Thursday, September 13, 2012

have they lost their crowns and tiaras?

so many tabloids have fed the world fables and many of them have been taken at face value however not all have.

AllKPop is a very popular website to get your kpop news and it would seem unfounded rumors and gossip. AKP is not the only site to circulate half truths and fabrications however but it is the one in my opinion that fans the fires fueling the spark into a wild fire.

There are people who tell readers to not lay blame on AKP that they merely translate news from a tabloid. I cannot agree with the statement because it's more then just spreading the trash the tabloids have thrown to waste. Once you are posting articles about "What is Your Opinion ?" and "Truth Or Not" "Yes or No do You believe it?" you are given way to more controversy you are setting up a battle ground for Fan wars. You are encouraging net trolls and Anti fan scum and giving them a playground to sow their seeds of disgusting behaviors and unjustified hate.

T-ara is still wildly hated for a what has been proven to some extent to be mass lies, that is not to say some bullying has not gone on. The CEO has guaranteed the existence of it by the methods in which he employed to not only use the group but to make the group more famous.

The smart thing to do is to encourage a change in the whole Korean system . Punish all punishable acts not just in those who are suppose to be role models but in ordinary everyday folk as well. Bullying is a big issue why are you not doing anything? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? get courses in schools relating to violence get non profit organizations set up that help your youth. Korea apparently has the highest rate of suicides why is that? and what do you plan to do about it? do not just harp on about what Idols are doing do something about what is being done to them!

Today I went on to facebook only to find out there has been a sex scandal involving a member of big bang. Personally I do not find anything wrong with what occurred in his private life in the privacy of his own rooms. What I DO have a problem with is people put him on the chopping block using a photo that if it should be him violates his rights. He is in a state of undress unaware of the photo being taken has not consented to having the photo taken and his name is being dragged through the dirt which is slander! The photo looks like just another sasaeng stalker photo which is very common hell not that long ago the members luggage was stolen in japan so who is to say that is not just another case of sasaeng activities or even anti fan behavior.

Acting the way she has the girl has painted herself as a whore to some sleeping with him and then photographing him and telling personal sexual things involving him. There is a saying that should hold true A lady never kiss and tells. Also if it were true what the hell are you thinking not protecting yourself by safe sex! The woman must not care about herself at all to say all she ha, she painted a much unflattering picture of herself never mind of him.

I have so much to say but really just can't find the right words to express myself at this point.

Black Oceans is another topic I have been seeing often and my opinion on that is that if you go to a concert you should encourage all that are there if you are there only to cheer one group fine but there is no need to be an ass. These artists work hard it's rude to disrespect them if you truly dislike a group that is there don't go to that damn concert instead of being rude and calling for them to get off stage and being jerks. Someone stated there are groups who do not have any colours that is true there are but they are still cheered for and people still encourage them or sing along. they will still shine their light sticks it's not always about the colour showing it's about the support. Artists work hard to try and bring good music and entertainment to the world . I find it ironic so many people demand respect but have no idea how to give it themselves.

Regardless of all the rumors and even some disturbing truths these idols have not lost the crowns a top their heads. T-ara still maintains a certain amount of popularity regardless of haters trying to bring them down. Seungri will still be a heart throb females will still swoon over him and feel jealous of the woman he apparently choked out wishing it were their necks his hands clutched and their bellies his jizz landed on."Oppa hand me a towel too this way I can keep it as a reminder of our time together" the crazy ones would say. Nickkhun is still supported and missed and loved I waited patiently for his return to where I can gaze at him in open admiration. All those other idols who have been stabbed with thorns in their sides and had monkeys clinging to their backs Hwaiting! you can do it! Sasaengs and sleazy reporters go bump in the night but true fans shine a light so bright the darkness loses it's hold on our beloved entertainers.

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