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[Baek Solmi’s Hot Issue] Idols, Till When Do They Have To Be Harrassed By Sasaeng Fans?

‘Sasaeng fans’ refers to diehard fans who spend their lives chasing down their favorite celebrity for every minute of every day to find out about said celebrity’s personal lives and his or her every move. This twisted expression of love that goes too far makes their ‘Oppas’ suffer. It’s not a new issue and it even occurs in other countries around the world.

Though it isn’t well-known, many idols suffer from sasaeng fans. Of them all, JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) have been taking the most active approach to correct the problem. Kim Jaejoong once seemed to be in despair as he confessed, “Is it normal to live life, always on edge and having to hide, even when we eat, when we rest and when we enter our homes? This isn’t affection.”

Park Yoochun also seemed to scream out his frustrations as he said, “To the people outside my house, please leave. No matter how much I think about it, I feel like you’re anti fans,” and “I’m really worn out by this. Please stop following me. Don’t come to my house.”

Though these sharp requests have been given to the sasaeng fans, Kim Jaejoong declared that he felt as though his Twitter account had been hacked and would delete it if it happened again. Though it hasn’t been revealed if it was the work of a fan, it has become almost normal for celebrities to have even the most private areas of their lives hacked. Even e-mail accounts can’t escape the radar fence of these sasaeng fans.

The total devotion of these sasaeng fans, who don’t want to miss a single minute of the lives of their ‘oppas’, goes too far and has our oppas shuddering. These sasaeng fans attempt to define their acts as those that are done with the ‘heart of a fan’. But these sasaeng fans receive much scorn even within the fandom wherever they go. They’ve become the ‘ugly duckling’.

A representative from an idol group agency, which has a high stock price in Asia, not only Korea, gave his complaints on the matter. This representative sighed as he stated, “Idol groups are people just like your or me. Shouldn’t they be able to live their lives and be able to breathe?” and “Because cameras get shoved into the faces of celebrities, regardless of time or location, they can’t even eat their meals in peace. They’re suffocating.“

He continued to add, “We thought these sasaeng fans existed only in Korea, but they’re in other countries in the world. Especially in countries in which the Hallyu boom is raging, the sasaeng fans there are worse than the domestic ones.They ride taxis and chase us around. They’ve almost caused accidents a number of times.”

No matter how much they say they like someone, this is going too far. Even if they try to justify their actions by saying that they love their oppas so much that this love overflows and they can’t help it, a line does exist which shouldn’t be crossed. Idols shudder at the thought that they’re being watched, no matter if they’re at home or outside, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that these sasaeng fans are flat-out stalkers. Even idols should be given some room to breathe. Though it seems as though this relationship between idols and their sasaeng fans is unbreakable, it’s an issue that needs to be addressed.

Source: [MyDaily]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

**Some parts not related to JYJ were omitted.

Fans, really?

The following text is an opinion. Reader discretion is encouraged.

You probably know about extreme fans. In Korea, there are fans who legitimately stalk their celebrity idols 24/7. They are called sasaeng fans, and these are (mostly) girls that stalk celebrities and their every move, a stalking act enhanced with improved cameras and mobile devices.

This type of behavior is understandable to a degree. To want to see/figure out more about someone you adore and care for is perfectly normal. However, following these mere mortals (mortality is an unavoidable fact about human life, no matter how god-like these idols may seem) and creating both security and traffic issues for them is unacceptable behavior. Infringing into others’ private lives, especially those of their family members, is downright appalling.

Personally, I prefer to keep a distance between myself and the celebrities I respect. By trying to “figure out” these peoples’ personalities and lives, I end up distracting myself from their professional accomplishments and begin to judge their character. This becomes the distracting value that detracts from the fantastic music they produce or the convincing acts they grace screens with. Celebrities are their own people, and what should matter the most should be their creations and artistry, not how which stores they shop at and how many siblings they spend time with.

When talking about sasaeng fans, somehow my mind instantly thinks of a sasaeng fangirl. Perhaps it's because there are more boygroup fangirls that did this. But what about snsd's sasaeng fans? Which gender is the most dominant? Female or male? ._.

Who knows? For the record, most K-SONE fansites are run by females who know a rather extraordinary amount about the girls. Many famous fancammers and photographers are also female. They probably aren’t sasaeng but they are privy to a lot of information thanks to their networks.

On public boards, fangirls maintain that they have always held the fort for SNSD and SONE, that they were there from the beginning and will remain so until the end. I would probably guess, then that sasaeng probably tend to be female.

Guys are probably discouraged from being sasaeng because it somehow seems far more creepy and intimidating. Maybe I’m sexist against my own gender but I’d probably call a male sasaeng a stalker, straight up.

entertainer tweets message to sasaeng and their taxi drivers

“The sasaeng (Stalker) taxi organizations have become even more numerous. Again, the drivers who do not have even pangs of conscience and the kids who are just too pitiable will also become more numerous. The drivers will rake in a fortune with that kind of a trade and the kids who are on those taxis will spend needless time and money and conversely take away the time and freedom of the people they purport to love.
That this is something that one must endure if one is a star—even so granted, doesn’t this seem to be too much…? For 7 years, to need to hide and look furtively as if a criminal, when eating, when working, when taking a rest—is this a normal life? Stop it, you’ve had enough, have you not, let me concentrate on work and let me sleep a little, you.”
— Jaejoong (twitter)

Crazy but Admirable Fans

(This is a old blog entry that I once wrote)

Hey KPOP Bias,

Like I told you before my bias is Rain.
But until yesterday I didn’t know how much I really admire and Love him. Yesterday I found out that he is coming to Germany in May. I don’t know if it’s the truth but it got me happy… so happy that I was yelling, crying and literally couldn’t breath.
Just the idea that I could see him in real life is so amazing that I spontaneously starts to cry. That night I even dream about going to that Music festival.

If I could see myself I would think ‘’she is crazy, getting exciting just for a celebrity’’ (That was what my mom was thinking) And maybe in the past I was also thinking like that about other fangirls… But I found out that being a fan of someone is pretty amazing. It’s like being in love. A simple false rumor can make you angry, A simple thought that they will get married someday or at least date could make you cry. But a simple word or Smile can make you so happy that nothing else can ruin your day.

Of course there are fangirls that are going to far.

Don’t go hate other groups for stupid reasons.

Don’t go hate the girl who your bias is dating, can you just be happy for them.

Don’t go hate other girl groups members because they are being to close to you bias (That’s also a note for me)

And DON’T hurt yourself to get attention of your bias because I don’t think you will get that attention in a good way… I would think that your are more creepy than admirable.

I said not to do that kind of thing. But who am I to actualy stop you. So I’ll only hope you will stop. I really want the war between fanclubs to stop.

It makes me happy to see so many fans being so devoted to there bias and I am so jealous of the people living in Korea and can go to there concerts. Here in The Netherland we are busy getting them to europe… But the only thing we can do is wait and hope they will come someday.

I hope you will keep loving your bias and stop hating others^^

Much Love and b. ByeZ XD

and the last one

Super Junior involved in another fan-related car accident in Shanghai

okay this is it; you fucking ELFs are ridiculous….
I don’t even know what to call you anymore? Dedicated fans are fucking antis? You guys are officially one of my most hated fangroups out there. Trust me out of this whole world Super Junior will forever be number one but i seriously hate you sasaeng ELFs right now.
Do you really want to to see April 2005 reenact all over again? Just stop, I beg of you…Super Junior members arn’t made of steel they don’t fucking walk out of a car accident, brush their shoulders off and grab a taxi. Don’t treat them like unbreakable robots because they’re not. Learn some respect, I solemly hope that from everyone that gets into a car accident I hope its you saseang ELFs because in no way would I ever consider you guys fans. You may have done so much for Super Junior but you’ve hurt them even more deeply.
Don’t act like you understand Super Junior the best, because you don’t. If you did you wouldn’t go around chasing their cars…..If its Super Junior that you care about learn some respect and don’t make Super Junior hate you, because I know 24308209473204834730 people want to kill you saseang fans right now.

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