, because I came here for music, not for fandom."

I agree with that 100%

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