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Why artists and others do not rely on the justice system too often

First off  I am sorry for my absence. I have been dealing with a lot of various things and have been lazy and neglectful, I am sorry.
In this post there are a few things I would like to touch up. I will start with why people have no faith in the justice system and are less likely to call the cops and seek help when dealing with many situations. Also why they end up giving up the fight.

From personal experience in dealing with the justice system I have come to a certain understanding. You see there was a time last year where I called the cops on my ex boyfriend for threatening to kill me. I went to court where I spoke with a social worker and the Prosecutor but as of yet I have not even gone to court yet for that case. During my visits there I learned I had 3 main choices 2 of those choices gave him no punishment for his actions at all and the 3rd well that would be left to the court to decide in a trial. My options were as follows I press charges and go to trial and the court decides and I have no more restraining order. I could drop charges and keep my restraining order which would only be good for a year, doing that he would have nothing in his criminal file. The second option was much of the same thing except he would admit to the judge he did something that made me feel threatened enough to call the cops but once again nothing would be in his file. Excuse me but does no one else see something wrong with that? If a person threatens to kill someone that should STAY in their record as a testament of their behavior. A lot of people that end up being caught for murder how many of them have also previously threatened someone but those cases were dropped?

Another reason why people do not go through with pressing charges is the time it takes! My case happened 2 summers ago and I am still waiting! You spend so much time being scared or paranoid and then one day you just don't give a shit anymore and keep living as normal. You get to a point where the only thing you can think is "what's the point now?" or "what's the use?" If it takes that much time over just one person can you imagine how it would be for an idol with their many sasaeng fans? Because the idols have the mind set of "why bother" or "what's the use" Sasaeng fans keep doing the things they know they shouldn't be doing or perhaps some do not think of it in that way at all but the bottom line is they do it because they know they can get away with it. They know the idols do not have the time to deal with court issues when they have to be out there making $ for their bosses who don't care enough to make life easier for them.

Recently there has been alot of disgusting things going on with Exo who is part of SME, it's no surprise that they would have sasaengs since many if not all SME artists have them. The real disgusting thing is that SME never does anything to make things better for the artists it has under it's roof. Super Junior has been dealing with sasaengs and Anti-fans for most of their existence SME does not try to make life better for it's artists The youngest member of Super Junior didn't even have his own bed at first and it was fans who bought him one. SME is one of the companies that would never give it's artists a fair amount of time off Their motto surely could be "No Work,No Pay. No Jusitce!" When I heard sasaengs crashed when of Exo's brothers weddings I was furious! To know about that you can check the link down below props to him wearing my fave hockey team on his coat xD

The reason why I picked this link is because these people got it right, if you do not support the action do not post sasaeng photos with your article your action is encouraging even if your words are barbed wires. There is a site which I will not name because I will not encourage people to go and see the post with all the sasaengs photos but the post and all the comments are filled with hate and anger believing the actions were wrong . However they have Many photos taken by sasaengs on it we do not need to see the photos to know what was done was wrong and disagree with it.

The Exo Fandom is pretty wild causing the fandom to be banned from a music shows tapings. Like their fans the Sasaengs that exo have are pretty extreme as crashing the wedding goes above normal stalker behavior. Sasaeng fans are getting scarier and scarier, it's no longer a matter of them breaking into houses calling cellphones nonstop hiding cttv camera and those other nasty things like leaving personal female hygiene things or body liquids and hair for them. They physically assault them for "ignoring them" Exo's main vocalist not only had his brothers wedding crashed but he was also struck in the throat for "ignoring" them, they also sent him a message threatening him if he treated them that way again.
There was another case a friend told me about where a fan kept kicking B1A4's Baro when he fell down.
Only happened cause his hands were filled with the crutches so he couldn't take the fanmade card.

I have been looking up older articles about sasaengs and things they have done and I will share one of them now *There were many things written here that shocked me*

This comment from that same link really caught me Guest
• 7 months ago

What I find strange are the fangirls who say that is the price of fame and these guys should just deal with it. Really? What if it was female idols being followed by strange men. Who grab their breast, slap their butt. Spray them with semen, and send them Jizz Letters. Who break into their houses and try to kiss them when their sleeping. Will that be okay, would we blame the girls for acting in frustration. Let's stop the sexism of saying these sasengs are women, so they must be treated with kid gloves.

There is ALOT of sexism where sasaengs are involved when the cops would be called the sasaengs got off with warnings only. Many claims have been made where the cops will say "she did it out of love" or "she's only a young girl" since a wide variety of ages are present in the sasaeng base it's not always easy to tell who will just be let off. Also Male idols do not like to show their weakness even more than an average man because unlike the average man everyone will know about his inability to hand a mass of teenaged girls. It's all very sexist you may be able to take on 1 woman but a hoard of them is not a laughing matter a good number of the time when they have no cares beyond making any kind of impression.

There are some fans who are boarderline sasaengs These are the fans that are no better than sasaengs themselves. Here are 2 comments my friends and I strongly disagreed with on a facebook post related to this article.

Before I post the comments here is my friends reaction to the fb photo of the article and the comments the so called fans posted.

This is my friends reaction to the comments she read on that post

WTF....*seething* some fans are so STUPID!!! I want to strangle this one fan. If you don't see the comment I will copy and paste it. You think sasaengs are the only problem then you have opinionated "fans" that think they know everything and think they have the right to say that if celebrities don't want their private lives invaded they shouldn't be celebrities period. What an ignorant thing to say.

Now the two comments

This person spammed this message throughout the comments

Jang Aya Fujimiya: if you do want a personal and private life to live with then QUIT..! TSSS PISSED ME OFF WITH YOUR THOUGHTS !! GOSH..!! STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT WHAT FAN'S DOING ISN'T WHAT YOU WANTED ?? THAT'S WHY YOU TOOK TO BE A CELEBRITY?? DUH OBVIOUSLY SUCH A GAYISH ACTION AND THOUGHTS...YOU CHOOSE WHAT YOU GOT SO STOP FEELING AS IF THEY ALL RUINED YOUR WHOLE LIFE ...!! THEY'RE NOT THE PROTAGONIST HERE..THEY'RE JUST A FAN...A FAN WHO GAVE ALL THE FAME YOU GOT...sorry for the word and thoughts am aLso a fan here.. were even.! so wake up you may not be expecting it but beLieve it or not this is the MERE CONSEQUENCE of where you at now...^___^ LOVE don't be mad already just fake a smiLe and everything will be fine..

Re Za Ae :Huh. . what the hell. .that was fan is love u so much. u should not scold them but talk properly. what actress r u

To not see anything wrong with the things sasaengs do though it is their views and opinions we must disagree with them fullheartedly YES entertainers expect a certain level of privacy invasion but not to the point hoards of "fans" are attacking tenants in their building or crashing their brothers wedding or above all breaking into their homes stealing from them and calling them at all hours of the day. They expect a certain amount of lurkers at certain places and times but they do not expect to have people breathing down their necks and chasing after them in cars across town half the day to everyday. Everyone expects a certain level of privacy and respect along with their fame they know they will have to give up some privacy but they should not have to tolerate such disregard to their safety and their human rights.

I will end this post here for tonight I will definitely be back to post more

Sincerely Emjahay

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