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Reality of sasaengs

Recently there is a new picture of JYJ's Jaejoong Kim making rounds online where he has blonde hair he took the photo on his cellphone but he has not posted the photo online where did this photo come from ? it came from his phone but a sasaengbum who cloned his phone seems to be the cause of this as soon as there is confirmation on this I will update this blog but for now it appears the sasaengbum stole the photo off his cellphone with their clone. That is massively scary!

This video shows clear as day how serious this situation is prostitution extortion violence it needs to be stopped. It is very ironic how they all run away as though scared and shamed from their actions when they are under the camera lens but they see nothing wrong with their own behaviours and actions.

Transcribed (Korean version) and Translated(English version) by @dlwpdldhkdlwp


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Video (captions, pictures, etc.)


(How would you feel), If someone is interested in your every move and keeps an eye you 24/7?

People who keep an eye on stars!


Male 1:

“It is scary”


Male 2:

”Isn’t it distorted obsession?”


Distorted love!

‘Sasaeng fans’ who chase after stars


On last 8th, group JYJ officially apologized regarding the incident of assaulting fan during the press conference of South America Tour.

March 8th, Chile

The Press Conference of JYJ’s ‘South America Tour’


Interview of JYJ Kim Jaejoong

“We would like to apologize for our wrongful actions in the past.”


Interview of JYJ Park Yuchun

“People monitoring me every minute, trying to share everything related to me, and unilaterally chasing me made me feel like living in a prison without bars”


Due to this incident, distresses of popular celebrities, who have been suffered by diehard fans for a long time, became the issue again.

“Collect the blood of menstruation and give to Junsu”

“Secretly break into the dormitory of TVXQ and kiss on Jaejoong’s lips”

“Follow Junsu and cause car accidents.”

“Register at PC Room (Internet cafĂ©) using the Social Security Number of Yuchun”

“Brutalities done by few fans are revealed one by one”


Shadowing/following is basics. They monitor, trespass, and use violence. Stars are no longer objects of envy to people who are called as sasaeng fans.


Are these not too much to endure even for stars… To slink and hide like prisoner while having meals, working, taking a rest, and going home for 7 years?


Manager ‘A’ of an entertainer:

Following stars after the official schedule are sasaengs. Sasaengs are who dig for the privacies of stars.


In front of fans who are blindly chasing after private lives of stars, the stars became naked and lost their minimum rights to live like human beings.

Sasaeng fan: A fan who chase after the privacy of a celebrity. A diehard fan who follows every move of his/her favorite celebrity, especially idol singers.


How serious is sasaeng fans?

Fans waiting for visual show.


We went in front of a broadcasting company where a visual show was scheduled. Even in cold weather, it was crowded with fans who came to see stars from early morning.


Production Crew:

What do you like (about star), which made you to come to visual show?


Hardcore Fan:

It is just nice to see celebrity.


The object of aspire and envy, the star used to be a person fans watched from far away.


But, fans chase after the car of the celebrity, who is travelling for the next schedule.

Fans chasing after stars.


Taxis with fans, which are trying to catch, and the celebrity’s car, which are trying to get away, get engaged in a chase on the road.

Those are sasaeng taxis whcih regularly pick up sasaeng fans chasing after stars.

The chase on the road with taxis.


Manager ‘B’ of an entertianer:

Managers usually do not know well about them. Each member has them (sasaeng fans).


We could find the seriousness of the problem of sasaeng taxis from many celebrities’ writings.

-Emphasized parts of Jaejoong’s tweets

“Because of those groups (of sasaengs) , I had to waste 2-3 hours on the road or could not meet …”

“I think sasaeng taxis who call to fans are more vicious people of society.”

-“Serious distresses of celebrities who do not have privacies”


Sasaeng taxi drivers actively advertise for customers.

Drivers would make fortune through that kind of business and teenagers will take away the time and freedom of people whom they say they love.


We searched (for sasaeng taxi). Surprisingly, they (taxi drivers) were waiting for fans with their contact numbers on their blogs.

Did even ‘sasaeng taxi’ made an appearance?


Sasaeng taxis drivers who collect customers through blogs were found!


Production crew:

How much do I have to pay per day?


A sasaeng taxi driver:

Three taxi drivers work together. It is 9 hours. It costs 500 thousand Won for 9 hours. We went to *beep* three days ago.


Production crew:

Which car will be used for following?


A sasaeng taxi driver:

A sedan.


Production crew:

Does it look like a taxi?


A sasaeng taxi driver:

No, it is just personal car.


The production crew decided to meet the sasaeng taxi driver.

Next day. The appointed time to meet the sasaeng taxi driver.


We called because it was the appointed time


Because the person cannot be reached, you will be connected to the voicemail box. After the beep…

The sasaeng taxi driver disappeared without a trace


Probably due to the overheating coverage, he did not show up after all.


(Sasaengs) pursue the celebrity’s every move even by using illegal taxis and post obtained information online.

The celebrity’s private life is made public by sasaeng fans.


A diary of a sasaeng fan on her blog. (It talks about Jaejoong at Sauna)


As the desire to know more about star expanded to greed, the star’s privacy and freedom are seriously infringed.

“Secretly break into the dormitory of TVXQ and kiss on Jaejoong’s lips”

Their fan spirits are passing over love and attention.


Cha Jinsan (24):

”Isn’t it distorted obsession?”


Jung Gioak (61):

I believe it is wrong to chase after private life.


Professor Gwak Geumju/ Seoul National University Psychology :

When many people form a group, each individual would usually get hidden/ insignificant. They get urge to show off to others how much they know more about the celebrity. Then, they pry into the privacy of the celebrity. In some degree, they are affected by the hero syndrome and try to show they are more exceptional to the crowd regardless of torments celebrities receive.


We went to a village where a celebrity lives to investigate the seriousness of the controversy.


The owner of neighboring store :

Lots of taxis (which fans ride) stay here and fans usually sit on that side. If fans monitor my every move every day and come dozens of times like stalkers, I would yell at them. Even if I were him.


The security guard of the apartment:

Fans pass here to get into the parking lot. Securities see them from CCTV. We see them, but they sometimes go in while we are looking away.


Production Crew:

Have you ever found out fans trying to get in (to the parking lot) and chase them out?


The security guard of the apartment:

Yes. To be honest, I don’t understand why they are like that… They are noisy. Because they always come and stay in front of the house, many residents continuously feel uncomfortable.


Another serious fact is these actions, regardless of their intentions, can be considered as crimes and they can be punished.


Lawyer Kim Hyunjae:

Those actions committed by sasaeng fans can be legally punished. According to the Criminal Law, housebreaking and indecent assault can be applied and they can be sentenced to at most 10 years.


How do majority of fans think about these actions done by sasaeng fans?


A member of fan club (normal fan):

They (Sasaeng fans) are usually young. They believe they are different from normal fans about how much they know about the members. Although we should be the same fans, they believe they are special and they get really obsessed with mobile phones because sasaeng fans can find out where members go and with whom they work.


Collecting mobile phone numbers are not everything.

“Please send me a message if you need TVXQ’s telephone numbers or Social Security Numbers. I am not giving them for free. I am selling them.” (source: A blog of sasaeng fan)

The traffic of personal information of celebrities is openly occuring.


Telecommunication company ‘A’:

You cannot check with only this information.


Telecommunication company ‘B’:

You need to go personally to the telecommunication company with your own ID card.


Telecommunication company ‘C’:

You have to personally visit the shop. You also need to bring your mobile phone.


They not only find out telephone numbers but also collect celebrity’s ID card or personal belongings. It is unbelievable few teenagers could do these. While we were tracking down the process, we could meet an agent of inquiry agency who does dangerous jobs (for sasanegs).

Even the companies which handle secret investigations of celebrities are prevalent.


An agent of inquiry agency:

Sasaeng fans are stalkers even to me.

They even said they will die after killing someone.

They are not normal.

Those people (sasaeng fans) even request to find out the color of clothes the celebrity wears when he sleeps.
A young student even said she will give 100 million Won if I get certain celebrity’s underwear.

As you can see, there is current position, right?


Production Crew:

Do you mean the part with an arrow?


An agent of inquiry agency:

Yes, what the client put on the car of celebrity shows up. In real time


Production Crew:

Do they follow them in real time?


An agent of inquiry agency:

They (sasaengs) stick to them (celebrities).


From sasaeng taxis, CCTV, and request to an inquiry agency: the obsession of sasaeng fans have already crossed the line and went against common sense.

Fans are chasing after the star by any means necessary.


A member of fan club (normal fan):

We innocently love the celebrities, but we also get insulted due to those (excessive) actions done by sasaeng fans. It is really upsetting.


The roots of Korean pop culture, which is expending internationally, were magnificent star system and passionate fan culture.

It is not related to the particular incident.


We look forward to healthier/ more wholesome fan culture for the development of pop art that we love and are proud of.


Kim Hunsik, a Culture Critic:

Various events or management for profit (of entertainment production companies or celebrities) are important. But, entertainment production companies or celebrities should be active to establish healthy/wholesome fan culture by holding public meetings and seeking countermeasures for the fan culture with problem.

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