Monday, December 15, 2014

I am so sorry it has been so long since I posted anything on here or any of my other blogs I apologize.

There has been so much  stuff going on in the KPOP world that just makes me shake my head . SME That company to me  is greedy as fuck this is not slander merely my opinion from all I have seen and heard . Hell you can barely even post a video on youtube that's from SME without it being flagged by them. But really that's nothing The main things  with SME is how they run their artists ragged to the point they collapse , make them work while sick so they faint on stage. Don't give their Chinese artists vacation time so they can see their families being a star is hard enough never mind when you are in a different country from your family. Groups to suffer from SME's negligence have been DBSK, SJ, EXO and well actually almost all their artists have suffered in one way or another. Red Velvet had just come out and their music video was scandalous people were hating on the girls for something the company should have known better then to do. EXO blew up over night and all but fell apart in a night as well , Treat your artists like gold and they will bring you gold. Treat them like shit and well you see what I am getting at. Jessica got kicked out the group and many Sones cried their ice princess had been exiled from her  icy throne at the top of SME's cash cow platform among her fellow cash cows exo members that have left also look much healthier and happier these days. Rumor has it people are saying Jessica no longer looks like an ice queen but more like her warm approachable twin. Once upon a time an exo member was so sickly looking I suspect there was more meat on anyone of my fingers then there was on his bones. Recently SJ members seem to be supporting IVs and swollen faces not exactly a great trend if you know what I am saying. To make up all their lost money  they have decided to start  giving  all kinds of group members solo activities and  duo groups because why not have the cash cow give birth to a cash veal after all veal is the most tender and most expensive of cows. And so they took Super Junior members who are popular, extremely busy and in dire need of more rest and started sending them out like cows to be slaughtered one by one and in sets of two . On top of acting and being radio hosts  or appearing in shows or being on tour they figure lets have eunhyuk and Donghae go on tour as a duo and lets set Kyuhyun up with a solo gig  lets make Henry and Zhoumi happy by giving them solo albums so they don't leave but have them go along for the tours as well. Because lets not forget they are not members of super junior officially but are part of SJM giving them both their own solo albums is the smartest thing SME could do  too bad they couldn't have done it for Hangeng though I wouldn't be surprised if  they are being under or over worked & under paid. Shinee's Taemin got a solo but Shinee itself I haven't heard much from in a while except that Onew had to have surgery and why did it come to that?

In other news B.A.P is leaving their company and I am so glad they are doing it as a team , being young does not mean you should have to suffer in silence if anything youth is the best reason to not keep your silence. I admire people who go for their dreams even when they know the industry is corrupt and they try to stand strong and push through it all but they shouldn't have to struggle alone when you are doing right by them they will do right by you as well give what you want to be given. If you treat them as nothing more then  things you can use and sell without care they will find someone who sees their worth and value like JYJ did. Just because they are young it doesn't mean they are stupid these guys are  so talented and loveable it would be a waste for any company to let such  precious gems go treat them like the precious gems they are not like some muddy rocks to throw to the bottom of a pond.

Another person with contract issues recently is a girl I loved watching on Youtube and this time it's not the company at fault instead the fault is Megans, Megan Lee is one of the few artists who has such a  good contract more so as a rookie and she is blowing it over what? I am trying to understand what she could be thinking I understand that she wants to be a star in both her own country and Korea but girl get settled in one let your popularity rise and be professional and smart about your career. Don't bite off more then you can chew and blame someone else if you choke, that's on you. How can you expect to get far if you not only bite the hand that feeds you but also do not take others into consideration . If this were an anime I'd say put this girl in the love me section because she doesn't seem to know the value of what she's got and needs to learn how to appreciate the gifts she has been given . There are many artists who would have loved to have what she has going on but at this rate everything will slip between her fingers not many will look  well on a person who disregards others . There are people who say it's a bit too early for her to be acting like a diva, I think she is young and needs someone to teach her how to get by in the industry she picked to be in , Learning  how to be a professional would help because what she did was in no way professional.Once again this is merely my opinion and I am entitled to it. I do hope everything works out for her but I was seriously let down by this since I have spent years watching her videos and was super excited when she was finally making a splash in the music world.

I am sure there are many other things I could talk about but I will end this here for today thank you as always to those who are reading this.

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