Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fancafes ( )-Jinyo

All These I DEMAND THE TRUTH CAFES make my blood boil are you serious! come on give it a rest do you have nothing better to do with your lives than to accuse stars of lying or digging into their personal lives. The person who has the most reason to hate those cafes is probably Epik High's Tablo whom had to deal with alot because of them and has stated they contributed to his fathers death.

they have gone after him over his education then they went after another entertainers daughter about her education and now they are going after IU and Eunhyuk over if they are dating or not? come on really?

for those of you who are unaware here is a link to catch up on this new development

not too long ago IU accidentally posted a photo of them together where she is in a pj top and he appears topless seems as though they are lying on a bed and it fueled more rumors that the two were dating even though they have denied it. honestly I do not see what the big fuss is. Do I not understand because I am not Korean? or is it simply because I have been taught that the private lives of others have absolutely nothing to do with me ? how does them being a couple affect my daily life? it doesn't except for the annoyance of others freaking out over it like they have the right to stake claim on the private personal lives of people they do not even know.

When they are ready to come out as a couple they will perhaps they are just very close friends it is not impossible after all they are limited to whom they are friends with given all the attention they receive. It's not impossible for people of the opposite sex to be close friends some of my best friends are males and when seen together we used to get mistaken as lovers but we have always been nothing more than friends. So why can't it be the same for them people seem to forget that stars are human.

As that Link above shows another cafe was made as well it is called a I-MitSa Cafe this cafe is the total opposite of the truth cafes and is set up to try and protect IU and Eunhyuk and once everything dies down with them other artists in the same position they are currently in. Bravo to the fans who are trying to help out their idols in a positive way.

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