Saturday, September 29, 2012

project update

I've finally finished my first Sasaeng files video which I will post on here, other news for projects we have been working on. I am waiting to hear from the group creator, I wanted her to hand over the materials for the take my heart project. The project which had been put on hiatus due to her program for photo editing or her PC/ laptop was not working properly. Honestly it's a little hazy after all this time. I am however trying to get the material so that I can try to wrap it up and get it out there.
My friend and fellow Admin Dilem has her Turkish blog running strong with an increasing viewing audience I will post her link below as well. Fellow Admin and good friend of mine Muriah has put together a project with Cassie's where they are sending in letters to the judge in charge of the JYJ/SME court case. That which should be coming to a wrap soon enough, I believe she just needs to name of the judge in order to have them delivered to him. I believe depending on the results of her project an assembled protest should be held at the court. We have some big plans but it's still a little early to share all of them .
We are ordinary people trying to make extraordinary things happen, while still living our everyday lives to the best of our abilities.

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