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Scandals & idol images

allkpop.com201211way-back-wednesday-scandals This is the only reference I am giving to AKP

So I found this link about scandals past scandals and really UI do not see how some are scandals at all . They claim IU and Eunhyuk is a big scandal how is it a scandal that two adults are dating? if in fact they are and why exactly does it matter? who is making these mole hills into Mountains?

most of these things state clear as day the real scandal was to the fans and the fans reactions. Because they somehow believe over the course of time that in the world of entertainment Fan = GOD but it doesn't Fan is fan and god is well the lord almighty or a Korean male group who split up.

There is one reason why Fans consider these things scandals and get upset when their idols get involved in sticky situations. You paint the idols as something more than mere mortals.

So and so is Mr innocent church going fear of god never do wrong type of guy so when something bad happens and he is involved with it OMG! it's the end of the world because his false image has been tarnished.

Idols have Personas and Fans forget that fact and expect them to be that way at all times. Living a lie is no easy feat and they cannot do it 24/7 regardless of how talented they are as actors. Some Artists Hate having to act a certain way and have even admitted to being told the fans would not like them if they acted like themselves. That sirs is bullshit! I will not deny personality is important to me and to some others but seriously half the bimbos out there go for the guy they find the best looking and sounds the most amazing to them and then they like the personality as long as he is hawt and can sing and dance good her insides quiver, OMG did he just try to be cute Amazing! I like Oppa so much more now OMG Oppa looks so sexy when he is angry1 these girls are twisted visuals are the most important to half the floozies out there . Which is doubly sad because it is also why cosmetic surgery is so accepted in Korea because looks are more important than personality such a shame.

As I told my friend Asia I was going to be writing a post about personas and how idols do not all like them and such she left me a comment I just have to share.
my comment and hers

I have one left I want to write about the personas they force onto idols and make them keep even when they are uncomfortable with them

Asia :" Exactly!!! Like Ji hyo and her persona on the "monday couple" or IU and the eunhyuk dating scandal. I'm so pissed off with that. If fans love their idols so much, they need to back the fuck off and stay out of their personal business EVEN IF info or photos were leaked. Who the fuck cares who Eunhyuk or IU are dating? Does it change who they are? No. Does it alter our lives in any way? Only shattering our silly fangirl/fanboy dreams, that's it. I'm tired of people always speculating to the point where they obsess over these rumors then sit there and try to tell me the picture is proof. Are they friends with the idol? Do they know them personally enough to say "YES! They are totally dating!"? No! Just ugh i stopped believing in rumors and socalled "evidence" a long time ago."

Here is something I will quote something I found on tumblr

"[INFO] Hyuna talks to her Antis by letter on Fancafe. “i’m sorry if I can be myself just sometimes.Sorry to be another off stage.I regret that the only thing that the agency sell is my sexy side.I regret that they can not see my true personality. Not me, that’s not my genuine personality. It’s uncomfortable, be seductive / “hot” and sexy all the time.My only relief is when I’m at home with my friends or my mother, with them I can be myself. They, besides my mother, are probably the only ones who know the real me.But, why people criticize me? You should know that as a celebrity, you need to have an image. And this is mine. I’m not always proud of it, and I prefer to act cute rather than sexy, but that’s how I’m supposed to be.People do not know me, and judge me by my personality on stage. Do not they realize that this makes me sad? They do not know that I cry every night because I can not be myself all the time. Do not know that I suffer from de pression since I left Wonder Girls? And yet, go ahead, tell me false, ugly bitch. You do not know that I suffer from chronic gastroenteritis?. You know that is incurable ‘. Why only see bad things and not the things that make me a human being? Why do they hate me? What have I done? These people .. those who hate me so much .. probably have more in common with me than you think. My parents divorced when I was a teenager, my father left. He and I have not spoken again. Or do not know how is going with. That’s why I have this tattoo, because my mother always supported my goals and dreams. I will always be grateful. Do not people see my tattoo? Do people not understand that I’m just a girl? A young girl, misunderstood. Please give me a chance. Please see this through my eyes."

Many girls who read this cried they sympathized or felt angry that she had to go through that all alone. What is her company thinking? they are merely thinking sex sells and that is that never mind if the artist isn't happy and doesn't want to do it as long as they are getting big bucks through her discomfort and misery nothing else matters.

This next part is taken from

"Previously when discussing identity, I treated it as a very singular matter – that k-pop idols have multiple identities, and that the persona presented to fans is a construction meant to make them appeal to a large audience, and not their real selves. In essence, the person they presented on stage was an identity completely separate from their real, authentic selves. While these personas were subject to change from release to release, the case of After School shows that it also varies country to country.

Not to say that this is by any means a groundbreaking revelation. It has long been accepted that k-pop groups will need to tailor their image and concept to appeal to a target market. Yet while k-pop fans seem to accept this as a reality of the market, I can’t help but feel that is because, it’s not really a true reality. As of right now, most k-pop idols have been confined to Korea and Japan, two countries’ whose cultures are not radically different. Their remains a sense of unity, sameness between them.

What happens though, when idols finally do make a real move into other markets like the United States? As I have said before, idols images will need to undergo dramatic transformations, and thus there will be the creation of a new image, another constructed identity. How will fans feel if there are three different versions of their idols, or eventually four, or five? What if these idols are completely at odds with their first persona, their Korean one? And how will prospective fans in these new markets react to the existence of groups with different identities? Will they accept it as k-pop fans do now, or will it be simply be another mark against them?
This question of identity is of course contingent on how successful and responsive foreign markets are to k-pop idols in the first place. Yet even at this point, where it is not certain that this method is feasible, I still have some reservations about instituting utilizing it in the first place.

While most fans implicitly accept that what their favorite idols show them is a persona, one that obfuscates their real selves, outwardly people do not acknowledge this. They treat the personas as if that is who they really are. They are like the subjects in the story, “The Emperors New Clothes”, willing to keep up the pretense that the emperor is not naked, but wearing clothes, or in this case, that the idols fictive selves are fact. But they are certainly only willing to do it to a point. If entertainment agencies are doing little to hide it, letting the artificiality become too plain and open, it is going to become more difficult for fans to accept it, an act which in time would prove detreimental to fandom.

Eventually, someone would stand up like the child in the story, and point out that the emperor is indeed not wearing clothes, destroying the carefully constructed artifice."

it's much easier to just be yourself with some boundaries I could probably say there are several versions of myself that I show to the world. There are always some people you are able to be your full true self with you must always know how much of yourself to give and to whom. If you know you are being watched by people of all ages you restrict yourself from certain behaviors and word choices and the likes.
themes concepts sure fine no one said you can't have those but some people have personalities that are different from what they are told to act like.

Lee Joon is known as Babo (which means idiot) by his fans which is terribly rude to me. someone on tumblr maintains that Lee joon stopped exercising due not to laziness but to being called Babo Muscles.

Yoochun they wanted to appear weaker then the rest so he was not to work out with the others when they were.

Hyuna must be a sex symbol regardless if she would rather be the girl next door.

Song Seunghyun and ftisland have been treated pretty rudely asked rude questions or asked questions in a nonflattering way . and they are not the only ones.

There are few entertainers who are able to be themselves without being reprimanded there are two entertainers I can think of who get away with speaking their minds and that is Kim Heechul Oppa and Jang Keun Suk.

Fans are just people and Entertainers are just people too one is not more important than the other everyone deserves to be treated well with respect. Everyone has the right to privacy their private lives should be theirs to enjoy as they want as long as no one is being harmed and everything is legal. Entertainers are grateful to their fans but that does not mean they should become cardboard cutouts for them. Fans are important to entertainers but that does not mean they should act like they own the entertainer and pry into their private lives at the end of the day we get an awful lot from our idols without having to snoop through their lives. They appear on television for us are in magazine interviews and televised ones as well , put on fanmeets, concerts and other events and yet still people try to hunt them down and control them your greed is too much.

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