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All these posts about sasaengs have been extremely helpful and informative (even for me who did some research on the matter, since one of the things I like to research the most - and one of the reasons why I got into psychology school - is obsession and its consequences). But, I feel like sharing my two cents on the matter - sorry for my terrible sleep drunk English.

What sasaengs do is awful, is horrible, it’s a crime. But, somehow, I feel a little sorry for them. Wait, don’t hate on me still! I’ll share my point of view. I’m not saying I pity ALL of them. A lot of them probably do everything they do for fun or for any creepy reason they have. But probably, a lot of these girls are sick. Obsession can be a sickness and bring to the person a lot of suffering.

I’m talking with the perspective of someone who has a friend with this problem. A friend of mine had a obsession with someone, let’s call this friend of mine K and her obsession object S. She loved that person, she lived for that person. K would take walks to go towards S house, K would cry thinking about how S would never ever notice her or whatever, K had no life because her life was S and S didn't care. But worst of all: K had NO control over her feelings. Believe me. I saw her struggle, I saw her suffering, I saw her crying her eyes out wanting to get away from that cycle but she just couldn't. Thank God she’s still alive, I thought she would go mad.

Again, I’m not excusing their behavior, I would never. As much as I always said to K that everything she did was wrong, those girls are completely wrong. But yes, I do pity them. I pity them because they have no lives - their lives are their idols. I pity them because they are victims of a system who takes advantage of weak minds. See it this way: we, that consider ourselves “sane fans”, how many times you skipped school to see your idols comeback? How many times you didn't go out with your family or friends to watch/see your idols? And yes, this is normal fangirling, but then, if we “sane fangirls” already make stupidities thinking about our idols, imagine people who already have a weak mind, maybe a sad life. Lonely, sad, depressed people have a bigger tendency to cling onto things that make them happy and, from that, develop an obsession.

And then we can talk about the idol industry. A pretty boy, no girlfriend, a personality MADE to make girls fall in love. You have no friends, you’re alone. That guy smiles at you, that guy says he wants you to be his girlfriend, he talks about how fans are his life, his love. It’s enough for a girl to fall for.

Again, because I don’t want hateful messages on my ask: I’m not excusing them in any way. I’m not saying what they did to the boys was excusable, it’s not. It’s as much sad and wrong as what Yoochun and Jaejoong did.

They need help. All of them. All of them fell into this sad industry and now are trapped. I don’t want to be in the boys shoes, but I wouldn't want to be in sasaengs minds either. It’s sick, it’s sad, it’s self-destructive.

I don’t even know why I wrote this post, I just felt like sharing my thoughts.

reading through all of that makes me wonder how DBSK is still even alive.

seriously, the fact that they haven’t died in a car accident because of these Privates or decided to kill themselves just to end it all - this is fucking amazing.

I’m pretty sure that if these Privates & Sasaengs were idols that had to deal with this prison that they would have offed themselves long ago.

the misery, fear, anxiety, & stress from all of this is fucking dangerous to their health.

no wonder why jae (for a while) looked like he hadn't slept in months. because outside of blacking out that is probably the case.

we do not have large groups of this in the US & my country is known for having some really fucked up people. sure, I know there are people like this in the US too but it doesn't amount to the same mass that Korea has created.


JYJ, Kpop, and Sasaeng

So now people are getting all up in rows about sasaeng “fans”. Do you know these kind of people have been stalking DBSK since the beginning? You really think that they are “fans” and that what JYJ did(if the reports are even true) is overreacting and “too much”?

Stop. Think. Imagine. You’re a kpop idol, loved and adored by thousands of people. You work 7 days a week, all day and you only have red days off (Korean holidays where no one works). You decide you want to take a walk with your dog and relax a little, and then go to your parents house and visit the family you’re rarely able to see. While walking your dog you feel watched and you look around, low and behold you’re being followed by a couple of girls, but guess what? There’s nothing you can do about it. You try and ignore it but now your tiny little moment of everyday life and peace is ruined. You decide to go visit your family, your exhausted and all you want is to relax with your loved ones. You’re sitting with your family and all is well until your mother tells you that a taxi is sitting outside the door and hasn't moved at all, it looks like someone is taking pictures. You know a sasaeng has stalked you to right outside your family home, where you are supposed to feel safe and secure, but guess what? There’s nothing you can do about it. Your family time is ruined and after milking out the last bit of time you’ll have with them for awhile, you head back home. You get out of your car and all of a sudden a couple of girls come at you, crying out your name, grabbing at you, trying to get some of your hair, give you a bruise or a scratch to claim you as theirs, groping you. Guess what, you’re an idol! There’s nothing you can do about it.

This continues for days and months and years. You get letters written in blood from women’s period, dirty underwear, people break into your house, stalk your every move, but as an idol you are powerless, to the point where you want normalcy over fame, peace over the overflowing love of your fans. You, your friends, and your family can’t do anything because low and behold if you yell or curse or defend yourself against those unwanted advances you will be criminalized and rejected by those people who you put up with all the stalking and abuse for. They turn against you and say “how could you?!” “what’s wrong with you?!” “you’re actions aren't  forgivable”. This is your life

Can us fans of Kpop idols say that we could live like this? Do you think you could bear with this for years and not go insane. You have no privacy, no peace of mind, no place you can be secure. Do you think this is human? Could you hold onto the pain and anger forever, never break? Be realistic and put yourself in your idols shoes. They are human too, they have human rights, they are not exempt for the right to privacy and security. Don’t judge them when you have no experience in what their lives are like.

JYJ/DBSK are not the only idols that have to deal with this. So many Kpop idols whether they be male or female deal with sasaengs, and we should not ignore it or accept it. Support the idols that give so much and reject this kind of unacceptable behavior from sasaengs. You wouldn't want to deal with it so neither should your idols.


American celebrity gets stalked/harassed by ‘fans’, call the police/get bodyguards, problem solved. Korean celebrities get stalked by fans /constantly/, police do nothing about it leaving celebrity to take matters into own hands, hate celebrity.

too many fans agree with this statement

Sasaeng fans.

I don’t understand ‘em.

I mean it’s not like (take JYJ for example) we love JYJ any less than you do. But surely you should understand that celebrities should have some boundaries. I mean really, following them around? That shit is weird and obsessive and gives the rest of us a bad name. You don’t have to be around them every second of the day to love them. Love them at a distance, the rest of us manage to do it pretty well.

On sasaeng, stardom and human behavior

Stalking is a crime and a deranged behavior. Though I do not justify JYJ, because their actions were damaging and uncouth (Oppa did mean it) it is time for Korea to enact some strict anti stalking laws. If these so called fans are not stopped tragedy will eventually strike on one side or another. And it will be really bad for the worldwide image of Kpop and Korea itself.

Just saying…


the thought of anyone hurting our precious boys, physically or mentally scarring them, makes me sick to the heart. if i could, i’d sue them for physical/mental harassment, invasion of privacy, as well as a restraining order. maybe if they are as cracked as they seem, they’d go see a doctor or something about it.

what do they do with their lives? why don't their parents do anything to control their children? rather than spending their money on taxis and cell phone bills, cant they use it to buy hoards of albums to show support? or maybe buying them real gifts!

hurting your idol so that they “remember you forever” at your own benefit, is disgusting and sickening. don’t you think that the idol could be scarred forever,in more than one way, by your actions? that their parents, friends, fellow members and fans will also be worried?

and to think that you guys do this on a daily basis, 24 hours a day, at that! how dare you, i hope you sasaeng abusers get buried in a mountain of your own shame. even then, you wouldn't have gotten what you deserve. even then, i wouldn't consider you a fan. even then, i wouldn't forgive you.

I think there are 2 levels of Sasaeng fans

(Only my observation and personal opinion)

1. The Sasaeng fans that follow but never harm. They are the stalkers that take pictures or video or whatever. They don’t physically harm the idol but they document their every move

^^^^ I think a lot of regular fans would be in this. They’d follow their idols to their dorms or, if overseas, hotels…………. even booking a one-night stay just to check if the idol is there

2. The Sasaeng that follow and harm. THEY ARE THE NUT-CASES. no need to explain further. They scare me. They scare the idols. You should never EVER become this kind of Sasaeng fan. eeek.

A person on tumblr shared this link I was shocked at some of the things below the link is what the person wrote when they shared the link.

it didn’t justify how cruel Micky’s sasaengs are. Well if you know Korean you could try to search 유천 사생 on naver. Have a shock at how malicious his sasaengfans are.

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