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I have harped on about my views towards how korean fans anti fans and fans from other fandoms disgust me when it comes to funerals. Once again I must express my utmost disgust I feel so sorry to hear people had to go through such disrespect. http://forums.allkpop.com/threads/some-people-threw-eggs-during-hyunseungs-fathers-funeral.44266/

this as far as I know atm is a rumor but it's disgusting!

(Anything in BOLD is something I agree with or believe in)
Since many people do not read the actual articles I've taken to copy pasting them

copied from above link

"I heard that some people (apparently VIPs) threw eggs at Yoseob during the funeral. Seriously, Hyunseung just lost his father & why would someone do that at a fucking funeral? Why throw eggs at Beast when they too are mourning the loss of someone close to them? I don't care how much you hate them but doing that at a funeral is just low. It's disgusting.

Also, some B2uties were trying to get autographs from the members. Are you fucking kidding me? Reading these kind of things make me want to fly to Korea and slap the living shit out of those disrespectful people."

How terrible is that ! do not harass them at such a time you are kicking them while they are down! and you are being disrespectful!

Here are some comments from fans

"Now this is fuckin rude!!! I know how he feels, because I've lost my father too earlier this year. It must have been very hard for him, and imagine just how he felt when those people... ahhh! I don't even wanna think about it! I'd beat them up!!! "

"If this is real, then...THOSE BITCHES!

Karma has took note of every single person who done this. Just saying! "

"I dunno..
Unless there's pictures or proof I won't believe it.
I really don't think there's people like that. "

"Wow really? How can anybody be that insensitive? It really astonishes me how some people act in this world. Personally im not a beast fan but you don't have to be a fan to feel sympathy. hope he gets through this. "


A good portion of the time, I'm ashamed of some of the actions that the Korean VIPs do. Seriously. Hyunseung just lost his father. Respect their wishes in a time of mourning. If a B2uty threw eggs at any of a BigBang family members' funeral, VIPs would be trying to start a massacre (and they'd probably succeed too). WTF is wrong with them?

Same for B2uties. You KNOW better. If anything, this is the time for you to protect Hyunseung the most from any haters/press. Not take part with them. Ugh...Come on Korean fans. And I thought the press taking pictures of Minzy at her grandmother's funeral was bad... "

"u keep thinking how can a people be so stupid
and then they did this
and all ur doubt would be gone
sighs "

"WTF !this is very rude :angry:
what the hell wrong with those people ! I don't even understand why fans have to be at the funeral ??
I mean Before he is a celebrity he is a human that lost his father,So Fans really need to give him some space for him & his family
I feel very sorry for him :( "

" I'm ashamed of our society. That's not even low anymore. Do they know the meaning of respect?
And for the fans who tried to get autographs: Wow... really, you sure are sensitive.
Everytime you think it couldn't get worse people are trying to prove that you're wrong. "

"I honestly don't give a shit if they want to hate, they can hate all they want but going as far as throwing eggs during someone's funeral is not cool. I hope that everything that has been discussed between b2uties for the past hours are just rumors, I really hope so. I also don't think it's VIPs, more like haters. "

"I'm so angry that I'm crying, and I'm not even a fan. "

as I say and others said too so far it's a rumor only someone posted a link talking about more of this story the story was apparently long so the writer broke it down . http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.ca/2012/09/b2uties-call-out-vips-over.html

Taken from the link above

A lot of you requested best replies on news of the passing of Hyunseung's father this past week. I purposely ignored it because I didn't think this was the place or time for it.

The ordeal has actually been brought up as a controversial issue on Nate Pann these past few days with a lot of upset B2uties coming forward and calling a select group of VIPs out for their disrespectful comments towards Hyunseung and his father.

These are two top ranking posts on the topic. I will translate bits and pieces of it and summarize the rest because it's lengthy and kind of redundant, as well as going into a lot of fandom specific things that I'm sure people in either fandom are already well aware of.

Italics are my summaries.


"Hello, I'm a student who has been a personal fan of Jang Hyunseung for the past year. I won't introduce myself any further as it won't help what I'm about to say in any way. I'm not sure if B2uties are still banned from posting in Nate Pann, and if we still are, then I'll apologize in advance. Should this post become a problem, I will delete it myself.

As you all know, Hyunseung oppa's father passed away the other day. I no longer want to talk about such a heartbreaking thing anymore, but I am bringing it up once again because of how severe the actions of antis and disrespectful B2uties are getting."

She attached a screencap of a best reply left by a VIP on an article about the passing of Hyunseung's father. The best reply stated, "It's unfortunate that he died but I don't think this news is big enough to cover Seungri's scandal..ㅜㅜ.. Or maybe it can.."

"As you can see, this is a hateful reply left on a Nate article.. Words that I cannot even bear reading with open eyes.. Such hurtful words jabbed at my heart as a fan. Each letter choked at me. If someone special to you, if someone in your family had become a piece of ash as well, could you still say such things?"

The OP then goes into Hyunseung's "Trouble Maker" promotions with HyunA. I don't know about the i-fan response, but both Hyunseung and HyunA received A LOT of hate for the song concept being too provocative and too mature for their age and TV.

The reason the topic is brought up is because "Trouble Maker" was a turning point in ruining Hyunseung's image with the public, which the OP thinks has something to do with all of the hateful replies he's receiving now to this day.

"CEO Hong Seung Sung, I really hate you. I hate you so much for making Trouble Maker. As an entertainment CEO, as someone who knows how important an image it is to a singer, to a celebrity, to their life... how could you have thought of putting out a concept like Trouble Maker? Even if Hyunseung wanted to debut with Trouble Maker, you should have stopped him.

What have you gained with such an explosive response? You've earned nothing but antis with a fake image, and now even after his father passed away, he is still receiving hate because of that image.

To so many people, he is remembered with a bad image. Even I, as his fan, would have looked at him in a negative light had I not been a fan at that stage in his career.

Have you ever stopped to think how upset he must feel to see the related search terms when he searches his name? How regretful he must feel? Just because being a celebrity means you have to be strong in the face of hate does not mean that he deserves that hate."

The OP then addresses VIPs and tries to clear up old rumors that they're still spreading about Hyunseung, which I'm not going to get into because they're old and I remember reading them years ago so I'm sure his fans and VIPs already know the truth about them. She's just bringing them up to remind VIPs again that they're spreading false information.

The post then ends with a final letter to VIPs, where she asks them to work together to find middle ground so that neither side has to apologize in the future.

1. [+208, -11] I'm a VIP and I've liked Jang Hyunseung since before the debut of Big Bang. I feel truly upset over the passing of his father and I cannot say anything but sorry after reading those hateful replies. I would like to genuinely apologize. I have no intention of dismissing your post under the excuse of everything being "old news" and I will not defend our fandom saying that the people you are referring to are just the minority. I am just sorry. I will make sure that nothing like this ever happens again. Please forgive us.

2. [+174, -3] Please don't delete this post. It's been a while since I've read anything so respectful. I don't understand why just because Hyunseung debuted as a celebrity, he has to receive comments from people saying good riddance and how it doesn't concern them on such a devastating day. Anyone that said one hateful thing when his father passed away needs to reflect immediately. Put yourself in his shoes. By the way, I am not a B2uty or VIP.

3. [+172, -3] I am sorry that I can't say anything more other than please find strength. I'm sorry that I'm a B2uty that can't explain anything even though I know what's wrong and right. I'm sorry that I'm making it more difficult during the hardest period of his life. I'm sorry that I could do nothing but just watch as he received hate during Trouble Maker despite knowing what a passionate person he is on the inside. I'm sorry to not only Hyunseung, but also to Junhyung for not being able to protect him. Moreover, I'm sorry to B2ST for them having to say that they are no longer afraid of hateful replies because they received so much of them with their debut. Lastly, I'm sorry for all of the disrespectful B2uties that brought hate to such a respectful group.

The following post is a B2uty calling out other fandoms and B2uties for their disrespectful actions at the funeral.


"Hello. I am writing about something concerning the passing of Hyunseung's father. As you all know, he passed away from a heart attack on the morning of August 20th.

'Rest in Peace.'

How difficult is it to say just that? Why are you leaving hateful replies? What is the reason? Would you like it if someone swore at you when your father passed away? I am so embarrassed to be considered the same human being as you..

Whether or not you are from a different fandom, you should be sad that another life has passed away.

And as a B2uty myself, I never thought I'd call out another B2uty, but I really cannot understand the actions behind the disrespectful B2uties and the reporters that I saw at the funeral.

How dare you hold colorful placards at his funeral? How dare you ask for autographs at such a place? If you were truly for B2ST, then you would mourn his death and look out for Hyunseung at home, away from becoming a nuisance to Hyunseung at the funeral.

And to the reporters.. How would you like it if someone kept taking pictures when your father passed away?

I really cannot differentiate whether you guys are truly fans or antis in disguise... Did you think Hyunseung would gladly give you an autograph and check out your placards during his father's funeral?

I'm so embarrassed as a B2uty... Don't call yourself a B2uty if you're going to do that.

I also heard that antis had thrown eggs at Yoseob at the funeral... I am just praying that it is truly nothing but a rumor.

To the antis... please don't hurt the hearts of B2ST. I'm sure you guys have fandoms yourselves.. Would you feel happy if your favorite artists were hated on? Please, put yourself in the shoes of others."

Replies to the blog

"Fans always think they know what's best for the idols, which surprise surprise, coincidentally aligns with what THEY want. Let these people lead their own lives and careers. You are not their manager, you are not their mother, you are just a fan. Learn your place.

Some VIPs are never going to get over the whole Hyunseung drama, whether its true or not. Oh well, what can be done. "

"ghh im enraged with this...! in moments like this, you should say RIP and thats all not leave stupid comments... day by day fans talk more and more like theyre part of the mafia O__o... are people that cold-hearted that they just care about a person's death because it might cover someone else's scandal? just stfo!

poor Hyunseung... I still remember that special where B2st's dads were dancing "Fiction" and MR. Jang looked healthy and everything :( hope he can RIP and that their families gather the strength to continue... "

"never understand why fans have to be at the funeral... and media should give them privacy"

"Can someone tell me what's with the VIP drama? why are they mostly talked about in this article? I'm sorry I don't follow beast or big bang so I dont know what's the link between their fandoms.

I hope his father rest in peace.

AnonymousSeptember 23, 2012 3:26 AM

^ it is because one of beast members always ends up using the same clothes GD used before, so VIPS get angry with it and hate on the guy.

Yeah believe it? Vips hating on the guy even when his dad died because THEY USED THE SAME CLOTHES.

And funny thing is GD copies others artirts all the time LOLOLOL"

"At a time like this, when a person is mourning the loss of a loved one, shouldn't people empathize and be respectful? What has humanity come to? Antis..how do you live with yourself, knowing you make other human beings so unhappy? Do you enjoy causing such disrespectful acts? Do you not have parents and siblings and friends you care deeply for? Imagine if your parents or sibling or friend was constantly hated on and receiving negative comments daily..would you be happy? Hyunseung is a hardworking idol. His collab with HyunA to create Trouble Maker was mature and artistic and new. If you don't like it, stop watching their performances and just go on with your lives. Why hate? Why torment Hyunseung while he is mourning the loss of his father? Why throw eggs at B2ST members while they too are mourning the loss of someone close to them? I don't understand and fear for the future if people like this are the future generations we are suppose to rely on. And for k-B2UTYs that disturbed the peaceful mourning at the funeral home with colorful placards and shouting for autographs? If you are a true fan of B2ST, why can't you just give it a rest for sometime and not pester them. These idols, the 6 boys we all love and care for, are also humans. They have emotions and are entitled to privacy like you and I. Please, I hope nothing else like this ever happens again to Hyunseung, to B2ST or to anyone in the world.

RIP Papa Jang"

"eally... some of you calling out b2uties and vips, do you know who are the most disrespectful ones? REPORTERS. at least spare their family and not taking picture or video continuously. -_-

as a fellow i-b2uty, i hope b2uties can learn from this and in the future behave accordingly. b2uties have done many mistakes before, and it was either our own b2st oppas (wait, there're only few of them i can call "oppa" though -.-") and b2uties who call out to us. at such, i'm glad fellow b2uties step up to straighten the ridiculous behavior of some b2uties. in the future, i hope b2uties can be a good fandom. it'd never be a perfect and smooth ride, but i hope b2st can continue giving us their best. i'm sure hyungseung will be stronger through this. much condolescence to him and his family, and may his father rest in peace.

ah.... this has been a hard week... T.T"

Well that's all folks this long post has come to an end I hope I do not read anymore articles involving disrespect at a funeral again . JYJ's Yoochun had the Press all over taking pictures and fans all trying to get close but they at least kept things secure enough no harm came to any of them. Minzy from 2NE1 wasn't just photographed but also there was recordings and video of her making a speech at the funeral. So terrible! and now Throwing eggs *if it's true* and Asking for autographs >.< when will this sickness be cure?!


  1. cant prove the rumor if no photo

    1. It's a rumor because it's not proven how ever for Naver Pann to bann beauties on the matter there must be some truth to it since naver is korea based and those fans would be more aware of what has gone on than i fans. as it so happens I am not even really a big fan I mere stated my opinion on the rumor and shared others opinions as well and as I stated I am not saying it IS true merely that IF it is it's disgusting behavior.

  2. Sometimes i think if those disrespectful people are humans, so what I am?

    1. perhaps you are an angel with no recollection that you are on e :p


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