Thursday, May 15, 2014

A msg to FNC

I was told by my friend that FTISLAND got in trouble because of fans who were upset  and started trending #AlwayswithFTISLAND and We want FTISLAND's own music. Though I suppose some fans went overboard calling and complaining but that is NOT FTISLAND members fault! Fans have minds of their own! EVERYONE is aware of that and fans of Korean artists  often seem  more excessive. If fans could easily be controlled by the idols there would be NO SASAENGS but that's not the case is it? Why in gods name would we not want to support our idols by trying to make them happy and showing them our support . We were merely showing them we love them believe in them and want them to be happy that we want to hear their own feelings and thoughts all their expressions in their music. As someone who writes and is an artist in  my own way I can understand, We put part of ourselves in our work and the fans want to receive what FTISLAND has to give us.  Is it fair to punish someone who merely questioned fans? he was not our ring leader he put a question mark after it and besides where did it say Pri's gather and trend that you want our music to be created by US! They do NOT HAVE TO ! WE HAVE ALWAYS WANTED IT!

FNC We fans are not happy with YOU! and there are MANY reasons behind that YOU think this is the only thing we don't like? WRONG! I DISLIKE SO MUCH  ABOUT YOU. START TREATING FTISLAND and AOA BETTER! They aren't just your cash cows.

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