Saturday, July 14, 2012

a fans voice in the form of a blog

Please visit this link the writer has written her thoughts on sasaeng and has posted some pictures that while disturbing are true facts of a sasaengs life. well that and overly zealous fans who take things too far. Here is part of the blog she posted but there is so much more something I hadn't fully known myself.

" I'm so disgusted right now. Literally, sick to my stomach.

Have you guys heard of Sasaeng fans? Obviously you have, especially with the whole JYJ thing.


Did I already say that? It's true...

I recently came across a blog post about it, and that lead to another, and another, and I found out so much stuff...

The kind of stuff that causes Goosebumps, hair-raising, and a sick feeling in the stomach.

So here's what I want to do... I seriously need someone's opinion on all the stuff I found out. So I'm going to lay it all out, and if you care, please leave a comment.

So basically, some hear Sasaeng fans, and they think, 'Oh yeah, I've heard they're really passionate about their idols. Good for them.'


I guess you could say it's passion.

Cutting yourself and using your blood to right a message to your idols,

Quitting school and becoming a prostitute to afford to follow your idols around 24/7,

Joining other Sasaeng fanclubs, where there is always competition about who can get the most personal pictures of their idols,

Yeah. That's passion, sure.

.... Nah, I'm pretty sure that's fucking obsession.

Yes, Sasaengs actually do hurt themselves to write letters in blood. One Sasaeng used her period blood. Are you fucking kidding me?

Other disgusting things, like the fact that Sasaengs leave their shit and pee in front of the idol's dorm, to 'mark their territory'.

Yes, Sasaengs do quit school to follow the idols all the time. One girl quit school and lived with her aunt. Her aunt supplied her with food and clothes, while all that girl did during the day was stalk the idols, and at night she would work at a convience store to earn money to stalk the idols.

Like I said before, some become prostitues. "

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