Sunday, July 15, 2012

court cases

This blog talks all about SME and their history of court cases all of which they have lost before you read this very informative piece I would like to point out one thing this is taken from the blog post above.

Fair Trade Commission ordered SM to correct its unfair contracts made with its artists and trainees.

- Fans in Korea filed the petition with FTCK regarding SM’s unfair contract on Sep 09, 2009 after JYJ’s injunction.
- FTCK started investigation on SM (again!).
- SM ‘voluntarily’ corrected the conditions of contract with its artists after the investigation started, but also extended its contract with the trainees for additional 3 years in secret and FTCK warned such actions and ordered SM to correct this 3-year of extended contracts with its trainees as well.

- Ironically, the fans’ action against the slave contract made SM artists (that we hate as much as SM itself) had better contracts."

I do not agree with the last statement I do not hate any groups involved with SME I merely hate how they are treated that statement is merely that blog writers opinion.

There has been an update on the SME JYJ court case it would seem the case between them has once again been pushed to a later date. I am guessing it will happen either in October or some time after the Christmas holidays.

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