Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Twitter frenzy

I'm sorry I have not posted anything in a month or so but there have been things in my life I had to take care of and honestly nothing really stood out to me until just recently but I was sick all last month and am currently still not in the best of health.

There is one thing that caught my eye some time ago but I didn't feel up to writing a post about it although I did comment on both my twitter and facebook on the matter. The matter being JYJ's Jaejoong and his twitter.

Many fans or lets at least just put them in some kind of category went mental when the star had no more profile on twitter. Be it hacker made or by his own hand his profile was reduced to 3 dots as so ... This had fans saying things such as I lost all hope that profile was the only thing keeping my faith in the 5 of them becoming 1 again so on so forth yadayada blahblah.

At this point I was sitting there rolling my eyes at the outrageous things these netizens were saying or trying to say. Automatically they were on a wild blind goose chase threatening the shadows on the wall for hurting their precious. You have no idea what is going on and yet you are throwing threats around as though you have every right to do so. ATTENTION Cyber Mafia now Hiring prerequisites EXTREME FAN GIRL

I do not understand fangirls you are trying to support him? ok well how about this for a thought let the man sleep instead of spamming his twitter with your so called concern "don't worry oppa we will get those people hurting you we will protect oppa"

"Oppa" probably has notifications off so that twitter does not keep him up all night with the fan girls and their delusions. Many people have written about this kind of stuff on facebook and I am going to post my friend Asias status in which some of us have commented.

I really hate selfish fans. I cannot fathom why they think their happiness means more than the idol's. Why as soon as an idol leaves a group, does or says something the fan doesn't agree with, leaves a website because it's not good for them, etc., fans can't just trust the idol that they've made the right decision for themselves. All they care about is what THEY think happened, and how it affects
THEM. I'm sorry if i hurt some feelings but its fucking true. Its not about you, you're just a fan. In the grand scheme of things you have ZERO power over the idol. They make their own damn decisions and no matter how much you bitch and complain about it what's done is done. Jaejoong left Twitter, its sad but think about it. Is him leaving REALLY that bad? Is Twitter SUCH a great website that you just can't understand why he would leave? Maybe you do understand, you just are worried that now you can't keep up with his life. Sorry that's the sad reality of a fan. They choose how much we get to hear and see about them.

that is the status and next I will have the comments in "

AW: "Twitter sucks anyway lmao I only have one because it's the best way to contact certain people. Actually only one person lol Jaejoong can do what he wants. He's a person first, idol second. And people forget that he's a sweet sensitive man and can't deal with the bullshit people keep throwing at him on Twitter. It's ridiculous! People acting like this is the biggest tragedy ever. -_- "OMG I'm gonna cry myself to sleep and hope when I wake up this is just a nightmare" "the people who hacked him deserve to burn in hell" "OMG SO SAD I'M GONNA DIE" omg stfu lol"

Asia : Riiigghhht!?? Lol glad you understand

WWS: "so many people wrapped up in the life of one idol. I'm sure the boys love their fans, but there has to be a line that should not be crossed. In America it is called stalking-in Korea, it is called reality. Jae has to do what is best for him, and I am sure that there are several hundred stalkers that will still keep everyone informed of his life. Just tell the ones who so upset at Jae to hook up with John Egg. At least he isn't a stalker, but will keep them filled in of upcoming things and pics."

Then there is me who wrote I hear you loud & clear on this I've been saying pretty much the same since everyone started their freakout over his bio being gone. Saying it was holding them all together blablablahblab
I'm just kinda whatever not like he ever answered pretty much any of us fans back he just let us know a bit more about his Here n now

then another girl commented

KL: "tbh, im not sorry about any hurt feelings. i know i sound mean. too bad. we are fans. not their leaders. our purpose is encouragement and support. and if you're like me, worrying and wondering if theyre ok/got to rest/etc. i admit i was upset when aoi deleted his twitter. not because i couldnt follow his life story, but because of what caused it."

I then responded to her

KL I understand what you are saying but people still take things too far all the same . I worry about everyone but I do not go apeshit over it.

Twitter helps fans see more into the lives of the artists we see the things we shouldn't see and are willing to show us. Since we are not sasaengs we do not know what they do in their everyday lives and although we may get curious over what they do a majority of us normal fans are happy with things this way knowing they will show us what they want us to see through twitter. It is a privilege given to us by the star it is by no means an OBLIGATION. people take things for granted where the stars are involved they have the right to their privacy "FANS" need to stop acting like they own them because they don't!

Another thing that annoys me on twitter is the fan aggression I understand you get upset when your bias is hurt. I get it I hate seeing people hurt. I do not agree however with having my feed filled with hate messages to shippers about how they are crazy and deserve to die. I get it that they are mentally unhinged but you are equally unhinged to go on some emo trip wish of death list frenzy. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY has the right to tell someone else to go die because they are crazy. God is the only one with the right to decide what makes you so great that you have the right to tell someone to kill themselves? Crazy people need help not death wishes.

What is wrong with the world that violence is the first thing they turn to in any state of mind or emotion. Do you think Oppas are happy that they have one group of psychos threatening the other group of psycho's all in the name of Love for Oppa? give me a break they aren't going to pay anymore attention to you then they do to the crazies that make them cringe in their books you are as cringe worthy as the girls that follow them or have their minds set that they are a true life pair of star crossed lovers.

People who believe they own a person or that they are entitled to every waking moment of a stars life need some professional health services.

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