Thursday, May 15, 2014

continueation of Companies stunt artists growth & favoritism

I posted earlier about companies and would like to continue with that topic since I was  short on time due to an appointment.

The last post I mainly focused on FNC but SME is as guilty of bad treatment if not more so then most other companies out there although no shady business has been reported that I currently know of in regards to female talents. Instead it would seem most of SMEs main issues are seen in  the very popular male groups. Though I am sure there are things with the female groups too. SME brought to light the seriousness of  Slave contracts, That was in a huge part thanks to JYJ TVXQ/DBSK former members who decided enough bullshit was enough, you only need so much fertilizer to make things grow after all.  Their treatment towards the members was terrible!  for me I noticed things were shady with that group when I had found out Kyuhyun from Super Junior didn't have a bed. How could you have him live in the dorms and NOT have a BED for him! you prepare that stuff in advance if you plan on adding another member to the group nothing could have been THAT spur of the moment! and then the fact it had been a while since he had no bed! I heard it's fans who bought him his bed. more attention was drawn when Hangeng former member of SJ left. There was also  the situation with Kibum who originally wanted to act he went along with SJ for years then wanted to act  then we saw less and less of him but apparently he's still part of the group. Now there are issues with EXO also highly popular this is just hearsay since it's currently going on and rumors are flying all over the place  but rumor has it Kris wanted to act or something and  they weren't letting him or something and so he now has the same lawyer Hangeng had ... wonder how that came along? here is a post about that

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"Just remember, EXOtics, this is S.M. Entertainment we are talking about - one of the most cruel entertainment companies in existence who would do anything for money, even at the expense of their artists. I wouldn’t even put it past them to try and silence him by not letting him speak for himself.
Stand firm, stand strong, and continue believing in EXO and Kris. I’m not an EXO stan, and frankly I won’t even be able to answer half the questions I’ll get after posting this, but I just wanted to let every EXOtic out there know that we Inspirits are behind you every step of the way in this ordeal. ‪#‎supportourartists‬ "

SME is another company that limits their artists musical freedoms there were fans who were so confused and shocked when former TVXQ member Jaejoong of JYJ came out with his solo album and it was rock music. People were wondering where it came from but I thought it was brilliant he always seemed like a visual kei kind of guy to me. I tried explaining to one fan who was  no too sure where  it had come from that many artists like a variety of genres but often aren't allowed to explore them in their own music. I had heard SME does not let  artists use their own songs unless they are as good as a professional  or their own writers, but in all honesty  if not for their vocals some of the songs wouldn't have ever sold well. Besides I'm sorry  but  telling them if their songs aren't as good who is the judge of that? Let the fans decide  not just you are yours 

I feel  SME likes it's artists to feel miserable. SME also plays favorites it's not as apparent but there are Boa was  an artist who inspired so many  to become singers themselves, she was also one of the first reasons I got into KPOP. BOA has been pushed to the shadows and left almost completely unpromoted and neglected. Heechul from sj has also claimed he has issues with the company but won't talk about them publicly. The artists themselves do not like the term Slave contracts and do not see themselves as being "slaves" but it's a term that fans have trouble veering from.

I'm all out of steam and must go I hope this was soe more food for thought until next time keep safe

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