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From Fans (Voices From Fans)

Voices of the fans brought to you to show you what the fans feel and think . How they were inspired how they changed how they grew with kpop so on so forth .

1st girl age 15

1. I got into KPOP because when I was in 7th grade, I had a Korean penpal and she wanted me to check out some groups.
2. I listened to regular American pop. It's different than KPOP because I feel like KPOP's songs have much more meaning than American songs. They're lyrics aren't always about sex, drugs,etc.
3. KPOP has made me a happier person. It's got me back into dancing and even eating healthier. I've made many new friends and I feel like because of that, I have a whole new family.
4. I was not aware of antis when I first got into KPOP, but after a few months I was and decided to pay no attention to them.
5. My favorite artists are AA, SISTAR, Super Junior, SHINee, and BTOB. My ultimate bias is Kimchi from AA because he is very down to earth and has amazing aegyo. His voice is different from other idols too
6. I love how the artists try their best to interact with their fans. They don't leave us hanging. They really care about us and they show us that they're thankful for all of the fans.

2nd fan age 18

What got me into kpop was random scrolling through youtube and I found the teaser for SHINee's Replay, back in 2008 and I became a shawol learning about them

I listened to like....disney channel music, and stuff on the radio xD

KPOP has changed my life drastically, I've made a lot of friends through kpop, ones that will stick with me to the end, and kpop makes me happy. It's something to look forward to, when your favorite group comes back, or if you want to fan girl with someone. It teaches me lessons about life just makes me happy.

I figured that there would be antis, like how there are in every music type, but some people go to exrtremes, like making death petitions and such, I wonder how people can be filled with such hate.
My favorite artist is SHINee.

3rd kpop fan age 17
They were my first kpop group, and you can see how much effort they put into making their fans happy. They always look so exhausted, but they put a smile on their face and perform for you anyways, and thats really heartwarming. My biases are Onew from SHINee, and Hoik from double A. They put so much effort into what they do, and their voices are just amazing, and....perfect bias is perfect xD

What don't I like about kpop xD The way they dress is so cool, like I aspire to dress like them every day. They have a distinct way of presenting themselves, and not all songs are about sex and money, and I like that.
They work so hard to debut, years of preparing, and when they do debut, they work even harder to make their fans happy. They have this innocnece about them that can turn into sexiness very fast and I love that.

What got you into kpop? My friend introduced me to it

What did you listen to before? American rock and Jrock

the difference between the 2: kpop is more fun and unique

How Kpop changed your life?: Kpop made me a happier person. I learned to laugh and accept people more. Also it opened up my heart...I feel like I have more respect for people now. This is mainly b.c of TVXQ's influence, esp Yunho. They care so much about their parents and family, and even people they have never personally met such as fans. I learned it is possible to love and care for someone unconditionally even though we have never met.

Were you aware of Antis? At first I wasn't, since it isn't as big of a deal in the usa, but when I found out about the unspeakable attrocities sasaengs committed against tvxq, I was shocked, esp when yunho was poisoned by one.

Who are you favorite artist and why? Tvxq, becouse they taught me how to smile, live life the was I want despite any obsticles, enjoy music, respect others, and most importantly, endure pain. Whenever I think of what they have been through, my problems are nothing. I learn to move on.

Who is your ultiamte bias and why: Yunho. I have so much respect for this man. Likea true leader, he takes responsability. His heart, is pure. He put everyone before himself. When I read stories about what producers and other people who have met him had to say about him, my heart feels warm. For example, one of the ppl working with him on HTG (sorry I 4got who) said they could believe that yunho was from such a famous band like tvxq; He was so humble and acted as if he was any normal guy. Also, so many boy groups praise yunho. They say his kindess is immeasurable. I guess I can say he is my ideal man....

Lastly. What specifically do you like about kpop? As I said, kpop so me is mostly tvxq. The main thing I like about kpop is that unlike american music, it doesn't always focus on drugs and sex. It has a more innocent and wholehearted view on love and wordly matters. Also, I love the way kpop artists care so much about fashion and dance. Its addicting.

Also to add to why yunho is my bias: when tvxq visited the blind girl that plays piano (forgive me I forgot her name), I felt like yunho had the truest feeling for her. As if he was her father, he stayed beside her at all times and even fed her....he hugs her wholeheartedly....he would make an amazing father

that is the end of segment one of Voices from Fans

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