Monday, October 7, 2013

such shame

I have stated before that I am not a big fan of AKP due to their shadiness , however if you want to know what the talk of the kpop world is with all the rumors and all they generally have it. However after a recent stunt where they posted naked pictures of Ailee up I am removing all their links. While this new link is not the story that had me so enraged when I wrote this, the story is better written.

"A WS Entertainment rep responded, "Do these people who make sarcastic remarks and ridicule a woman who suffered a miscarriage have common sense? We will take action against netizens who gave deep emotional pain to Baek Ji Young and her family." another translation of the statement is

“Do the people, who managed to say things that are inconceivable to a woman who experienced an abortion, words that are fully of sarcasm and mockery, have common sense? We will proactively take action against the netizens who left Baek Ji Young and her family with deep scars.”

I was happy at least the company is taking action on her behalf.

There are somethings in life one should never touch upon no matter your opinions on a person . What gives a stranger the right to tell someone who is grieving the loss of their baby "If you feel sorry for the baby you should die quietly" I have said it several times in the past What the fuck is wrong with Koreans that they always tell their artists they should kill themselves ! why is suicide such a popular trend there? Korea obviously has A LONG list of things they need to improve in their society. Bullying, Stalking, Suicide the youth of Korea needs some help in the form of mental, medical and emotional support.

Being so far along and losing the baby is such a painful experience not just the main fact the baby will never smile up at you. At almost 5 months pregnant she would have actually have a still birth and the abortion process. The experience is emotionally mentally and physically painful . I am saddened to think there are people cruel enough to attack a woman in such a vulnerable position. What has she ever personally done wrong to you? Just because she is famous and married to a famous actor you spite her and attack her. I would never wish the kind of pain she went through onto anyone but I hope if those people are ever put in the same situation they realize just what rotten things they have done. The guilt will be their cross to bear but I get the feeling they wouldn't care people who do not value life enough to tell someone to kill themselves can never truly understand how precious life is.

I am at a loss of what else to say about this I can't believe I am only hearing about this now and it happened in June but I am happy to see actions have been taken towards netizens. Korea needs to make some changes we should not be seeing articles with headlines that involve hate comments towards miscarriage or sasaengs crash wedding or netizens tell -------- to die like his father or tell ------- they are glad their father died. How can people so cold and cruel be so proud? I will never understand.

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