Sunday, June 24, 2012

My thoughts

Alright I am sorry to all and any who read this for my absence it's the time of the year when things get hectic here. I am from Montreal Quebec in Canada and so here the 24th of June is a provincial holiday and July 1st is one of 2 things A CANADA DAY! something every Canadian born and bred celebrates in some sort of way for most part. Secondly it's MOVING DAY! so I have been overwhelmed trying to rent an apartment and get everything else together.

Well now that I am done with my excuses I shall start the rant of the day.

Ok so I have noticed that there are people who are very serious in fandoms, and although they are not sasaengs they are just as bad. They are bad because they hold so much animosity , they also act sasaeng like when they idols come to their own countries. There are plenty of girls who claim "Sasaengs are sick and so on so forth so bad of them to do that to Oppa poor Oppa I feel so bad for him!" and yet they write in groups and forums "oh Oppa will be here at this time lets meet and go there together" then they trap Oppa in the bathroom. Great going ladies Oppa is now scarred and scared to return to the place in which you cornered him like hounds hunting fowl.

My other issue is with those in charge of lodgings the hotel choices the security so on so forth. Here in Montreal we have a Hotel Many stars have stayed at several times over and obviously they haven't been bothered too badly to keep coming back. There is a serious issue with Hotels. I have gone to school to work in Hotel Reception so I do know a thing or two on it, I wish I knew what the hell they were doing!. You are never supposed to give out a hotel room number to anyone but the actual occupant, nor are you allowed to say the room number out loud. so I would like to know how do people find out their room numbers and hotels? Hotel managers and stuff are suppose to have the clients well being in mind and security confidentiality is suppose to be a priority.
Also these hoards of fangirls outside making bad business disturbing other guests , You are disturbing the peace! Hotel security manager everyone get them off the premises! or is it only where I live that we have rules against disturbing the peace? call the police and have the girls escorted if it happens more than once Police should give a heavy fine if it happens more than twice a bigger fine and perhaps even a night in a jail cell. Also Hotel people if you see this going on super early and late in the evening ban the people it might seem as though you are going to lose potential clients but you risk losing actual clients as well. I would never stay in a hotel if there were banshi fangirls disturbing my peace and my vacation and getting in the way of my coming and going from the establishment I would automatically leave.

I was speaking to a friend about this very thing and it is sad because the idols are so used to not being able to do anything about their situations they forget that they can demand justice in places where stalking and the likes are against the law like in say New York . This is a copy of our conversation my friend is a Korean currently residing in NY.

Me-> Em Jahay
you know I think Hotels are at fault over idols stays there
because technically I know here for example they could get the police to remove crazy fans for disturbing the peace since fans are bothering other guest vacationing and staying there as well

18 hours ago Song Seunghyun Hyun
yeah but here it's different they would do the same but luckly it's not like 40+fans that follow them cause they usually come on school days and they don't quit school

(in Korea fans who are overly devoted or sasaengs quit school or skip it)

18 hours ago Em Jahay
it's very bad for business

18 hours ago Em Jahay
but it's like everywhere do they not have disturbing the peace law or whatever in korea?

18 hours ago Song Seunghyun Hyun
not really they tell them to go and sometimes they take them out but it depends on the place since apartments have pins sometimes people can go up if they know a persons pins and some people steal others pins to go inside soo that's how maybe some people can get in if the know the houses pins cause a pin is sometimes used to unlock the door instead of really having a key to the apartment

(There are some homes here in canada that use keypads as well my uncle has one for his home but that is not a number everyone should have nor does everyone have it, should someone have it or someone give it out someone should be punished for it. I heard many sasaengs are working in places that handle things like security and airports and other places should information leak after so many times of it happening there should be some kind of investigation what they are doing is illegal someone needs to do something about it.)

17 hours ago Em Jahay
hmm I see I thought disturbing the peace was something taken care of by police everywhere

17 hours ago Song Seunghyun Hyun
yeh it's supposed to be but you know in Korea good cops bad cops some cops who get bribed easy and others who don't a lot of teachers and workers people get bribed to not talk about something ect

I believe I have touched upon this before but seriously Police need to get their shit together. I saw an article where a Korean woman had called the police about being raped and they had looked everywhere for her except in her home or something like that and when they found her she was dead. the chief had apparently resigned after that happened. was he a bad cop? or was he a good cop who just didn't think enough ?

why did the operators not do their jobs enough as well since half the blame was on them as well . people are not being trained well enough in the government in the law enforcement and in the community. customer services working with the public no matter where we are in the world everyone needs better training .

there are people in the world that have become more narrow minded they have become selfish and greedy thinking only of themselves, that as long as they are well off and comfortable who cares about those suffering injustices. it's wrong!

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