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[NEWS] 120311 An in-depth report about sasaeng fans? The first but vain appearance of JYJ in entertainment program of terrestrial TV ‘Entertainment Relay’

[Article modified at 10:40 March 11]

The first TV appearance of the 3 men of JYJ was horrible. It was nothing new but an ‘exhumation’ in order to confirm the assault (T/N: originally부관참시, which literally means to dig up [a person’s] corpse and behead it). The entertainment program of Saturday, which has been coveting the ratings of 10% and boasting about the tradition of dozens of years, exposed the existence of ‘saseang fan’ but I wonder if we had to make do with its significance.

On the 10th, of KBS 2TV covered the JYJ – sasaeng fans controversy that has recently surfaced. On the 6th, a media unveiled the ‘JYJ assaulting fans’ audio file which was recorded in 2009. JYJ got involved in an ‘assault controversy’.

Among K-POP groups, JYJ is the first group ever to hold a South America tour. They have held an official press conference in Chile on the 8th (local time). They officially apologized and expressed their pain, “Because sasaeng fans are also fans, we thought that we should also endure such excessive love. But in such indescribable pain, our daily life collapsed. We just want to ask them to at least let us live a human life.”

However, after informing that the audio file was edited,
let us hear from the position of the sasaeng fan who was on the spot at that time instead of JYJ’s voice, reigniting the assault controversy. In addition, before the broadcast, was caught under fire for asking for tips about ‘the stars’ secret photos and videos’ through its official website and openly giving notice that tipping fee would be given.


The sasaeng fan that can’t realize the seriousness of the problem, “He only told me to come and I got only one tap.”

“It was recorded by a sister who was with me; I didn’t know that that sister has spread (the audio file). I got only one tap, I let out the ‘ah’ sound and the gasp sound is also mine. I didn’t get hit that much. He only told me to come and I got only one tap.”

In the voice of an anonymous sasaeng fan which
interviewed, we couldn’t find the seriousness of the situation. We can see that the producers didn’t even question the psychology or think about the concrete situation regarding the acts of the ‘sasaengs’ who stalk the stars. They only briefly checked on the time and the situation before airing the program.

Indeed, they explained that ‘the fans who follow the celebrities and dig all their privacy are passionate fans’ and tied it up with an interview of general fans, introduced sasaeng fans as normal fans. On the other hand, the voice of JYJ Kim Jaejoong in the audio file was broadcasted numerous times. Nonetheless, the voices of JYJ’s members who have officially apologized during the press conference in Chile were nowhere to be heard.

However, at the time JYJ left for South America,
was airing the interview with the reporter of related media (T/N: Dispatch). What was worse, through that interview, they added more reliability to the article by emphasizing the violence, “The singers have different ways to deal with it. In some degree, although there were some singers who have verbally abused, I think it was quite actually shocking to do violence.”

In the absence of JYJ? An investigative report that failed to convey a balanced voice.

Through a lawyer, they confirmed that JYJ’s act could be considered as assault but there was no penalty. “Since this assault is ‘no-prosecution-contrary-to-intent’, if the victim doesn’t sue, the artists won’t be punished.”

On the other hand,
also demonstrated a superb beauty of editing. The remarks of a pop music critic were suitably disposed in order to meet the intention of the producers.

“Sasaeng fans are stalkers. Since it has come this far, wouldn’t they be seen as stalkers? Those acts could certainly be prosecuted.”
has arranged this remark of the critic in the first half of the program and “In the perspective of the stars or of those who protect the stars, they shouldn’t be punished for using violent method to protect their given rights,” in the second half, showing that they want to shift all the responsibility of this assault controversy to JYJ.

The reporter’s comment was, “Obviously, there is problem with the fans that violated the stars’ private life. However, the extreme reaction of the stars was not right either. A more mature attitude is needed.” It was no more than a typical ‘both-side’ theory that stands on mechanical neutrality. We couldn’t hear anything from JYJ’s side, how can this report be considered as an in-depth coverage?


We will give you tipping fee, please give us the stars’ secret photos and videos~!

The insufficient and irritating report of
was already predicted. On the 10th, via the viewers’ tipping board on its website, has given a notice which read, “Please send us tips about the stars’ secret photos and videos that only you know! Tipping fee will be given to those who are chosen.”Instead of stamping out sasaeng’s act, they encouraged it.

Also, they have met a sasaeng fan who have been active from TVXQ days and asked her if the ‘assault incident’ of Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun that had been surfaced recently was true and asked her about the actual activities of sasaeng fans.

In addition,
has given a provocative notice that they had in hand an another audio file in which there was Kim Jaejoong who had to suffer from sasaeng fans during his vacation and Kim Junsu who caught sasaeng taxi and tussled, which is said to be able to show the extreme stress and the painful feelings of JYJ due to sasaeng fans.

They have also added, “You will be able to see vividly the true nature and the problems of sasaeng fans, to see if the violent act of the artist toward hardcore fans, to see the status of the so-called ‘sasaeng taxi’ hired to chase after the celebrities, the daily routine and the psychology of sasaeng fans, the reaction of each celebrity to sasaeng fan, ect.” But this much information wasn’t adequately conveyed in 5 minutes of edited screen.


JYJ’s first real debut in KBS’s entertainment program has come to an end like this.

It’s a well-known fact that, due to the uncomfortable relationship with SM, group JYJ that is comprised of former TVXQ’s members has been working as ‘faceless singers’ in TV entertainment programs. In the broadcast on the 10th of
, JYJ has the first real debut in KBS’s entertainment program. However, only the voice of Kim Jaejoong in the audio file, the cut from music video, the cut from the performance in 2010 and a short video of the press conference in Chile were aired.

JYJ’s fans are strongly objecting to this report of
. From the airing day till the 11th, there was hundreds of protesting writing in its viewers’ bulletin.

The ID ‘vipchj’ has criticized
as below.

“Firstly, during these 2 years, JYJ have been vigorously active more than any artist. You haven’t reported about it even once but only reported about sasaeng-related issue. Secondly, today the very first South America concert of Korean artist was held in Chile but you didn’t mention about it at all. Thirdly, you didn’t report in detail how long sasaeng fans have been stalking JYJ but only simply reflected them as hardcore fans. Fourthly, all the fans already felt angry toward the report. Nonetheless, after finishing the program, the main MCs even exchanged jokes about sasaeng, which made us feel like we were fools. Fifthly, you compared them, who have been idols and have been suffering the severe harassments of sasaeng for 9 years, who were in very difficult time due to the conflict with former agency, with normal celebrities.”

Via SNS, the followed line was repeatedly retweeted, “I want KBS Entertainment Relay to be abolished. RT! Let’s see how much it will be retweeted!”

Eventually, I doubt whether
shed light on JYJ assault issue from various angles, whether it properly distinguished between right and wrong regarding the assault, whether it dealt in a balanced way with the seriousness of sasaeng fans that have been rebuked by the public after the assault case has surfaced online. JYJ’s first real debut in KBS’s entertainment program has come to an end like this.

Source: Oh My News Nate
Credit: TheJYJFiles
Translation by: Hannah for TheJYJfiles
Shared by: JYJ3

So it's true.

The audio is 100% true? All the hitting sounds? -.-

Somehow I really hoped it wasn’t. Before I went to bed last night I really hoped they will release something that says it was not true. Well at least the hitting part. But since they didn’t deny anything in the press con, so I guess yeah, my boyfriend Jaejoong did hit that mental-psychotic-bitchgirl in the audio. T___T

Of course knowing that someone I love and respect and look up to has a dark side like that - even though I know he’s far from a flawless human being- would make me sad. Somehow knowing about Tom’s scandal doesn’t hurt as much (**Tom Kaulitz is my other bias from German band Tokio Hotel. He punched a sasaeng in the past. Wae must my biases hit people like this waeeee). It hits me harder because it’s Jae. He’s the loving, sensitive, caring, dorky, 4D Jae. He’s Jae who loves his fans so much. He’s Jae who always remind me to be positive and appreciate all the small things in life. It makes me even sadder knowing how tough his daily life has been because of those bitchespeople. It makes me sad because if fans continue to behave crazily whenever he goes, he might lose faith in this fandom too. It makes me sad because I can’t do anything to stop this madness. (No I don’t support him hitting people, I already posted on that before. He should get help)

My love for you hasn’t changed.

Who am I to judge? Those crazy-ass sasaeng have been haunting them for almost a decade. Until that actually happen to you, then you have the right to say something. I adore them for being able to endure all those shit for years and yet still can smile for the rest of us normal fans (fans who just stalk them in the net and pretend they’re our boyfriend in the comfort or our own home lolz). I respect JYJ for still standing strong even though obstacles keep on coming their way. As if sasaengs are not mentally torturing enough, they also suffers from all the rumours and scandals, the media cockblocking and show/screening cancellations, all for going against the Goliath of Kpop world. Also, what a great timing for Dispatch to uncover this huh; right before their highly anticipated concerts and dramas *sigh*.

I hope this scandal won’t make people lose respect for them. I hope general public, especially South Koreans will still support them. I hope they won’t lose trust from all those Government bodies that make them ambassadors and spokespersons. (Some douche people actually bashed JYJ’s apologies - apparently they believe JYJ’s not sincere enough and the apologies weren’t personal enough. Oh well, haters gonna hate)

I wish Homin will speak up for their brothers in tough situation like this. I’m sure that if this scandal breaks our mere-fans’ hearts, it must’ve break Homin’s heart even more, especially Yunho. Yunho yah…go protect Jaejoongie…like you always did before…

heart felt post by a fan I have no ideal who tokio hotel is but I never heard of that happening but I thought it was outrageous when I saw the video. I do not know german so I do not know all the facts on that story but I definitely believe he should have just drove away and not thrown his smoke at them or gotten out of his car and went after the girl.

“We want to give an apology for our unjust behavior in the past. We are sorry because of all the fans that worry for us and share our pain. In the future, we will think about the people that love us as public figures whenever we are in mentally difficult situations. We will think about the responsibility we have and never breakdown.” -Jaejoong


I say:

- I also want to apologize to JYJ, DBSK, and the rest of the idols out there who have to endure the physical, mental and emotional abuse and stress that they have to undergo 24/7. It was your choice to become celebrities; like what other people say, you have to bear with the unjust fact that you have to prepare yourself with the ill-consequences of being a famous artist. But I say NO. Does choosing that path to stardom also strips your rights and privacy away from you? As artists who give joy and inspiration to people through their music and artistic works, they only have a few hours of sleep everyday. They have a very tight schedule, and their actions are very much limited even during their rare free time. They have to live far from their friends and family, can’t even have a girlfriend/boyfriend whenever they want, and can’t even enjoy their holidays and free time that they only get few times a year. And now, they have to publicly apologize for reacting that way towards sasaengs? It’s good that they apologized, since they were also at fault, & since many haters were asking them to do it. But shouldn’t JYJ also deserve to be given an apology from those insane stalkers who pester them so much to the extent that they’ve brought shame and danger to the members?

I honestly think that a simple and mere “SORRY’ would not be enough. And I don’t even think they’re gonna reflect and repent for what they’ve done. Considering that fact, I’d like to say sorry to Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, Yunho and Changmin for not being able to somehow protect them in any way that I could. We are thousand miles away, and it’s hard to protect them from afar. The only thing that I can do, as of now, is to just support them and cheer them up through Twitter and other possible ways. I’ll continue to buy their albums to show everyone that JYJ’s albums can reach great sales without even appearing on music shows. I want to show to everyone, that no matter how much they hinder JYJ and tarnish their image, our boys will still stand up and reach the top because they have the genuine talent and personality.

It’s true. I’ve only been a Cassie for about a year or less. But during that short span of time, I was able to see something unique in them that got me into Kpop. I truly respect and admire Cassiopeia for being so strong despite all the hardships and challenges that this fandom has been through. There were some who left, but more Cassies decided to stay with them til the end. And I’m proud to be one of them.

Just this year, our boys, esp. JYJ, have been into a lot of scandals. I can’t help but think that someone’s behind all these, someone who’s trying to pull JYJ down seeing how the trio managed to succeed on their own. And I pity him.

It hurt me so much the moment I saw those malicious and hurtful comments from people who misunderstood and subjectively criticized JYJ for their actions. I know it’s not right to resort to violence, but let’s all be REALISTIC, guys. What would you do if you were in their situation? Assuming you already read how extreme and dangerous sasaengs can be, do you think you’d still react calmly when they hit and harass you?

So before you judge someone and ask them to just commit suicide, try to weigh both sides first. If it is really their fault, then can’t you give them another chance and accept their apologies? After all, they wouldn’t do that thing if no one pushed them to do so. JYJ apologizing? It’s good, though it also hurt me since I do believe that the entire thing wasn’t all their fault. Hence, getting a public apology from other people involved would be the best thing.

I just hope that JYJ will not take this issue too seriously that they might get too distressed. I salute them for opening up and conveying their side during the presscon. More salute for apologizing though they weren’t just the ones at fault.

If only I’m just a few meters away from them, I’d most likely try my best to protect them in any possible way. But since reality is harsh, I hope that this simple post will somehow strengthen and encourage them to not give up or surrender. A lot more challenges are probably waiting for them ahead, but they, together with us, Cassiopeia, have already surpassed a lot of trials before, and will continue to overcome more that will come. There’s nothing in this Kpop world that we can’t transcend as long as we’re together and united.

Always keep the Faith. 사랑해.

Another post from a devoted fan that loves them

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