Saturday, July 7, 2012

VOF voices of Fans 2

hi unnie,*Blank* unnie said you were writing something for your Blog so i answered the questions:
*What got you into kpop?
My best friend in the Philippines showed me SHINee's Hello mv and i started to like kpop the moment i saw it.
*What did you listen to before? Difference between the two
I use to listen to rock, hip hop, and classic music. Kpop is just more lively and there is something about kpop that makes me want to listen to it.
*How did kpop change your life? Life style
It changed mt life a lot. It helped me through hard times in life.It calmed me down when i was mad. I can't go anywhere without kpop. I listen to kpop every single day. Without kpop in my life i would die from boredom.the most important think kpop did to my life is that it made me meet amazing and caring people. If it wasnt for kpop i wouldn't be here right now. it helped me a lot in life. it made me a positive and happy person.
*how it changed me you for the better.
It changed me by making me accept the different cultures in korea. It changed my personality as well.It made me the person i am today.
*Were you aware of Antis?
Yes i was very aware of antis. But if they take it to far about makin fun of kpop then it will be just like a world war. LOL JOKE!
*Who are your favorite artist and why? Who is your ultimate Bias and why? (2people at least)
My first fAV. artist is SHINee because that is the very first kpop group i ever liked, also because their songs are amazing. My other fav. artist is FT ISLAND!! the moment i heard their songs it was just amazing. I dont knw how to explain it but SHINee and Ft Island's songs are just amazing.My Ultimate bias is FT ISLAND's Lee JAe JIn because his voice is amazing, also he plays the bass, and he is super funny. My 2nd bias is SHINee's Taemin because he is an amazing dancer. And they are both so AMAZING!!!
*What specifically do you like about kpop?
I love their songs. Their songs are just amazing. Listening to their songs just make me so happy. Kpop helps me forget all my problems. the Kpop groups make me laugh. they care about their fans. They also want to make their fans happy not like other stars around the world.

Written by MGJ 15 yrs old

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