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VOF3 (Voices Of Fans)

I got into kpop seriously through my friend and boss who runs a kpop booth at anime conventions~ but I've been listening to oldies like Boa, 1TYM, DBSK since even before that.

Kpop has definitely changed my life, besides opening up portals of vast friendships, which is fantastic because so many awesome people have kpop as an interest, I've really taken to studying Korean culture more than I ever had before. Listening to uplifting music that is a staple of kpop is also something has reflected itself on me. I'm overall happier, more hyper, and maybe even kinder. Another thing about kpop is that, although this may be superficial, it's definitely made me want to take care of my body more. By having such beautiful role models, I've decided to take care of my face and body better.

Before kpop, I was a jpop/rock fan, but I also listened to a lot of alternative music and British artists. I was also a huge jazz fan, so I listened to a lot of old school jazz and new age foreign jazz. In some respects, kpop has become more inclusive in the forms of sounds it includes as a variety to the pop sound, but I feel it remains a pop genre which is very different from the jrock, alternative and jazz scenes I listened to before. I think k-indie and rock bands are more relatable in that sense to my older preferences, but that doesn't mean kpop isn't beautifully made and performed. It's just the happy and pop/electronic music everyone adores~

I think everyone is aware of antis, because it's expected in every musically genre since no genre has ever been loved by every single person in the world. Maybe what I wasn't aware of was the extend of anti behavior in South Korea, because the viciousness and anger that the antis display sometimes is indeed frightening and awful.

I have two bands I deem my favorite because I truly can't pick between the two: Big Bang and SHINee. They both are different base genres (BB more oriented towards hip hop/r&b, SHINee more electronic/ballad) but the similarities of powerful vocals and enticing raps is what always keeps me coming back to both these groups. My ultimate bias is Minho, though G-Dragon is a very close second because he was my first obsession. Minho was a quiet soul who few people took notice of when his group first debuted, and that's exactly what attracted me to him. He was like a hidden gemstone, uninteresting at a first glance, but oh so beautiful and multifaceted once you get below the surface. I could feel that even before he became the outgoing and fun-loving Minho of today, so I followed him and watched him grow into exactly who I knew he could be. He's my ultimate bias because he's always such a team player, he has wonderful rapping talent and lyric writing capabilities, and a nice voice when he's allowed to use it~ Not to mention he's silly, a great athlete, and have I mentioned that man's abs??? Beautiful, beautiful ABS~ (Mini rant about GD -> man is amazing too!! He sings, he raps, he produces music, he always dresses soooo well, and can pull of any hairstyle!!! He's funny and outwardly swag, but caring and sweet inside as we can hear from his bandmates, labelmates, and interviews~ how can you not love this YG icon??)

I love the choreographed dances kpop has (such good workouts) their sometimes ridiculous, but always fabulous, outfits, and of course the intense vocals of a song~ Those are three of my favorite things about kpop~


Celina Cruz Vega

1. My friends nagging xD but I knew about it since I was younger :3

2. Justin Bieber, I guess like the style isn't 2 different but it's a different language and a different concept than most American music

3. Oh God KPop has changed my life so much! For one I'm starting a healthier life style because of it, seeing all the girls being healthy and thin makes me want to be better health and looks wise. Also KPop has sort of made me a happier person, maybe it's the music or the groups but I used to cut amongst other things and I'm not gonna say I haven't done it since but I hardly have which is a huge step from doing it almost everyday. KPop also gave me a future. Now I know what I want to do with my life because of it.

4. I am aware of anti's and my fandom has the most.. but I disregard them. Only my boys matter.

5. My favorite artist is 2PM :) they are by far the best things on this planet. Their music is fantastic but above all they seem like such of the sweetest and down to earth guys ever. And I feel like everytime they talk they thank their Hottests and I love that. They are genuinely some of the sweetest boys ever. It's rare that you don't see them smiling or just being the best people that they can be and I love that about them.

6. Hwang Chansung of 2PM is one of the most important things in my life. He may not know me but I care about everything he does so much. If he's hurt or sick I get sympathy sickness which sucks xD but I guess that's how much I care~ Chansung to me is the perfect mix of funny, cute, sexy, talented and complete perfection. You can tell he's the maknae by his over flowing aegyo. His solo stages are usually indecent but he's just so talented that I'm okay with it.. his love for his cat is so cute, you can tell that he'll be a great dad someday~ I'm not gonna lie, Taec was my first but there was something about Chansung that I couldn't resist and couldn't put away. He's not only my bias but my ideal type... (aka reason my standards are too damn high) he's phenomenal. My female ultimate is Victoria of F(x) (yeah Khun I'm stealing your woman) gosh this woman is perfection, she's beautiful, sophisticated, cute, motherly... just everything a woman should be. She is so sweet to everyone.. she is easily angered but it's just so cute! She always goes out of her way to make those around her happy which I love. (That time she made Pad Thai for Khun? Jealous~) I can't even explain how perfect she is. Her singing and dancing? Ugh I can't even handle it. Like I just wish I was her child or like best friend~ that would be the best gift ever.

7. What I love about KPop? Gosh, KPop has given me an insight to so many different things. Because of it I've learned about Korean culture, I'm currently learning a new language and so much more. KPop has influenced the way I act, making me a lot nicer than I used to be, I've grown as a person so much from it. I've learned how hard it must be for someone when their son has to join the military, how the beauty standards can effect ones perception of themselves and how different everyone is. Just a type of music helped me see that. That's more than I could've learned in school xD I want to thank all the artists in KPop for helping me be who I am. I'll always be my own person, thanks to them~


Lindsay Lee, new york.

1. I randomly saw a kpop video on youtube and I had no idea what it was but I fell in love with it. that's how I got to looking up more kpop and how I became a fan

2.Before Kpop I listened to american rock and pop music.

3. KPop has changed my life because it's given me a whole new outlook on the world. I've been exposed to a whole other culture and fell in love with it and also I made a great group of friends that I can be my total self around and not have to worry about being judged.

4. I have many favorites artists but my top favorite would have to be UKISS. They're my favorites because they are the most hardworking idols and they all have such different personalities but work so well together. Their music is great and they are such wonderful human beings, you can't help but fall in love with them. My top two biases are Eli from UKiss and Taehun from ZEA. Eli is my bias because he is honestly a lot like me and I feel like I can relate to him in a lot of ways. He's gone through so much to get to where he is and faced alot of tragedy and setbacks but he hasn't given up. Same for Taehun, he faced a lot too, both of his parents passed away and he originally got kicked out of ZEA but he's here and he's wonderful and he's so strong and I give him so much credit that he's where he is. They're both such wonderful humans and I couldn't ask for better role models to look up to.

5. What I like about Kpop specifically is that it brings so many people together. People from all walks of life listen to Kpop and we can all relate to each other and get to experience life outside of what we know.


Arianne Frigillana

What got me into KPOP?

I was watching Boys Over Flowers when they aired the show on tv back in 2008, they were showing F4 in the Philippines.

Before KPOP came to my life, I've listen to Disney songs, Big Time Rush, Justin Bieber, and Tagalog music (I still listen to tagalog music). The difference between KPOP and Disney song is that KPOP let people have the opportunity to find the true meaning of music and they also bring happiness and strength to people.

KPOP had changed my life to not give up and always find hope.Changed me for the better to learn new culture and new language.

Yes I was aware of Anti fan clubs.

My favorite artist is Shinee - Kim KiBum because he's funny and a gentleman. He know how to make people smile. Key is my bias. Choi Siwon, even though he has a serious face he came from a nice family background and a well mannered guy. Both Key and Siwon, I really like their personality.

I like KPOP because they make me happy when I'm in pain or depressed. They keep me going and made me feel to have faith for my future.


Muriah scippio

What got you into kpop?

Dragon Ball Z. That is right the anime got me into kpop. What happened was in the US back when I was growing up we had the International channel. This was a test before they broke it up to make separate channels for each country. Therefore, in the mornings it was Chinese world news, then after that some shows, music from India, Some Japanese soap operas (which were good), and so on. I would watch DBZ at night and Slayers came on afterwards which I loved anime. Therefore, one day it was after my birthday and I forgot that at the end of the year they switch the line up. So instead of DBZ it was kpop countdowns then it was Hey Hey Hey (love this show!) In addition, that was when I saw DBSK's MV Hug and Of course my crush at the start was Junsu and I ended up liking kpop from then on.

What did you listen to before? & The difference between the two.

I used to listen to US music and Jpop a lot. (Still do) Back when I was growing up. I went to an international Elementary school so listening to music from a different country was enjoyable. Then of course, kpop caused me to become attracted to it after waiting for DBZ to come on and then I added that to what I like. I mean the only difference between kpop and other music I listen to is the language. I mean music is music but music has changed a lot where it is only about the look and not the quality of music. So now it is rare to find a group or singer that is about the sound then looks come last. The type of music I like is based on vocals and dance talent.

How Kpop changed your life? Life style. How it changed you for the better.

Kpop has not really changed my life. I always am open to new cultures and new sound. Again, kpop has a unique sound that attracts me to it. My Life Style is different because I was able to meet really cool and unique people (mind you my mom thinks some of you she hasn't met are creepy old people) other than that it caused me to meet even more unique people like myself . I am still me and other factors have changed me into a new person but I've always been a fangirly type since Guy and BoyZ II Men so that part is all me. You sound good I like you and I will listen to your music.

Were you aware of Antis?

Oh heck Yeah I was very aware of antis. The Jpop and US are not big on the antis so it never really noticed antis as I noticed in kpop. In addition, do not get me started on sasaengs either. To me antis do not make sense. I mean if you do not like something then do not bother with it. To me Antis actually sound like bullies to me. How they act and what they do to a singer, Actor, and so on. It is like wow. Should I even go as far as saying they can be like Terrorist. I mean hey if you poison, Splash acid, and do horrible things to people then you are a freakin' terrorist to me. An Anti who just bashes people and does not actually cause harm but does it with words then you are a bully. It is like do you have anything else to do. You do not like being bullied but you want to bully a celebrity just to make yourself feel good is just very immature and very disappointing.

Who are you favorite artist and why? Who is your ultimate bias and why (2 people only please)

I have a long list of artist that I like my main two are Yunho (DBSK) and Inati (Dalmatian). My ultimate Bias is Yunho . I like him because well he fit is my ideal type and I am someone after seeing a person like him I refuse to settle for less. To me his Personality is spot on. Observing him through MV, s shows and stage performance and so on, you get to see different side of him. In addition, you see his flaws. However, I love his personality because he is caring and very sweet. He loves his family and friends and he can be so manly at times, even though he does not think so or believe it. I don't want to go into so much but He would be someone I could see myself with (Not saying I will end up with him)

What specifically do you like about kpop?

With kpop, you can still find a good sound and quality of music. It makes you dance and shake a tail feather, it brings tears to your eyes, and it can shock you with chills. All of that is what I grew up with through US and Jpop music and if you see my mp3 players, you know the music on it is so unique. It is like a rare treat.

And that concludes VOF for now I am always looking for new voices to add to the blog.

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