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Just read an artical about Sasaeng's....and FUCK.

Those people have got to just STOP. They are not fans! They are INSANE. They need medical help. I am not a fan of TVXQ or the other idols that are being stalked and harassed. But I am seriously genuinely and sincerely worried about them. I hope they are ok. That’s all I ask. I’ll fight for their well being.

If it were me in their shoes. I would have killed a bitch by now.

To invaded such privacy, to hack into their phones, to keep tags on them WHERE EVER they go? To even getting them into car accidents!?

For fucks sakes!!!! Get your shit together!!!!

I am so pissed, sad, and scared for them.

To imagine that happening to anyone else. To my Bbys. Big Bang! Dear gods! No! My bbys have to be safe!

ALL idols do!!

I’m sorry about this rant, but I just had to get it out. These crazy ppl need to be checked into a mental facility. (I’m all against mental hospitals by how they treat their , but) These Sasaengs need TO GO.


Seriously… I need to find out how I can directly comment under each one. But I thought I’d bring this issue up as well.

Yes, my blog is DBSK / DB2k / DN5K / JYJ (whatever you want to call it) biased. But I am seeing this as a very big problem that doesn’t just affect these boys. Other Korean artists and groups suffer from the same problem. This isn’t a small problem within fandom. In a broader range, it is also a problem with young people in the society. They see no consequences in their actions and do not understand their responsibility as a member of the society.

To answer OnmyoujisRambles I am not doing this so I can get loads of reblogs etc. I’ve explained a lot of times in previous posts. My point in starting making these memes is to be able to soon communicate with those fans. Gather fans attention so that native speakers of the countries where these problems occur will make memes too to help spread the word.

They need to know why their actions should not be encouraged. Yes, they believe what they’re doing is not wrong. But because we know it is wrong we need to tell them that.

Yes, what I am doing is a feeble attempt. But it’s because I can’t stand how they think what they’re doing is right I’ve started this. There is no use just sitting there condemning their actions but not do anything.

It’s a little frustrating that I need to explain myself in these posts every time. I can’t always explain what I am trying to do under each meme. Because I’m trying to send these messages out visually. Yes I can write rants and long entries, but if I want to send messages out to be able to be spread and shared, visual designs will be more eye catching and do the same thing in a short amount of time.

And now, my view on

‘need help just like Jaejong and Yoochun, Junsu too, need help. I’d wager they’re the ones that need more help, because these full grown men are the ones festering this mentally sick culture.’

Let’s analyse this. Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu made Twitter when? When they split into JYJ. And with JYJ that was when their activities on broadcast stations, tv programs and shows was interfered with. They as artists need to constantly be on these things to remain in fans memories. In a strictly business sense, these shows and stuff are ways to promote themselves (for all artists). Since they don’t have that what else can they do to keep in contact with the fans. Do you think, that with this Sasaeng fan business which already started when the 5 were together, that those 3 suddenly had this sudden urge to want everyone know where they were, what they were doing. They have nothing else to give to fans but things like this.

And. Just because they use twitter and tell people where they are (which other normal people do as well on Twitter, facebook and wherever else) it doesn’t mean that the Sasaeng fans actions are right, or they deserve what they get. American idols and such also do this. Justin bieber, and whoever you think of. But those fans don’t go to the extreme of taking photos when they are in their private lives, they don’t trespass.

I may seem like I am only trying to defend JYJ / DBSK here (do remember though… this is a blog for them…) but I am trying to raise the issue of how irresponsible these teenagers are.


Regarding Sasaeng

Seriously, i need to explode all of my anger towards those who didn’t know anything about sasaeng and then speak up… every idol has their own fans, and i bet, they has their own stalkers. but.. JYJ or TVXQ, they has the worst stalkers in the world. There is a reason for them why they spent most of their time in Japan and overseas rather in Korea, that’s because of these sasaengs. Sasaengs is psycho and insane. They don’t care if their artist is hitting them, failed in the music industry and living in jail. They’re happy as long as their idols are making a physical contact with them or if they seeing another side of their artist. Sasaeng is totally out of control, they already crossed the line.. Sasaeng is having no life, they give up on their live and mostly hallucinate about being with their idols someday.Things are getting harder for them.. Imagine if you’re an idol , you can’t go to your hometown, your parents are being pranked with those sasaeng, they telling them that they’re your new you think you’ll like it if someone touch your precious things? well, sasaeng do all the things they want to… even micky is scared to walk in his own apartment.

Netizens and Sasaeng's

Netizens are no different than Sasaeng’s..

They BOTH make idol’s lives a living hell. Block B is a prime example of that.

JYJ is still getting harassed, even back during the DBSK days this has been going on. They’ve been stalked for 9 years. It’s like a never-ending horror film.

Netizens judge sasaeng’s… but in reality, they should look in a fucking mirror first because they are no better. They really aren’t. It pisses me off because netizens do the exact same thing; ruining people’s lives by harassing them.

Someone told me earlier in regards to netizens, “at least we don’t harm them physically.” Are you fucking kidding me? Netizens may not harm them physically, but mentally they do. Psychological harm is just as damaging as physical harm. And they wonder why so many people commit suicide. It’s astounding how hypocritical and ignorant some people are.

South Korea’s government really needs to reevaluate what’s important, because some aspects of their society alarm me (especially their suicide rate). How is that a society as advanced as theirs has so many social problems such as suicide, cyber bullying, and stalkers? (I know there’s more but for this rant, those are the only ones that need to be mentioned.)

I don’t blame JYJ for how they reacted. There is only so much shit a person can put up with before snapping. I’m surprised they’ve lasted this long without losing it. Before you judge, place yourself in that person’s shoes and gain insight on the situation from THEIR perspective. If you put aside all biases and use something called ‘common sense’ then maybe you would understand why they reacted that way.

And don’t get it twisted, a sasaeng is NOT a fan but a stalker.

This whole scenario makes me wonder if Block B has sasaeng’s too. It’s a scary thought, but at this point I wouldn’t be surprised. Each week I find out something new that causes me to question the world I live in even more. Humanity… what’s happened to it?

JYJ and Sasaengs.

(As always- if you have questions regarding the trigger warnings in this post, please feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to answer them)

Every single report I’ve read about the JYJ audio recordings is different. Every translation (not that I could find very many) has different notes as to who said what, who hit whom, and what exactly happened. After the entire Block B fiasco, I’m generally wary of early translations and commentary on anything.

This article is being passed around all over Tumblr, explaining what sasaeng fans/PRIVATES are and the threat they pose [tw: article calls sasaengs “mentally ill”; descriptions and images depicting stalking, physical violence, sexual harrassment/assault, transcript of one of the audio posts].

Here is my question: where is JYJ’s security? How are these people able to get so close?

There is no question that sasaengs are dangerous. Having read accounts (in that article and elsewhere) of the things these people do, I don’t understand how some celebrities ever feel safe. If a fan continued to hound an idol even after being told to back off, I can understand why that idol would feel the need to defend themselves.

But how are these sasaengs getting to the celebrities in the first place? Why is security not doing the defending for them? How are these sasaengs getting within arms’ reach of the idols?

This video illustrates a few of possible problems.(Video was blocked/removed on youtube) In the video from the Strong Heart 100th episode special on Nov. 1, 2011, Jessica of Girls Generation tells the story of how she was chased into her apartment my a strange man one night. The first thing that stood out to me was the fact that she was not protected by any security- she mentions in the video that she walked in from the taxi alone, and that it wasn’t until after this incident that she asked her manager to escort her when she goes out after sunset. Why didn’t she already have a security guard doing this for her? Why wasn’t there security personel at the dorm watching for something like this to happen? Why did she have to ask at all?

The second problem is illustrated after she’s finished telling her story. Leeteuk and Boom stand on either side of her and explain they are going to ask questions that people may have about the story. The only questions they ask are about which friends she was with- she admits that she was with two girls and a guy. They then proceed to speculate that the guy must be one of the girls’ boyfriends, and get her to admit that he was a celebrity. I don’t know if it’s a result of the editing or if this is really what happened, but it demonstrates a dismissive attitude toward sasaengs. I’ve seen Strong Heart tackle difficult topics before- in particular, I remember Hyosung of Secret talking about losing her father (Eunhyuk of Super Junior even stepped up and offered to take her punishment in case her story lost). Why is a story of a threat to Jessica’s safety treated so lightly?

On the 104th episode of Strong Heart, in a short segment where the host was asking for stories about guests with type B blood who had lost their temper quickly, Yoona of Girls Generation also talked about a fan who chased her into the building (starts at about 8:50). She shouted at him, but then found out he was a “kind fan”, not a “bad fan” and apologized. She and the other guests laughed and quickly moved on. Again, why is a security issue being treated so lightly?

I understand that the stars want to seem kind and forgiving of their fans, especially when celebrities who do publicly call out the sasaengs and tell them to stop (TVXQ, JYJ, and Jang Geun Suk, for example), get accused of being unappreciative of their fans. I can even see how some celebrities might use humor as a defense mechanism to feel less scared, or to try to make sasaengs feel like their efforts are futile. The stars are the victims in this story, and I can’t blame any victim for taking the measures they deem necessary to stay safe.

But why are the companies not providing better security for their idols? In this huge, profitable industry, why are the idols having to protect themselves at all? Why are their companies not providing (and enforcing the utilization of) stronger security? Why do the police let sasaengs go when an incident is their first offence or because the person is young? Doesn’t this send a message to young sasaeng-wannabes that they will be forgiven if they get caught? Shouldn’t taxi drivers who help sasaengs stalk celebrities be held accountable?


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