Thursday, July 4, 2013

update on the world of KPOP

Guilty of not updating in far too long.

I cannot possibly unravel all the stories that have been shared in the time I have been away but I will throw some things out there.

B.A.P had concerts in USA and they were able to go around pretty much unharrassed from the moment of their arrival until their departure. would that happen in Korean? HELL NO! it is too uncommon for Korean Idols to move freely on home soil that is not to say it isn't hard to get around in other places too many of us have read the stories after all of the events that transpire in Japan and China as well as some other places time to time.

Kim Jaejoong of JYJ former TVXQ member has been touring and he had a wonderful tour that has now come to an end. I was happy to see him fairing so well for a change it could just be me but I find his stress lines have decreased.

Block B struck out they should follow in JYJ's glorious footsteps and contact cjes.

Lizzie from After School broke her leg and the rumor mill is a buzz and I have no idea what the truth is I do not want to post the site or blog my friend sent me that showed the information. According to the blog the Pledis CEO demanded a lap dance from her when she was practicing her poledance for their new song "anyone else think it is wrong that these women are pole dancing?" when she refused to do it she was attacked by him and other staff members who all stomped on her leg and she was then forced to post pictures with her cast to show she was ok. I somehow find this extremely hard to believe and if it is true I will be very disappointed because that is the company Nu'Est is part of and I really love that group.

The group I was originally part of that had me starting this blog in the first place has fallen apart and that is why I have not really been posting as much . Though honestly my life has become rather hectic with my health not being 100%. I will not abandon this blog just because the group itself seems to have become a ghost town I have little energy to try to revive once again. I am trying so hard to keep my own life balanced but I will not desert this blog even if I am gone for weeks or months at a time I ask you for forgiveness as I apologize for my absence in advance.

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