Monday, March 19, 2012

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this is off of twitter it was well written if you ignore some grammar issues please read and learn more about Sasaengbums.

I found a few other sasaengbums but I will not have any translations for a while yet since my friend has a lot of work she has to do tonight.

I do not want to leave this blog with so much more to say and so I will continue to tell you what I have discovered about Sasaengbums.

I have a twitter account @emjahay and today I decided to spend some time on it I look for JYJ fans so I can pass this blog onto them and try to get as much help and support from other fans not only with raising more awareness but also with our projects to show our love and support to JYJ who no matter how brave and strong they are are undergoing hard times right now trying desperately to appear "alright" for the sake of the fans that love them truly honestly and without fail or judgement.
While I was looking at my twitter feed I noticed a tweet that went like so (for her safety I will omit the poster) ‏I report (also to not promote harassment of sasaengbum I will omit her name as well) for stalking @ mjjeje @ 1215thexiahtic @ 6002theMicky(Korean artist)& sharing their private information via twitter @spam

this caught my curiousty without even realizing it I had retweeted the first one without question but then I worried about wrongly accusing someone so I went to check out her twitter she only had two tweets and I do not read hangul I've stated before google kinda sucks with translating korean/english but the impression I got was that this girl wasn't sasaengbum but more of the previous tweets came and once again I checked them out these ones proved to be PRIVATE accounts. "who makes twitter private? " was my first thought then I noticed one of them although they put their twitter to private they forgot that they put their blog up so I CLICKED IT! I ALMOST wished I hadn't but then I thought to myself "MJ if you really want to make a change you need to roll in the mud with the lowest and dirtiest of people" so I went back to looking through the entries and looking at the blogs she looked at recently and who her neighbor was and so on so forth finding another one or 2 sasaengbums on top of her.

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