Monday, March 19, 2012

A stalkers blog

I found sasaengbum accounts on twitter several were private only allowing people to see their twitters upon following approval but there are some who do not think to do that and so you are able to see those once PRIVATE tweets. My skin was crawling I had what asians tend to call chicken flesh and us english call goosebumps. I felt an inner terror looking at this one girls Naver blog the hairs on the back of my neck rose as I imagined how Junsu must have felt with her taking his photos from so upclose, I have to wonder if his flesh was tingling by the presence of her unseen eyes or if he could all but feel her breathing on the back of his neck. The feelings I felt seeing the VERY upclose photos the chills I got translating some of her texts (mind you google kinda sucks with korean english translations) I couldn't even fanthom the terror these men face every day that terror they claim to feel is certainly real if I can look at those pictures and feel horrified and panicked I fear to try and feel the same level of fear they must live with.

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